“No.” Trevor quickly glanced at the living room where Chassie was chattering away.

“You surprised?”

“Maybe that she isn’t aware of our official association as roping partners. There was no shame in that. We were damn good together, Trev.”

The word shame echoed like a slap. As good as they were together, it’d never been enough, in an official capacity or behind closed doors. “What are you really doin’ here?”

Edgard didn’t answer right away. “I don’t know. Feeling restless. Had the urge to travel.”

“Wyoming ain’t exactly an exotic port of call.”

“You think I don’t realize that? You think I wouldn’t rather be someplace else? But something…” Edgard lowered his voice. “Ah, fuck it.”


“Want the truth? Or would you rather I lie?”

“The truth.”

“Truth between us? That’s refreshing.” Edgard’s gaze trapped his. “I’m here because of you.”

Trevor’s heart alternately stopped and soared, even when his answer was an indiscernible growl. “For Christsake, Ed. What the hell am I supposed to say to that?

With my wife in the next room?”

“You’re making a big deal out of this. She thinks we’re friends, which ain’t a lie. We were partners before we were…” Edgard gestured distractedly. “If she gets the wrong idea, it won’t be from me.”

“Maybe I’m gettin’ the wrong idea. The last thing you said to me when you fuckin’ left me was that you weren’t ever comin’ back. And you made it goddamn clear you didn’t want to be my friend. So why are you here?”

Pause. He traced the rim of his coffee cup with a shaking fingertip. “I heard about you gettin’ married.”

“That happened over a year ago and you came all the way from Brazil to congratulate me in person? Now?”

“No.” Edgard didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands. He raked his fingers through his hair. His voice was barely audible. “Will it piss you off if I admit I was curious about whether you’re really happy, meu amore?”

My love. My ass. Trevor snapped, “Yes.”

“Yes, you’re pissed off? Or yes, you’re happy?”


“Then this is gonna piss you off even more.”


“Years and miles haven’t changed anything between us and you goddamn well know it.”

Trevor looked up; Edgard’s golden eyes were laser beams slicing him open. “It don’t matter. If you can’t be my friend while you’re in my house, walk out the fuckin’ door. I will not allow either one of us to hurt my wife. Got it?”


“Good. And I’m done talkin’ about this shit so don’t bring it up again. Ever.”

Chassie bounded back into the kitchen. If she sensed the tension she didn’t remark on it. “My coffee break is over. Gotta get back to the grind. What’re you guys gonna do?”

Trevor gathered the cups and dumped them in the sink. “I’ll help you finish up outside.”

“No, that’s okay. You stay and catch up with Edgard.”

“Darlin’, it ain’t every day I offer to let you boss me around,” Trevor pointed out with a teasing smile.

Edgard stood. “If it’s all right, I might stretch out. I’m bushed. Been a long morning and a long walk this afternoon.”

Trevor stared at him. Edgard had walked the twenty-five miles from town? In the cold?

“If you’re hungry later, help yourself to whatever you can find. I already showed you where the towels and stuff are in the bathroom so make yourself at home.”

“Thank you, Chassie, you are very kind.” Edgard headed for the stairs.

When he was gone, Chassie hooked her fingers in Trevor’s belt loop. “Come on, you’re my slave for the next couple hours.”

“Mmm. I like the sound of that.” He lowered his head, teasing her lips before plunging his tongue inside her sweet, warm mouth. Kissing her until her heart raced beneath his palm and her body swayed closer. Trevor pulled back so they were a breath apart. “But I get my shot at bein’ the master to your slave later, right?”

Her soft moan smacked of sexual need and instantly stiffened his cock. “No ropes this time.”

“That ain’t no fun.”

“Neither is disinfecting the birthing equipment in the barn.”

Trevor groaned. “That’s what we’re doin’ today?”

“Yep. Has to be done when it’s not sub-zero outside and you volunteered, bucko.”

“Lead on, master.”

She grinned. After she turned around, Trevor whacked her on the ass hard enough to elicit a yelp and she ran away from him, laughing.

Damn. He loved being married to this woman. He’d be wise to remember that.

Two hours later Chassie peeled the sodden clothes from her body. Her T-shirt was halfway over her head when the bedroom door creaked open.

Before she unstuck the wet cotton from her arms, Trevor’s big hands landed on her bare hips. She jumped and lost her balance, allowing Trevor to pick her up and lay her across the bed on her back.

“Well, well, who do we have here?” He crawled up her body, keeping her arms tangled up in the shirt so she couldn’t see. He squeezed her legs together with his powerful thighs. “A half-naked woman. Is it my half-naked woman? Can’t tell by lookin’ since your face is covered, so I’ll have to find another way to figure it out.”

The first flicker of Trevor’s warm tongue over her cold nipple had her bowing off the bed. Chassie’s arms and legs were immobilized—not that she tried to scramble away when Trevor started suckling the puckered tip.

“Sure tastes like my woman.”


He grazed her nipple with his teeth and she gasped.

“I recognize that gasp. You are my woman.” Trevor swamped her with the sensual attack of his mouth. Lapping. Licking. Nibbling. His hands came into play, the callused pad of this thumb sweeping the underswell of her breast, then his fingertips drawing ever-smaller circles around her beaded flesh. Plucking and twisting one nipple while his mouth suckled its twin.

Chassie’s face heated, her breathing escalated and the wet shirt molded to her face, making it difficult to draw a lungful of air. “Trevor. Get this shirt off me. I’m suffocating.”

One fast yank and the shirt hit the carpet. She opened her eyes. Trevor’s face was flushed. His pupils were dilated so no color remained. Need pulsed off him and thickened the air.

“Want you, Chass. Want you bad.”

“Luckily you have me.” She reached for him.

“Uh-uh. Keep your hands above your head or I’ll get the ropes out.”



“What if I don’t wanna be bossed around today?”

“Tough. You’ll take whatever I dish out.”

Lord. He was in a mood.

He pushed off the bed, whipped his wet Wranglers and his pearl-snap shirt in a pile.

His beautiful naked body was back on top before she’d taken two breaths. His mouth crushed hers in a drugging kiss. He skimmed his rough-skinned hand across her belly and between her legs. Upon finding the inside of her thighs soaked, he dragged his lips free, growling, “You’re always so wet for me. That’s one of the things I love about you, Chass. I’m absolutely fuckin’ lovesick with everything you give to me, everything you are to me. In bed and out.”

His sweet, but reluctant confession surprised her.

Trevor wiggled two fingers into her pussy and swirled them in her slick cream. He withdrew and plunged deeper, grinding the bony heel of his hand on her clit as he dove back in for another thorough taste of her mouth.

As Chassie rocked her pelvis, Trevor’s cock left a slick trail on her hip. She wanted to circle her fist around that velvety male hardness, stroking until his ejaculate exploded on her stomach. She wanted to clamp her hands on his ass and force his cock to replace his fingers.

Trevor wasn’t swayed by her pleading whimpers. He maintained complete control, building her to the pinnacle.

Every pulse point hummed on a different frequency. Chassie squeezed his fingers with her internal muscles.

He feathered openmouthed kisses to the base of her neck. “Come on, baby. You’re close.”

“Then use your mouth. Suck on me.”

“Later. You’re gonna come like this now.” Trevor rotated his hand, added a third finger and circled his thumb over her swollen clit, stroking and rubbing the spots in tandem.

The change from random to deliberate concentration sent her careening into a double-whammy orgasm. Her pussy throbbed around his fingers, sucking them deeper with each spasm, while her clit pulsed beneath his thumb. When Trevor bit down on her right nipple, Chassie flat-out screamed.

Trevor scattered kisses across her breasts. Followed by a lazy sweep of his tongue up her neck. His rapid exhalations stirred the hair by her ear when he murmured, “Better?”

“Mmm. Always better when you touch me.”

“Good. Roll over. I want your ass.”

His words sent dark excitement zipping through her again. He’d warned her from the start he was sexually demanding. If they became lovers, no part of her body was off limits to him. Ever. He’d fuck her pussy, her mouth, her tits and her ass, whenever, wherever and as often as he pleased.

Chassie’s limited sexual experiences had in no way prepared her for Trevor Glanzer ruling her in bed. His concession to easing her into anal sex consisted of fucking her first with his fingers, then with a rubber dildo. Finally in a hard, fast, primitive manner that proved his complete possession.

It was heady stuff to be the focus of total sexual energy from a man such as Trevor; wickedly gorgeous, wickedly experienced and wickedly virile. Trevor pushed her boundaries and she trusted he’d never hurt her in his quest to bring her complete sexual satisfaction. Sometimes Chassie wondered what Trevor considered kinky.