Edgard tasted Trevor’s bottom lip with a measured sweep of his tongue. “I want you.

Now. I don’t care where, but it needs to be now.”

“Goddamn right.” Trevor’s hands flew to Edgard’s belt. Buckle undone, button undone, zipper undone, Trevor was damn near undone wanting to get his hands and mouth all over this man’s tempting body. He sank to his knees as he tugged Edgard’s jeans down his corded thighs and off, on to the floor. “Least you ain’t wearin’ boots,” he said, rubbing his cheek against the hot, hard length and inhaling Edgard’s unique scent.

“Trevor, this isn’t what I—”

He eased back. “You got a problem with me suckin’ you off?”

“Ah. No.”

“Then shut the fuck up.” Trevor wrapped his hand around the base of Edgard’s cock and stroked as his mouth went to work on the wet tip. He sucked, saturating his tongue with Ed’s flavor, bathing that throbbing organ with his saliva. On every downstroke, his mouth went a little further.

Hands grasped his hair, forcing him deeper.

With the plump cockhead resting on his lips, Trevor warned, “Your hands better be grippin’ the counter. Don’t make me tell you twice.”

“Jesus. All right.”

He watched as Edgard’s palms clamped around the counter’s edge. “Move your legs apart.” Trevor’s dick pressed painfully against his fly and he shifted his stance. His lips parted to take every hot inch of that rigid cock. Greedily. Hungrily. Using his teeth to tease. Flicking his tongue over the sweet spot below the purplish crown.

Edgard groaned. “I love that, but oh man, I love it when you suck my balls.”

Keeping Edgard’s prick buried in his mouth, Trevor reached between Edgard’s widespread thighs to fondle the tight sac. He rolled the balls over his fingertips, letting the saliva run down his chin to coat those tight, furry globes.

“Sweet mother of God.”

Trevor released the shaft and held it aside, still jacking Edgard off, opening wide to suck both balls into his mouth.

Another enthusiastic moan rumbled from Edgard’s chest.

He sucked on the taut globes, loving the pearls of pre-come sliding down Edgard’s cock and dripping on his face. The wet balls slipped free from his mouth and he used his tongue to trace the thick, pulsing root back to that tempting pucker.

“Fuck. More. Please. Please.”

Tickling the velvety hole proved difficult given the position of his head. Trevor licked as far back as he could, knowing the teasing sweep of wetness over the sensitive knot of nerves drove Edgard insane. “Can’t reach. My tongue ain’t long enough at this angle.”

“Chassie’s is,” Edgard murmured. “That’s something new we’ll have to teach her.”

Trevor purred his agreement, half-surprised how natural it was talking about teaching his wife new sex tricks while satisfying his male lover. He lapped and licked, sweeping his tongue over the drops leaking from the slit in the head.

“Finish me,” Edgard half-pleaded. His hands plowed through Trevor’s hair and he plunged into Trevor’s mouth with a growl. Back out. In. Out. In. Out. Without pause, an animalistic rhythm.

Trevor loved to make the man lose control. Absolutely fucking loved it.

“Suck harder. Christ, like that.”

He dug his fingers into the tops of Edgard’s solid thighs as those lean hips hammered into his face with absolute abandon.

Edgard rammed his dick to the hilt. Each stroke stretched Trevor’s mouth wider, each stroke became harder, harsher, taking Ed to the point of detonation. Edgard slapped his hands on Trevor’s cheeks, holding his face as he came with a hoarse shout.

Satisfaction surged as Edgard poured his salty, bitter heat down the back of Trevor’s throat. When Edgard neared the end of his orgasm, Trevor let the shaft slip from his mouth until his teeth circled the flared rim of the crown. He focused on the cockhead, feeling the thick vein running on the underside of Edgard’s dick still twitching beneath Trevor’s lips.

“Goddamn.” Edgard grunted and kept coming.

He kept right on tonguing him until he had nothing left.

Spent, Edgard released his grip on Trevor’s hair. Acting somewhat weak-kneed, he braced one hand behind him on the counter ledge and lovingly caressed the contours of Trevor’s cheek and jaw with his other hand. “Trev. I—don’t…damn.”

One last suckle of that still half-hard cock, one last nuzzle of the damp hair coated with Edgard’s musk and Trevor eased off. He scrambled to his feet. “Good. Because my dick is about to explode and I want it buried balls deep in your ass when it happens.”

Without waiting Trevor grabbed Edgard’s hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom he shared with Chassie. The sheets were rumpled. The quilt dangled off the end of the bed and a twinge of guilt surfaced.

Edgard sensed it. Wrapping his arms around Trevor’s waist, he nestled his chin in the curve of Trevor’s shoulder. “I didn’t make up the bed after Chassie left this morning.”

He nipped Trevor’s earlobe.

Electric tingles shot down Trevor’s arm and distorted his already ragged breathing.

“If it’ll make you feel less guilty about you and me bein’ together, Chassie and I made love in that bed last night.”

“How was it?”

“Sweet and hot, but we missed you.”

Trevor was actually turned on by the idea of watching Edgard and Chassie fucking alone—with him jacking off and then joining in for round two.

“I’m sure Chassie will be hungry for details of our hot monkey sex when she comes home.”

“Then we’d better not disappoint her.”

Shirts were stripped away. Same for T-shirts. Trevor’s jeans, underwear and socks.

They faced each other. Reached for each other. Matched chest-to-chest, cock-to-cock, mouth-to-mouth. Even as Edgard tried to seduce him with teasing kisses, Trevor was strung tight, crazy for release.

Again, Edgard was tuned in to his signals. “Get on the bed. Let me take care of you.”

“I don’t wanna blowjob. I wanna fuck you.”

“Don’t argue. Do it.”

Trevor crawled on the bed on his hands and knees. Just as he was about to roll over, Edgard’s hands were on his ass, spreading his butt cheeks apart. Then a hot, wet tongue traced his crack.

“Jesus.” He stretched his arms above his head and pressed the side of his face to the mattress. The sheets smelled like Chassie. Like Edgard. Like them. Trevor breathed the enthralling scent deep into his lungs.

Light tongue flicks tantalized his hole, followed by hard-lipped nibbles and soft sucking.

Edgard was an expert at anal play and held nothing back. “I am such a slut for that.

Been so long.”

“I know. That’s why I love to do it.” Another wet flicker of his tongue over the pucker. “This whips you into that wheezing-whimpering-impatient-to-fuck state.” Edgard pierced his ass with one deep jab. He lapped at Trevor’s hole, teasing, and then plunging that wicked tongue deep again.

Trevor clutched handfuls of the sheet, bumping his hips back to meet every searching thrust. Pressure built in his balls and he desperately wanted to come. And not to come.

Edgard knew when to back off. He rubbed his jaw over Trevor’s cheeks and scattered kisses up the line of Trevor’s spine. A gentle scrape of teeth on his shoulder blades set Trevor’s body quaking. Hot breath in his ear. “Next time I’m gonna make you come like that. Right now, get the lube.”

“Damn you look good all stretched out on my bed,” Trevor said.

“You ain’t such a hardship yourself.” Trevor’s muscle-bound body always fascinated Edgard. The pale blond hair on Trevor’s brawny forearms was softer than the coarse hair covering his long legs. Yet, his upper torso was nearly hairless, with the exception of the golden trail leading to his crotch. Abs of steel, a result of Trevor’s insistence on three hundred core-strengthening crunches every morning—evidently a habit he’d maintained after he’d left the circuit. Old white scars stood out on his bronze skin like badges of honor or of shame. Freckles ranging in color from cinnamon to gold were scattered across his broad shoulders and down his broad back as testament to the sheer amount of hours Trevor spent in the sun.

The click of the cap of lubricant drew Edgard’s attention to Trevor’s face. He squirted gel on his palm and fisted his cock. Then he ran a line of gel down the seam of his index and middle fingers as he moved between Edgard’s legs.

Edgard pulled his knees back, exposing his entrance for Trevor’s pleasure. His cock had gone rigid with arousal again and slapped against his belly.

“No foreplay. I want you so bad it hurts.” Trevor rubbed the cool gel on Edgard’s hole and pushed one finger in, and pumped it in and out a few times before wiggling the second one in beside it.

As much as Edgard craved Trevor’s tongue licking his nipples, it was a serious turn on witnessing the vein below Trevor’s jawbone pop as his fingers repeatedly breached Edgard’s body. His sharp cheekbones were flushed with arousal. His lips—oh man, those pouty lips he’d dreamed about—were plumped and red from sucking Edgar’s cock. He was beautiful. Trevor was everything. Not a passing fancy, not an unattainable dream, but the man Edgard wanted to spend his life with.

“I’m ready, wanna feel you in me.” Edgard reached for Trevor, looping his arms around Trevor’s neck.

Trevor nailed Edgard’s gland a couple times and grinned when Edgard moaned, arching into his intimate touch. “Jesus you’re tight. Think you can take me hard?”

“I’ll take you any way I can get you.”

Then the fingers disappeared and Trevor levered his body over Edgard’s. The thick head of Trevor’s cock brushed Edgard’s hole once before Trevor plowed in to the hilt.

Edgard hissed.

“Ah fuck.” Trevor lowered his face against Edgard’s neck. “I ain’t gonna last.