Author: Kylie Scott

“But I wanted you safe …”

“We will be.”

She rose and fell on him, hands sliding over his shoulders, his chest. Fingers brushing across his nipples. Teasing him. Her greedy hands were all over him and he loved it. Loved the growing look of intense concentration as she rode him, her dark eyes never leaving his face.

She was his now and he’d tell her as much. Later.

Sensation spread through him, stealing his mind. His spine felt electric with the tension building. There were no words to describe how good it felt when she fucked him, the scent of sex on the air and the slap of skin on skin. Dark hair sliding across her shoulders, the sway of her tits in the sunlight. His dream girl. His miracle. No one before had ever mattered this much. He couldn’t even remember a before. But this … this he wanted to remember every second of. He wanted it to last forever but that wasn’t going to happen.

Not even remotely. Not this time.

“Make yourself come,” he said, voice harsh and his throat tight.

Natalie held two fingers to his lips and he sucked them into his mouth. Wetting them for her.

And then, bloody hell.

The sight of her touching herself, strumming her clit for him. Not an ounce of shame in her. It was more than he could take. He clutched at her hips, taking what he needed. Her sweet, slick cunt taking him. The hand against her groin picked up speed and her internal muscles fluttered around him, clenched at him.

“Angus,” she moaned, working herself onto him harder, faster.

Her sex squeezing him. Fingernails digging into him. It was a whole-body effect she had going on and he was lost to it, heart and soul. He held her hips tight as he thrust up into her tight body, once, twice, three times. He swore and some strangled noise escaped him. Nothing he’d ever heard before. He came, grinding himself against her. Vaguely pissed the condom was between him. Emptying himself totally. Giving her everything. His mind was gone. Floating free. Every care and fear a distant memory. Everything had gone away but her.

Natalie sank down onto his chest, her weight welcome. The mounds of her breasts squished between them, perfect. Angus ran his hands over her damp back. Let reality drift back slowly.

“I think I like having sex with you,” he said. “Very, very much.”

She smiled against the side of his face, huffed out a laugh. He was crazy for her laugh. “Mm?”

“But I might need to try it a few more times to be sure.”

“The three boxes of condoms in your bag kind of clued me into that plan.”

He laughed. “If you saw how many were in there, why did you ask?”

“I was testing your honesty.”

“Hell of a time to test it.”

“Relax,” she said. “You passed with flying colours.”


She smacked a kiss on his cheek. Grinning, pleased with herself. “Sullying you further would be a pleasure.”

“Time to switch places,” he warned. Rolling her onto her back, taking the top.


“Alright?” He pushed her dark hair out of her lovely face, rubbed his lips over the dent in her chin. Gave it a leisurely lick. “I gave you beard rash.”

“I’ll survive. Why so serious a face?”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she said. No hesitation. His heart jumped about in his chest.

“Natalie. I’ve got another plan,” he said, all seriousness. “About getting out of here and surviving. You and me. If that’s what you want.”

He felt the breath leave her, her body tensing beneath him. She went very still. “It’s going to involve me scaling the side of the building, isn’t it?”

“It’s going to involve you trusting me to help get you out of here. Can you do that?”

Her gaze slid off him. “Huh. Climbing the side of a tall building. Well, we’re going to need to wait until they calm down. You attracted a lot of infected with the shotgun.”

“A couple of days. I brought supplies, we’ll be fine. You didn’t answer the question.”

“I’ve seen your supplies.”

“Answer the question, Natalie.” He nudged her nose with his. “This is important.”

With a humph, she pushed her breasts against him. Trying her hardest to derail him, apparently. “You were trying to soften me up with an orgasm, weren’t you?”

He just stared at her. Waiting.

“You’re meant to be young and impressionable. Easily sidetracked by boobs and the mention of sex.” She rolled her head to the side, looking out the dreaded balcony window. Her dark brows drew tight. He’d never faced this kind of thing. Walking into the fenced pool area below had been obvious, necessary. There wasn’t a damn thing he wouldn’t do for her. But he hadn’t lived with the fear of it for all of his life, following his every step. Not like she had with her fear of heights.

“I’m not leaving you,” he said. “However long it takes. I’m very serious about the you and me part.”

Dark eyes turned to him, the column of her throat moving as she swallowed hard. “Okay. For you.”

“For me?”


“Natalie,” he chuckled, taken aback. Probably blushing again. Bloody hell. “I’m honoured. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

Her sudden smile was brilliant. Breathtaking. God help anything that tried to separate him from her now. Not happening.

“I’m not sure I brought enough condoms.”


Today was the day. Everything was quiet below.

Eerily so.

Natalie peered over the edge of the balcony, her grip on Angus’s hand tightening. She was strangling his fingers, throttling them. Close to snapping them in half. But he didn’t complain. She really didn’t know what she’d done to deserve him.

“Ready?” he asked.

“You’re sure about this?”

He just looked at her. Yes, they had to leave the apartment sooner or later. Turned out she could distract him with sex. She’d done so for a solid five days. Thank God for Angus’s endless supply of condoms. There wasn’t an inch of him she hadn’t climbed all over. And there wasn’t a chance she was going to disappoint him now. They were a pair. A duo. Inseparable. He’d said so, time and again, and she’d long since stopped doubting.


“Tell me again,” she prodded.

He tugged on her hand, drawing her back to his side. She went gladly. “I met a guy who said there was a town out west. They managed to get a wall up. He heard them on a CB radio, talking about it. He was heading there straight away but I had to come back for you.”


“We climb down. Slowly.” His thumb brushed over her knuckles and he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it. Holding it against his lips. “We head south-west. That’s where they are.”

“South-west. Okay.”

“We have somewhere safe to go, Nat.”

The ocean breeze was ruffling his hair. He was the picture of beachside magnificence. Tall and burnished. Hot. Mine.

“I can do this,” she said.

“Yes. Of course you can. You can do anything. And I’ll be beside you every step of the way.”

She grinned. “Let’s go.”