He remains on the other side of the small room with his back to the door. Cole pulls out the desk chair and sits down. "Strip for me, Anna." His voice is filled with desire. I want to do what he says.

My face burns when he speaks, but Cole ignores it. Slowly, I move my hips, and arms, taking off my jewelry one piece at a time. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never stripped before, I just move the way my body tells me, knowing how much Cole likes to watch me. After I pull off my last ring, I raise my hand over my head, while the other hand trails down my neck, through my cleavage, and to my navel.

When I reach around behind me, I unzip the dress slowly, walking toward him as I do it. I'm just out of his reach as I turn and slowly wiggle my body, making the dress slip lower and lower until it hits the floor. Cole's jaw is tense. He's straddling the chair and his arms are bulging so much that I think he might break the chair back. I'm wearing sheer black lace, and I know he can see through everything.

I look at Cole, thinking I'm done, when he says, "Keep going, Lamore. Take all of it off."

My heart pounds harder. This is so different from the teenage kisses Jesse was giving me. My heart feels like it's going to explode in my chest. Every inch of me is tingling, wanting to be touched, but Cole doesn't move. His eyes drift across my body lazily. If Cole hadn't confessed that he loves me moments ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell.

I run my hands slowly over my body, across my stomach, and over my breasts. I stretch my hands above my head and turn, sashaying my hips as I do so, and bend over to unhook my bra. I hold it out on my finger tip and let it dangle. Cole's eyes drink me in. He doesn't look at my face for a long time, and I don't want him to. I wonder what he's thinking about as he watches my breasts sway when I remove my stockings one at a time. The last thing I'm wearing is the black lace garter belt. I slip my thumbs under the edge of the fabric and sway my hips back and forth slowly, lowering the piece of fabric until it's on my ankle. I lean forward, like I'm going to kiss Cole, but I don't touch him. The muscles in his arms and chest are tense, like he can't sit there and watch for another second, but I'm not done yet.

Slowly, I bend at the waist, letting him watch from behind, as I take my impossibly high heels and slip them from my feet. When I'm done, I sigh like I'm bored and stretch, arching my back, forcing my breasts within a breath of his mouth.

Cole breathes harder. His gaze is hot, searing my body as he looks from my breasts to the place between my legs. I stand in front of him with all my weight on one foot and my hands on top of my head. I mean to sigh, again, but it turns into a moan. I want him so badly. I want him to cover my body in kisses, tie me up, and fuck me until I scream him his name, but Cole doesn't move.

I lower myself in front of him. My legs part as I go down, and I look him in the eye. My hands are next to his on the back of the chair, but neither of us touches. "Fuck me." I say the words slowly, making my lips encase each syllable.

Cole's eyes meet mine. They promise ecstasy, but he doesn't move. I do something crazy, and stay in front of him like that, knowing he can smell my need. I leave one hand on the back of the chair and dip the other below my waist. I stroke my clit a few times and push my fingers inside. I gasp as I do it, my lips parting as I sigh seductively. Cole's eyes never leave my face. He watches me as I do it and I know it's made him hard. The bulge in his jeans is all mine.

When I slip my fingers out from between my thighs, I lift them to Cole's lips and say, "Taste me." He complies and parts his lips, opening his mouth enough for me to slip my fingers inside.

Each time his mouth sucks my finger, my body reacts. My nipples become taut, and my breasts swell, aching for his touch. His lips suck on my fingers, slowly teasing each one. It makes my body throb with desire. I want those lips pulling my nipples and teasing me into ecstasy. This isn't enough. My head falls back as I pull my finger from his mouth.

Cole grins at me. It's the first confirmation he's given that he likes what I'm doing. I don't know how to have sex this way. It's not rolling around in the blankets. It's a prolonged dance, each of us teasing the other until we are so fuck-crazy that one of us cracks. I see it in his eyes. That's what he wants. It's a battle of wills, of teasing and tasting, without touching. My God, he is so messed up, and I totally love it.

I repeat my previous movements and slip my fingers between my legs. I'm slicker this time, wetter. I close my eyes as I push one finger in at a time and pull them away covered in my damp heat. I lift my hand to Cole's mouth again and smile wickedly. "Lick my fingers one at a time."

He does as I ask. His tongue sweeps across my finger, sucking and tasting each one. His fist grabs the chair back harder, tighter with each taste. It makes me wetter and fills my body with heat. I feel the place between my legs throb as he sucks my pinky and I'm sorry it's over.

Before I can think of something else to torment him with, Cole says, "On the bed."

Chapter 12

I rise slowly, brushing my breast against his cheek, feeling my hard nipples sweep across his lips as he sucks in air. Cole closes his eyes for a second and I scold him, "Eyes open, Stevens. Watching is a requirement." His blue eyes are blazing when they open, like he wants to swallow me whole. My girl parts clench in response.

I climb onto the bed on all fours and crawl to the headboard. I know what he wants. I can do this for him, but when I sit down, he says, "No. Ass toward me, in the air. Stay on all fours, Lamore."

Oh my God. I blink at him, shocked, but I do as he asks. I crawl back toward him, and once I'm at the end of the bed, I turn around. I lower my head and leave my ass in the air. I'd give anything to have his hands on me, to feel his dick pressing into me right now, but I refuse to be the one to cave first.

"Rub your clit," he says from the chair. I move my hand over my sensitive flesh and instantly feel the need to have him inside me. Every inch of my body is screaming for him to pushing into me again and again. Lust races through my veins and I rub. I keep my hips still, knowing that's what he wants.

Before I know what's happened, he's behind me. I stop rubbing for a second and he slaps my ass. The sting of his hand shoots through my leg and between my thighs. I gasp. He says, "Don't stop. Don't push back, and don't come."

Grabbing the pillows around my head, I moan his name. Okay, maybe I'm ready to beg. Cole is still dressed, so whatever he's planning to do isn't going to involve fucking me senseless. I continue to rub in slow circles as Cole's hand cups my butt. Suddenly, his other hand is between my legs, pushing into me. I gasp and move, not expecting his fingers there. His other hand slaps me and I moan. I want to fall on the bed. I want to be bad so he'll do that again.

Cole pushes his finger inside me and slips in another, warning, "Don't move, Lamore." I rub my nub and keep my butt in the air.

He pushes in another finger, slowly stretching me. The sensations shooting through my body have me so close to the edge. Panting, I feel Cole moving his fingers and it feels like magic. My body wants to writhe against his hand and move with him. It takes everything I have to stay still, to let him tease me like this and not move. I whimper, clutching the sheets in my fists, but manage to stay still. When he adds his fourth finger my body responds without me telling it to and hugs his hand.

"Be still," he warns.

"I am," I breathe, with so much lust burning through me that I can't stay still for another second.

That's when Cole's fingers do something I didn't think they could. He twists his hand and suddenly it's inside of me. I scream his name, not expecting the pressure, but it fades quickly to a more tolerable level. I sigh, realizing that I'm loving it. He strokes me from within, using his entire hand. Cole moves so carefully, so gently.

My body throbs, and heat explodes from inside of me. I'm wetter than I've ever been. I don't care that this will make me blush all shades of red in the morning. I love it and I want more. My fingers move as Cole required. I keep my hand between my thighs, and my ass pushes back, making his fist slide deeper inside of me.

"Slowly, baby. I don't want to hurt you." Cole rests his other hand on my back and tries to still me. My body is so hot and wet. I tremble when he touches me, desperately wanting a release. "Gentle, slowly, Anna."

"I want more, harder. Please Cole."

"I want you to be able to walk later. I'm not done with you, yet." His voice is like liquid sex. It pours over me and I can't stay still. "Try this, sway your hips back and forth slowly."

Closing my eyes, I do as he says and sway back and forth. The rhythm builds inside of me, building hotter and hotter in my core.

Cole rocks me like that until I'm a mindless sex slave, begging for him to be with me. "Please, Cole, please be with me. I need you. I need you inside of me." I clutch the blankets harder, trying to stay still.

Cole's magic hand is still inside me. "Pinch." I do as he says, and he removes his hand, slipping one finger out of me at a time. By the time he's finished, I'm ready to hump anything. My mind has officially left my body. I fall on my stomach, facing down into the pillows. My hand slips away from my nether region. I lay there with every inch of me hypersensitive.

Cole trail kisses over my back and whispers in my ear, "I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk. You'll have a hard time sitting down tomorrow, Anna."

His words make me crazy. "I want it. Do it. I need you. I want you. Please, Cole. Please." I'm begging him for sex as he rolls me over. I look up into his dark eyes and see the man I love. He bows his head, taking my nipple between his lips and sucks. The sensation shoots warmth through my core and makes me scream his name. He's gentle at first, teasing and sucking.

When he stops, I start to beg again. "Fuck me, Cole. Please..." I arch my back and spread my legs.

He watches me, still wearing all his clothes, kneeling above me. I see the erection pressing against his pants. I have never been so jealous of a pair of jeans in my life. I want his dick on my face, in mouth, and inside me, pumping me hard. I want to wrap my legs around his waist and have him ride me until I come.

"Please," I beg again.

Cole lowers his head, his dark hair is damp, and hanging in waves. "I want to, it's just that every time you beg me, I have to make you wait longer. It's all part of the fun. If you want to be fucked senseless, stop begging me, Lamore."

I smile at him. It's one of those sex smiles that's sleepy and sensual. "You want to fuck me senseless?" There's a question in my voice.

Cole looks down at me and shakes his head. "Of course I do." His voice is deep and filled with need. I lift my hand and press it to his jeans, feeling him through the fabric.

"What happens if I strip you and jump on?"

He laughs. The sound fills my soul. I feel a connection with him. It's like we're linked, like we understand each other. And I'm glad that he likes sex this way. It's better than I imagined.

His hand slips between my legs and he pushes into me. "Oh God, you're so wet, Anna." He pushes hard one last time, forcing his finger in a far as it can go and pulls out. Raising his finger to his nose, he inhales and then wipes my damp heat across his lips.

"You smell so sweet, so perfect. Taste for yourself." He lowers his head and kisses me, allowing me to taste what he tastes. I lick his lips and swallow, kissing him deeper. I want to show him I'll do anything he wants. "That was so sexy. I had no idea you were so adventurous, Miss Vanilla."