He looked down at her as she squirmed. “Right where I want you,” he said.

She squirmed some more, but not in nerves now. More like she couldn’t not move. She needed him to touch, needed the feel of his mouth and hands on her. “Aidan—”

Lowering his head, he let his mouth brush over hers, hovering just enough to tease. She tried tugging her hands free, but he resisted with one of those wicked badass smiles tugging at the corner of his lips, nibbling her lower lip, sucking on it, running the tip of his tongue over it lightly.

Which had her ache intensifying. “Aidan.”

Letting go of her hands, he slid down her body. His eyes were darkened and focused on her. “I want to taste you.”


He started with her breasts, teasing her nipples before sliding down farther, kissing her sore ribs, then low on her quivering belly.

She opened her mouth to say God knew what, but he pressed his mouth to her hipbone and sucked in a breath.

He looked up at her, eyes hooded, before dropping his attention back to her body spread out beneath him. “Perfect,” he murmured, brushing a knuckle over the skin just beneath her belly button. And then lower, over the core of her.

She bucked against his hand and he did it again, the motion too light so she thrust harder.

He resisted the pressure and eased back.

“That’s just mean,” she gasped.

With a smile that promised all sorts of naughty pleasures, he lowered his head and brushed the stubble of his jaw over her inner thighs.

“Oh,” she breathed softly, going utterly still. “Oh, please.”

“Patience,” he murmured against her, the rumble of his voice sending another wave of pleasure through her as, with a featherlight touch, he rubbed the pad of his thumb right over ground zero.

She cried out and arched up, desperate to have him do it again, but he just held her down as his thumb rasped over her slowly, each stroke pure torture, lazily manipulating her into a panting frenzy. “Aidan!”

“More?” he asked politely.


He slid a finger into her and then another, and she just about came undone.

Then he replaced his fingers with his lips, gently sucking her into his hot mouth, and her every single muscle clenched as she rocked up and came hard. He slowed but didn’t stop, drawing out the intensity for longer than she could have imagined possible. When he finally released her, he pushed up with his hands and met her gaze, his own blazing. “You liked that.”

She had to unpeel her fingers from the sheet beneath her. “A little bit,” she admitted and thrilled to his rough laugh.

And she wasn’t the only one who’d liked that. Aidan’s body practically vibrated with tension now, some areas more than others. Reversing their positions, she slid down the bed and wrapped her hand around one of his parts in particular, the one quickly becoming her very favorite part.

He twitched under her touch and pushed his hips into her hand with a groan. “And you like that,” she teased, throwing his words back at him. And then she bent over him and took him into her mouth.

He didn’t let her have her way with him for long, and she knew that was in deference to her injuries. He rolled her to her back again, kissing her long and deep and hot before lifting his head and pinning her with his very serious gaze. “Don’t move.”

To her disappointment, he left the bed. Naked and apparently completely unconcerned with that fact, he searched the pockets of his cargoes and came back with a condom.

“How about now?” she murmured playfully when he’d protected them both. “Can I move now?” And then, without waiting for his response, she guided him home.

They both gasped as he slid deep.

Aidan braced himself on his forearms on either side of her face as their gazes locked, and then his mouth found hers as he began to move.

Threading her hand into his hair, she slanted her hips against his and met him thrust for thrust. Deliciously pinned, the fire built inside her again with shocking alacrity. She could hear herself whispering his name. She was close, so close …

When his hands gripped her hips hard and shifted her, changing the angle so that he could go even deeper, she burst into a thousand pieces.

He was right behind her.

They were both breathing hard as he braced his weight on his forearms above her and kissed her, tenderly now, lazily, and full of something she couldn’t easily identify.

He simply stole her breath away.

After a minute he untangled himself from her and again left the bed. The loss of his weight was a huge gaping hole of desertion but she got it. He had a bazillion things to do, fires to put out, people to rescue, a resort to help his brother save.

But a small part of her wished the rest of the world would just go the hell away and let her have a few more minutes with him. Not in the cards, and that was probably for the best. She prepared to heave herself out of the bed, too, but then he was there, right there.

He pointed for her to lie back down, which she did, and then in the most surprising move of all he grabbed the covers and made to get back in with her with a questioning look, brow raised.

She scooted over, making room.

Taking the invite, he slid in and reached for her, hauling her into his arms. The first touch of his mouth along the column of her throat sent a jolt to her already overloaded system and she shuddered again.

“Okay?” he asked.

She was so far above okay she didn’t even have words.

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