Edgard’s voice dropped to a sexy bass rumble. “Then we could compare ideas to see whose is the best.”

“You’re so bad, Edgard, usin’ that sexy Portuguese drawl against me,” she taunted.

“No wonder Trevor can’t resist you. You tryin’ to put us both under your spell?”

Good Lord. They were flirting. Right in front of him. Trevor couldn’t look away.

Especially not after his cock had taken notice of their sexy, playful banter.

“Is it workin’?”

“Mmm. Depends.”


“On whether I’ll be watchin’ again or participating in your magic act tonight.”

“Definitely participating. Would that sweeten the offer?”

“How about if we find out just how sweet it can be after supper?”

“Deal.” Edgard jumped to his feet. “Let’s eat. Right now.”

“I’m starved,” Trevor added.

Chassie laughed. “You guys are insatiable.”

As the implications of this next step and the possibilities stretched before them, Trevor figured this’d be the shortest meal ever.

But he hoped it’d be the longest night of his life.

Chapter Nineteen

They’d made an effort to keep the conversation low-key while they ate, discussing normal, everyday ranch issues. Upcoming calving, Greta. The sad situation with Meridian. The weather report.

An electric hum crackled in the air and Chassie was going to jump out of her skin.

She cleared the plates and stored the leftovers in Tupperware. Wiped down the counters and ran water in the sink with a hefty squirt of soap.

A warm body moved in behind her. Hot breath tickled her ear. “Leave ’em, Chass.

Come upstairs. I want you.”


“No buts, baby. This was your idea.” Trevor spun her into his arms. He kissed the top of her head, then tilted her chin up to look into her eyes. “You were flirtin’ with Edgard. I don’t know whether I oughta punish you or reward you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Turned on beyond belief. And…” Trevor aimed his gaze out the window.

“And what?” Chassie flicked the deep dimple in his chin, trying to get him to look at her.

“Truthfully, I’m a little nervous.”

She’d expected him to say jealous. “Why nervous? Isn’t a threesome old news for you and Edgard?”

“This isn’t the same old threesome.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re involved and it makes me psycho to imagine any man besides me touchin’ you. Ed and I haven’t ever been together…as lovers, in a threesome. Before it was me with the woman and him watchin’ or both of us with her, but not he and I together…ah hell, it’s just different, okay?”

Oddly enough, Trevor’s nerves calmed Chassie’s. “I’m glad. I’m glad I’m gettin’ a part of each of you that no other woman has had.”

“No other woman has ever had my heart.”

As true as she believed that statement to be, Chassie knew Edgard owned a piece of Trevor’s heart long before Trevor had given the rest to her. For the first time since she’d found out about them, since she’d seen them together as lovers, she didn’t feel threatened. “Where is Edgard?”

“Upstairs in our room. Let’s not keep him waitin’.” Trevor clasped her hand and kept hold of it until they reached their bedroom.

In their large bedroom, Chassie shifted from foot to foot, antsy, scared and unsure if she should strip or what. “Maybe we—” Then Trevor started kissing her in that sweet, sure way of his. Kisses so slow and hot and deep she melted inside. Her body became as pliant as silly putty.

He unbuttoned her blouse, taking his time sliding it off. Next he unfastened her jeans, his mouth scattered kisses across her belly and he tugged the denim free from her legs. She was down to her bra and panties, enjoying more of those drugging kisses when unfamiliar hands landed on her hips.

She gasped, whipping around to look at Edgard.

A stark naked Edgard. A fully aroused, stark naked Edgard.

“Whoa. You’re umm…you’re all…” Why? Trevor still was fully clothed.

“I thought you were all right with this?” Edgard asked.

“I-I.” Stop babbling. “I guess. I just…”

Edgard caressed her cheek, like he had earlier in the barn. And like earlier, her pulse took off like a runaway horse. “You just what, Chass?”

“I didn’t think you liked—”


Chassie nodded.

“I like you. You’re a woman.”

She blurted, “Why? Because I’m flat-chested and I look like a guy?”

He smiled, not gently but with utter male heat. “Oh, there ain’t a guy-like thing about you, sweetheart, and trust me, that ain’t a bad thing.”

“Oh.” In for a penny; in for a pound. “So you aren’t here for Trevor’s sake? Takin’ one for the team?”

Trevor snickered.

“I’m in Wyoming because of Trevor. I’m in this bedroom because of you and Trevor.”

“Me?” Her gaze dropped to his hard cock.


She managed to drag her eyes away from the rosy, uncircumcised length of maleness. “Why?”

“Don’t you think it stands to reason that if you’re attracted to Trevor, and I’m attracted to Trevor, and he’s attracted to both of us, that you and I might be attracted to each other a little?”

Of all the crazy thoughts ricocheting in her head, that one, the most logical one, hadn’t occurred to her.

But hadn’t she and Edgard been flirting and testing the boundaries since the moment the sexy Brazilian sauntered down the driveway? Slow dancing? Doing chores? Cooking together? Hadn’t it turned her on knowing Edgard had whacked off as he watched and listened to her and Trevor fucking in the barn?

She’d assumed they’d both gone out of their way to forge a relationship because of a need to please Trevor. But maybe they’d tried for a relationship out of a need to please themselves. And wouldn’t it make sense that the relationship that was an offshoot of their individual relationships with Trevor would be sexual in nature too?

It made perfect sense and no sense at all.

Chassie scrutinized Edgard’s gorgeous face and didn’t see confusion. Just desire. He wasn’t eyeballing Trevor; he was looking straight at her. So that molten desire was for her.

Impatiently, Trevor said, “We gonna stand here all night and talk? Or what?”

“No.” Chassie angled her head and gently bit the fleshy outer part of Edgard’s thumb.

Edgard’s eyes flashed fire.

Chassie smiled gleefully and spun toward her—whoa—now totally naked husband.

“I don’t know what I’m doing here, guys.”

“Luckily we do. Relax and let it happen,” Trevor said. “Keep kissin’ me as we’re both touchin’ you.”

At first it felt unnerving with Trevor’s hands caressing her face and another set skimming her bare shoulders. Edgard unhooked her bra and took it off, allowing her breasts to brush Trevor’s hot, muscled chest.

The situation changed from unsettling to promising when Edgard’s tongue traced her spine down to the waistband of her panties. His warm hands slipped beneath the fabric and her underwear slithered to the floor. Then those same slow-moving hands smoothed up her calves, the backs of her knees, her thighs to the curve of her ass.

Between Edgard’s constant feathery strokes and Trevor’s endless hungry kisses Chassie was dizzy with want.

Trevor growled, “Bed. Now.”

The quilt had been stripped back to the sheets. She hopped into the middle of the mattress and awaited further instructions from her large-and-in-charge husband.

But Edgard eased in behind Trevor, resting his chin on Trevor’s shoulder as they both stared at her. Curiously. Eagerly.

Chassie watched the men, fascinated by the physical and emotional contrasts.

Trevor’s fair hair and chiseled Nordic features against Edgard’s caramelly skin and exotic, dark good looks. Their body language spoke volumes, one stoic and one persistent. Edgard bulled his way into Trevor’s space entirely, silently demanding—and receiving—Trevor’s attention.

Almost on cue, Trevor relaxed, nuzzling the side of his face into Edgard’s—a surprisingly shy move. Part of her ached for him and how much he must’ve missed Edgard’s affection, even when he’d only had it in private.

“Your call, Trev. What do you want to do?”

Trevor’s chest rose and fell rapidly. “I want to make her come with my mouth. Then I want to fuck her. And while I’m fucking her, I want you to fuck me.”

Chassie’s sex clenched with want.

“You sure?”

“It’s been so long, Ed. It’s been…since you…since that last time in Cheyenne.” He closed his eyes. “And I need…Jesus, do I need—”

A noise, growl-like in ferocity, ripped from Edgard; he took Trevor’s mouth in a short, brutal kiss.

Their unrestrained behavior unleashed hers and she moaned.

Instantly Trevor was swarming her, all predatory male. “I recognize that sound.”

“I-I, please—”

“I’ll please you, all right. Spread ’em wide, Chass, you know how I like it.”

Her thighs parted and she arched her pelvis, letting him see the glistening wetness there.

“And me?” Edgard asked, somewhere off to the right.

Trevor’s hot gaze never strayed from Chassie’s. “You get to watch me lickin’ the sweetest pussy in the world.” He bent his head. One long lick. Followed by another. And another. Each lap of his tongue became shorter. More precise.