A finger speared her ass; another speared her pussy. When Trevor sucked her clitoris, Chassie came unglued.

Every muscle in her body contracted and she sobbed through every pulsing, gyrating, wet, throbbing second of the most intensive orgasm of her life.

Soft, sweet kisses on her belly roused her and she shivered, opening her eyes.

Both men wore mighty pleased expressions, but the hunger in their eyes meant one thing: that was the appetizer.

Lord. She’d never survive the main course.

Chapter Twenty-four

Trevor pursed his lips around Chassie’s right nipple and suckled softly, releasing the strawberry-colored tip with a loud pop. Jesus, she was sexy. Willing. Giving.

Adventurous. Accepting of his and Edgard’s harsher edges. Her skin was flushed so prettily, the inside of her thighs were soaked from excitement. His hair actually hurt, she’d pulled it so hard during her climax. “Chass? You okay?”

“Mmm. I think so.”

He grinned. “We’re switchin’ places, darlin’.”


“’Cause we ain’t done. On your hands and knees on the floor facin’ me.”

“I gotta warn you, my brain ain’t firing on all cylinders yet.”

Edgard tweaked her left nipple, then suckled the sting. “We want you so bad we’ll take you with the dazed look. You blow my mind.” He kissed circles around her breast, nuzzling her in the sweet, comforting way she preferred. “You are hotter than the sun, and if I don’t have you right now, I might actually burn up.” She snorted her disbelief and he helped her to the floor, still muttering nonsensical phrases.

Trevor slid into position on the couch, his cock at the level of Chassie’s mouth as Edgard spun her into place.

Then Edgard stood and rolled on a condom. Keeping his eyes on Trevor’s, he greased up his cock and grabbed the mini-vibrator.

Just like that, every bit of urgency returned.

He looked at his wife and stroked her face. “I wanna be like that sweet-talkin’ Brazilian and spend hours tellin’ you how fantastic you are, but Jesus, I wanna be buried balls deep in this mouth. I wanna see Ed’s cock reamin’ your ass. I wanna do it now, no waitin’.”

Chassie whispered, “I want that too.”

“Widen your stance and hold still,” Edgard said.

As soon as she’d moved, Edgard turned on the compact vibrator and pushed it in her cunt. She gasped, fully opening her mouth, and Trevor shoved his cock in to the root.

“Breathe. ’Cause once we get goin’, darlin’, this is gonna be a wild ride.”

Edgard squirted lube on two fingers. Trevor began to rock in and out of Chassie’s mouth, curling his hands around her ears, letting her know he was in control.

She sucked greedily, moaning as Edgard’s fingers breached her ass.

“Chassie, you’re so damn hot and tight around my fingers, I wanna feel that same heat surrounding my cock.” Edgard aligned his cock to the pinkish pucker, pulling Chassie’s cheeks apart and canting her hips.

“Go slow at first,” Trevor gritted out. “I wanna see every fuckin’ inch of your cock disappearin’ into her ass.”

“Then look now ’cause I ain’t waiting.” The fat purple head popped in past the ring of muscle.

Chassie tensed.

“Don’t clench. There’s a good girl.”

Trevor watched that length of uncut meat pushing deeper until Edgard’s hips were snugged against Chassie’s ass. “Wish we had a mirror, so you could see how sexy you look book-ended between us with your ass nice and pink.” As Trevor said it, Edgard smoothed a hand over from the curve of Chassie’s hip to her thigh and back up, teasing her hot skin with just the tips of his cool fingers.

She shuddered and used her teeth down his shaft and tongued the tip before releasing it. “Please, I’m on the verge of another—”

“It’s okay, baby, we’ll take care of you.”

They pulled back simultaneously, thrust simultaneously.

Trevor concentrated on the perfect wet seal Chassie had created with her mouth as he fucked it hard and fast. Almost there. Almost…

Edgard’s pelvis pistoned a half-dozen times and he stopped, throwing back his head as he came.

Chassie bucked and groaned, the vibrating sound just the push Trevor needed to send him over the edge.

Light, sound, air, nothing existed but the series of hot pulses and rhythmic sucking.

When his spent cock popped from her mouth, he opened his eyes. Edgard had already pulled out and was kissing up Chassie’s spine, murmuring in Portuguese as he removed the vibrator. He stood and went to take care of the condom.

Trevor lifted his wife into his arms. “You okay?”

“Feelin’ all used up—in a good way.” Chassie yawned. “I’m toast. You guys wore me out.”

“You wanna go upstairs and lay down?”

“Huh-uh. Wanna be with you and Ed down here, ’cause I know neither of you are tired.”

“But, baby, you can’t keep your eyes open.”

Edgard returned. “What’s up?”

“She’s exhausted. Help me pull out the foldout bed.” Trevor set Chassie in the recliner and he and Edgard made up the bed.

“Why didn’t you take her to your room?”

“She wants to stay down here for some reason.” Trevor swept her up amidst her sleepy protests and deposited her between the sheets.

“This bed is bigger than ours. Plus, I like it when we’re all snuggled close together in a big messy pile of naked bodies.” Chassie purred, curling up next to Edgard after he slid in beside her. “You’re so warm.”

“You sure are a cuddly little kitten, Miz Chassie.”

“It doesn’t bother you I’m a friendly sleeper?”

“No. I like it.” Edgard playfully tugged on her braid. “You haven’t heard me complaining the last couple nights, have you?”

“Nope, and I’m glad, ’cause macho Trevor doesn’t wanna snuggle up nearly as much as I like to. He needs his space.”

“I’m well aware of that,” Edgard said dryly.

Trevor rolled his eyes. “You two done insultin’ me?”

Chassie said, “It’s not an insult if it’s true.”

Edgard laughed.

“Go to sleep, woman. And you”—he pointed at Edgard—“quit encouragin’ her.”

Trevor grabbed the remote and tossed a couple of pillows on the bed, adding another blanket before he crawled in on Chassie’s other side. He turned on the TV.

“Comfy?” Edgard asked.

“Yeah. Glad we did chores early ’cause I sure as hell don’t feel like gettin’ dressed and goin’ back outside.”

“Me neither. I forgot how damn breath-stealing the cold can be up here.”

“You’ll get used to it. Next winter you won’t even notice.”

Edgard turned and looked at him. “You askin’ me if I’ll be around next year?”

That assumption just slipped out and Trevor had no way to backtrack.

You don’t want to take it back. You want him here. Man up and tell him the truth.

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s all I ever wanted.”

The warmth filling Trevor’s body owed nothing to the blankets.

Chassie was already asleep, one hand resting on Edgard’s bare chest; the other on Trevor’s abdomen. Trevor and Edgard were propped up against the back of the couch.

“She’s whupped.” Trevor brushed a hank of hair from her cheek.

“We were pretty demanding.”

Trevor grinned. “And she loved every minute of it.”

“True. So did I. You tired?”

“Nah. You?”

Edgard shook his head. “I’m wired.”

“Wanna see what’s on ESPN2?”

“Sure. Haven’t seen a good football game in a while.”

“Football season is over. The Superbowl was last month.”

“You Americans. Everyone else in the world calls it football and yet you insist on calling it soccer.”

“Don’t matter ’cause I ain’t watchin’ soccer,” Trevor scoffed. He flipped channels until he landed on one that interested him. “See? Now this is a real sport.”

Edgard snorted. “I ain’t watchin’ a mixed martial arts marathon. Guys beating the shit out of each other? Just like Saturday night in a damn cowboy bar except they ain’t yelling insults about the other guys’ mama.”

“But this guy fightin’ is a master of Brazilian jujitsu.”

“Don’t care. Just ’cause Brazil is in the name of something don’t mean shit. And for the record, I don’t like Brazil nuts either.”

“I like ’em just fine,” Trevor said slyly.

“Smartass. Why is it you never let me have the goddamn remote?” Edgard snapped,

“Give it to me.”

“Here.” Trevor passed it over and threaded his fingers through Edgard’s, setting their joined hands on the pillow above Chassie’s head. “Happy now?”


Trevor knew it didn’t have a damn thing to do with Edgard finally getting control of the remote.

A few hours later, they were still lounging in bed, eating popcorn and watching Cops reruns, when Chassie said, “Why are so many people on this show always naked? No one wanders around naked in real life.”

“Spoken by a woman who is totally buck-ass nekkid between not one, but two buck-ass nekkid men,” Trevor pointed out.

The phone rang, cutting off her response.

Trevor snagged the receiver off the coffee table and answered, “Hello?” He frowned.

“Ma? Why’re you…No.” Pause. “What?” He sprang up. “When?” Pause. “And you’re just callin’ me now?” Pause. “That’s a lousy fuckin’ excuse and you know it.” Trevor inhaled and exhaled slowly, trying to stay calm. “Sorry. No. That’s fine.” Longer pause as he paced. “I can’t imagine what the hell he wants but, yeah, I’ll leave first thing in the mornin’. Yeah. Noon, probably. See ya then.” He clicked the off button.