But Edgard wasn’t ready to release him. He sank his teeth into the hard flesh just enough to keep Trevor’s cock in place, digging his fingers into the tops of Trevor’s thighs.

Trevor growled. He absorbed the sensations, the liquid heat surrounding his cock increased as Edgard’s mouth filled with saliva.

Finally Edgard swallowed. The movement constricted the muscles around the head of his cock at the back of Edgard’s throat and sent a shockwave to his balls.

“Christ. Like that. Again.” Trevor held perfectly still, allowing for that mouthwatering buildup as his cock throbbed.

This time Edgard swallowed with more gusto.

Trevor groaned, sliding his hand down Edgard’s face, sweeping his thumb across the hollowed section of Edgard’s cheek. “No more teasin’ me.” When Edgard’s eyes glittered with that same overriding need, Trevor whispered, “Not a power thing. Because I’m dyin’ for my turn.” He pulled out slowly, prolonging the light scrape of teeth on the underside of his shaft.

“Hard. Hard and fast,” Edgard panted. “Like you used to, like you want to.”

Curling his hands around Edgard’s head, he yielded to lust. Every rapid, wet stroke brought him to the point of detonation. When his legs wobbled, Edgard steadied him even as that clever mouth destroyed him. His balls nearly disappeared they drew up so high and tight.

“Close. Jesus. Ed. Please. God. Now.” Trevor realized he had a death grip on Edgard’s head and let his left hand fall to his side.

Edgard never missed a beat as he reached for Trevor’s hand and threaded their fingers together, resting their joined hands on Trevor’s thigh.

It wasn’t the raw suctioning power of Ed’s eager mouth, or the wickedly accurate tongue that sent Trevor over the edge, but the understanding, the acknowledgment, the simple touch of Edgard’s rough-skinned hand in his.

Trevor came in hot spurts, the sensations so intense he could only verbalize his enjoyment in a series of grunts. Edgard sucked in time to every pulse of his cock, prolonging the pleasure until Trevor’s entire body quaked.

“Stop,” he said hoarsely. “Jesus, Ed. Stop.” His spent cock slipped free from Edgard’s mouth, shiny, damp and red. Sated.

Edgard nuzzled the crease between Trevor’s crotch and thigh, trying to catch his breath.

With the fingers of his free hand twisted in Ed’s silky, dark hair, Trevor allowed the quiet moment to soothe him.


He glanced down and Edgard clasped his forearm and rolled to his feet. Edgard’s compact, powerful body was right in front of him, their hands still clasped together.

The gold disappeared from Edgard’s eyes and they darkened to black. His lips, always temptingly full, were ripe and lush and trembling. Trevor softly said, “Hey,” and angled forward. He nibbled and teased Edgard’s mouth before diving in for a full-out, tongue-tangling kiss.

Trevor tasted himself on Edgard’s tongue. It was a darker flavor than Chassie’s mouth after she sucked him off.

Chassie. Guilt swamped him. First time he’d thought of his wife since he’d touched Edgard.

He broke the kiss in small increments. “Your turn. Strip.”

Chapter Fifteen

As Edgard yanked off his T-shirt and pants, he wondered how far he could push Trevor in front of Chassie. In the past Trevor had been content to let Edgard lead, especially at the beginning of their sexual relationship. He’d watched Trevor fuck enough women to know Trevor preferred to be dominant. After what he’d seen in the barn between Trevor and Chassie, that preference still held true.

Part of Edgard’s dominance had been an attempt to win Trevor over. To convince the stubborn man what they had inside and outside the bedroom was worth keeping. Now with Trevor married to Chassie, had his need for control changed?

Dismissing his brooding as pointless, Edgard glanced over at Trevor. Those pale blue eyes filled with appreciation and heat. Those strong, callused hands were clenched in fists by his naked flanks. When Trevor allowed his gaze to travel the full length of Edgard’s body, Edgard forced himself to stay still, even as he willed Trevor to make the first move.

Trevor did. He ran a single blunt fingertip from the middle of Edgard’s throat in a line straight down to the tip of his cock and back up. Slowly. Then he slid his palm down to Edgard’s sternum and spread his fingers out like a starfish. “I forgot how your chest hair felt against my skin,” he murmured, almost to himself.

I didn’t. Touch me. Put your goddamn hands all over me.

Edgard might’ve voiced those demands in the past. Not now. Now he needed Trevor to show him the pace he could handle. So as Edgard’s breathing grew more labored and his cock grew harder, he waited.

And Trevor sensed Edgard’s restraint. He sidled forward. “So in your dirty fantasies, Ed, what’m I doin’ first? Fallin’ to my knees?” Trevor’s hand skimmed Edgard’s torso as he spoke. “Or am I jackin’ you off?” Then that strong hand closed around Edgard’s cock and tugged. “Or do you just bend me over the couch from the get-go?”

“Are those my options?”

Trevor chuckled against Edgard’s shoulder. “Maybe we oughta start out with option number two and work our way around the wish list?”

“Uh. That’d be—” Edgard gasped when Trevor’s work-roughened fingers stroked his balls, while firm lips traced the arc of his collarbone. “Whatever you want.”

“Why you handin’ me the reins, partner?”

Edgard angled his head as Trevor’s lips traveled up the slope of his neck, letting the feel, the scent, the nearness of Trevor consume him.

“You afraid Chassie can’t handle seein’ me takin’ what you love to dish out?”

“It crossed my mind, sweet Jesus, I like having your mouth on me.”

“I know.” Trevor nipped Edgard’s earlobe hard and growled, “I ain’t hidin’ anything of what we do from my wife. Like you said, we’ve come this far, ain’t no sense in turnin’ back now and pretendin’ it ain’t what it is. Tell me what you want.”

Just like that, domineering Edgard reappeared. “Suck my nipples while you’re jacking me off.” Edgard fisted his hand in Trevor’s hair and pushed Trevor’s face to where he wanted that eager mouth on his chest.

A thick growl escaped as Trevor licked the flat disk.

Edgard couldn’t tear his eyes away from the contrast of Trevor’s pink tongue against the darker tones of his nipple. The sound of Trevor’s contentment when he rubbed his cheek on the furred mat covering Edgard’s chest burned into Edgard’s ears like his favorite song.

Then Trevor stopped worrying the nipple with his teeth and switched to the other side.

“I want your mouth,” Edgard said.

“Where?” Trevor lifted his head.

“On mine.” He and Trevor were nearly the same height, which made the change easy as Trevor continued the handjob.

The kiss wasn’t as frantic as earlier. But it was long and slow and deep. Edgard hungrily ran his hands over every section of Trevor’s skin he could reach. Edgard had dreamed of this day so many times he didn’t expect he could stop himself from coming fast. And it boggled his mind how quickly they’d picked up that old rhythm—as if they hadn’t been apart. That idea spiraled Edgard’s need higher.

But it was Trevor who dissolved the kiss. “You’re close, Ed. Come on. Give it to me.

Let go. I’ve got you.”

“I’ll give it to you.” Without warning, Edgard removed Trevor’s hand from his cock and shoved Trevor to his knees.

Trevor grabbed Edgard’s hips. He swallowed Edgard’s cock an inch at a time, letting the wetness work him clear to the root.

It was pure, sweet heaven seeing his prick buried in Trevor’s mouth. The fringe of dark lashes fluttering as he closed his eyes. The high color on those high cheekbones. His nostrils flaring as he attempted to regulate his breathing.

No, Trevor hadn’t forgotten how to make Edgard lose his mind. Edgard sampled other men who had the cock sucking technique down to an art, but Trevor’s raw enthusiasm turned him inside out.

“More,” Edgard said. “I need more.”

Trevor’s head bobbed faster in shallow strokes. His tongue and lips worked Edgard’s cock while Trevor’s hand worked his balls. His saliva-slick middle finger rubbed the sensitive ridge of skin leading to Edgard’s hole.

A tingle rocketed down Edgard’s spine, gathering steam between his legs and shot straight out the end of his cock like supercharged jet fuel. He pumped his pelvis, wanting to feel the entire length of his cock enclosed by that wet heat.

But Trevor clamped his hands on Edgard’s hipbones, keeping him in place. He wrapped his lips halfway up his shaft, sucking every spurt, then tonguing the tip of Edgard’s twitching cock.

Blood rushed to Edgard’s head; his vision dimmed as black and white spots danced beneath his lids. His limbs felt heavy, his body woozy. In the back of his mind, he wondered if Chassie would think him less-than-manly if he passed out in the face of such pleasure.

Pleasure provided to him by her husband.

Edgard opened his eyes and noticed his fingers were gripping Trevor’s hair. The soft strands were a dozen diverse shades of blond, giving Trevor an angelic look. Coupled with Trevor’s devilish grin…and Edgard had been a goner from the first smile.

A smile Edgard saw immediately after his cock slipped free from that smirking mouth. “Good, eh?”

“Very good, meu amore.”

The sound of Chassie shifting restlessly on the couch behind them brought Edgard out of his orgasmic stupor. He slid his fingertips down the outside of Trevor’s face. His thumbs tenderly stroked Trevor’s strong jawline.

Trevor pushed to his feet. Edgard expected him to back away, so it shocked the hell out of him when Trevor circled his arms around him and buried his damp face in Edgard’s neck. His admission, “Jesus, I missed you,” was nearly inaudible.