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His lips continue torturing me, relentless, hot, wet, covering my skin, tasting, nipping, teeth grazing. A haze of pleasure envelops me, every feeling in me exponential. He presses his lips against my clit, then takes it between them and gently suckles as he fills me with two fingers.

I can sense the way he needs this. The way he needs me. He nearly lost me. He nearly lost me twice—and forever. His eyes have been haunted, as if he’s sometimes taken to that moment when he must’ve found me. Unconscious and almost gone to him.

I don’t know if this has been harder for him, or for me, but I never want us to go through something like that again. And by the determination I see in his face when he looks at me, neither does he.

“Jesus, you ready, baby?” He stands and unzips his pants, and I watch his c**k spring free. Pulsing and pink, ready for me. Eager for me.

No condom tonight. Every inch of him will be inside me.

Quivering, I sit up on the bed, my voice unsteady. “Don’t make me wait this time, Greyson. I really crave and need—”

He presses a finger to quiet me, and I’m so starved, I suck it into my mouth.

Eyes smoldering, he watches me run my tongue up the length of his finger. “Hungry? Suck then,” he thickly commands.

“Make me,” I breathe.

He pushes his finger inside; making me. “That’s right,” he cooes with a soft smile, rubbing my tongue with his finger. “Your pleasure and need is mine to use and stir and mix until you’re a f**king beautiful mess. My wet mess.”

I’m hot enough to burst into cinders as I suck and I bite and nibble, tasting his delicious skin. As he slowly retrieves his lips, he lowers his head, the copper streaks in his hair shining in the lights as he comes closer.

Then my lips are under his, my mouth is his, my breath is his as I tilt my head back and melt into the fiercest, most delicious kiss I’ve ever had. Teeth nipping, biting, and then . . . our tongues.

His chest is warm, hard velvet under my fingers. Ripples of pleasure flow through me as his hands rub their way down to my bottom. My mouth throbs from his bites and I bite back, giving as hard as I take.

He spreads me out on the soft mattress beneath me, then he reaches between us and rubs his thumb over my sex. Moaning deep in my throat, I can hardly stand it as he slides down my body and kisses my pu**y lips, lifting his head to look at me for a wild, frenzied heartbeat, his eyes shining like gemstones, then he bends down again and kisses my pu**y some more.

“Stop me if anything hurts.”

“My pu**y hurts,” I groan, locking his face between my thighs as I writhe from the intense pleasure. “My pu**y hurts for you.”

“That’s all right, gorgeous, I’ve got just what you need.” He pushes his long finger inside me. I clench and almost can’t keep from coming.

He notices how close I am, my hands grabbing a fistful of sheets, and he surges forward and kisses me on the mouth, tasting of me. “Your smell, when you’re hot for me, intoxicates me. And you’re always hot for me, aren’t you?”

I can hear the heat in his words, his voice carrying a unique, but gentle force. “Yes,” I pant.

His deliciously hot kisses are driving me insane. Love, lust, need courses through me as he brushes his lips over my eyelids. “I want these lively green eyes, Melanie. I need these on me right now . . . when I’m in you. Just you and me.”

He’s on top of me, bare skin to bare skin, with only the necklace like some mark of his resting between my br**sts. He smiles; he likes it. He watches me as he cups my ni**les in his hands and I tease his ni**les with my hands, one pierced, the other bare. Both of mine pucker for him. He groans when he looks at them and takes one in his mouth like something precious. He sucks so hard, my sex clenches around his finger.

I moan and rub my hands over his skin. “Ohhh.” I reach out to stroke his erection; he’s leaking and hard as rock for me. “Oh, god, here you are,” I breathe.

He pulls out his finger and brushes my cl*t with my own wetness as he licks my chin, my jaw. “Yes?” he rasps. Asking you okay?

“Yes,” I gasp, caressing his cock. I brush my thumb over the drops of se**n already on the tip. He’s tense above me and his chest vibrates with a delicious rumble as he turns his head and sets his hot lips on mine. Wet. Our mouths are wet and hungry and our breaths fast and eager. We’re both bare na**d and he’s so perfect. His erection long, thick, pink. I hungrily bend over and grab the base and kiss the tip.

“Awww, hell, Melanie,” he rasps as I savor him and carefully suck.

He takes a ragged breath, pulls me up with a gentle fistful of hair, and says, “Come the f**k here and let me put my c**k where we both want it most.”

I press my nose to his throat and tremble knowing I’m going to feel him without a condom for the first time. “I want you.” I can barely get the words out, I’m so aroused. “You don’t know how I want you. I want this c**k in me. This guy. This man. In me.”

Speaking my name in a gruff tone, he rolls to his back and pulls me down to his lap. I gasp when I feel him—hard and throbbing—at my entry. I spread my legs over him, lowering myself to his erection with a little rock of my h*ps and a gasp of excitement. He watches me with smoldering hazel-green eyes, and the LOOK, how I love the look.

I kiss the corner of his eyes and wrap my arms around his neck as the head of him stretches me. Another, deeper groan rumbles out of him and he clenches me in his arms and rolls me down onto my back, and when he rears up, he grabs my head with both his hands, f**ks his tongue into my mouth as he thrusts his h*ps and shoves his c**k deep inside. A cry escapes my throat and my breath catches. He’s in me, to the hilt. God. Bare. I feel him pulsing inside me. The pleasure is so exquisite, my eyes roll into the back of my head. I make a gurgling sound as my body writhes for more, starved as never before. Greyson is thrusting me, all the while kissing me, and my body knots up on every breath-stealing, heart-stopping plunge.

He viciously nips at my throat, wrapping my legs around his hips. “Hold onto me,” he says, voice husky in my ear.

I groan, undone. He’s just as lost. Groaning too. Pushing. Pumping. Swiveling his hips. Claiming. Taking. “I need you,” he hisses, “So f**king bad, I need you!”

I’m trying to keep up with him, clinging hard as my h*ps meet his in every movement, every frantic thrust. Over and over, like he’s trying to blend us into one. I’ve got both of my hands and my mouth all over his muscled body as I take in as much of him that I can, my fingers busy, my tongue busy, my h*ps rocking. Greyson Greyson Greyson, my heart is pounding his name. I shiver under the heat of his skin as he glides his scarred palm up my arm. He moans my name and rolls his tongue over my nipple, his mouth knowing and tasting me, fingers trailing and exploring my curves. My back arches. Head to toe, I throb and burn. I can’t believe the sounds we make in the dark. The way he feels. The way he smells. The way he wants me.

The passion in his eyes as he watches me. I suck on his earlobe. He shivers as I pull the ear and tug, and I whimper into his ear that I love him, I love him, I love him.

When I start to come, shockwave after shockwave hit me. With a soft cry, I tremble beneath him, feeling Greyson hold still and clutch me tight as he growls and jets off inside me. Warm. Wet. My king . . . filling me with him. It’s all so very yummy and so very intimate my eyes sting.

I quickly swipe at two runaway tears, and he murmurs my name, gently placing his thumbs over the corners of my eyes.

“Pinch me so I believe it’s really happening,” I suddenly whisper.

He kisses each of my eyelids instead and tenderly rubs the wetness dry with his thumbs. “Yeah, that’s not happening. I’m not ruining—”

I pinch his nipple ring. “Ouch! That’s not nice, Melanie,” he chastises, cupping my butt and giving me a light spank.

“Hmm. That was kind of nice,” I tease, and his smile fades and his eyes grow dark with renewed lust.

“It felt so good being inside you, baby. You feel me?” he huskily asks as he pulls me closer.

“Yes,” I breathe. My body hones in on the way he feels inside me, still as hard as before, and I swear I don’t want him to pull out.

As though thinking along the same lines, he pins my arms up over my head, and then he’s moving inside me again, murmuring slowly, tenderly, huskily as he makes love to me again. “Say you love it,” he cooes.

I moan and close my eyes. “God, you know I do.”

“Say you want it.”

“I do, I do.”

“Say it’s me, it’s always been me, say it, princess.”

“Always you, just you. You may be zero in your world . . . but you’re everything to me.”

Our bodies are straining and moving together, our chests rubbing and his piercing brushing against one of my br**sts as he kisses me. And he kisses me until our mouths are swollen and red and our need and want and emotions have gnawed at us, and he’s mine, and I’m his.

Finally, the one for me.

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