"Oh God!" I writhed with the pleasure, my core clenching and releasing with the first tingles of orgasm.

I came in a violent rush, sweat misting my skin, my lungs burning as I fought for breath.

His lips were around my trembling opening, sucking, his tongue delving.

He was eating me with an intensity I was helpless against.

The flesh between my legs was so swollen and sensitive, so vulnerable to his ravenous hunger.

I was climaxing again within moments, my nails scouring the sheets.

My eyes were opened and blinded by darkness when he ripped my underwear off me and crawled over me.

I felt the wide crest of his cock notch into my cleft, and then he lunged, driving deep into me with an animalistic growl.

I cried out, shocked by his aggression, turned on by it.

Gideon reared up, resting back on his heels, my thighs splayed over his.

He gripped my hips, elevating them, tilting me to the angle he wanted.

He rolled his hips, stirring his cock inside me, pulling me onto him until I gasped in pain at how deep he was.

The lips of my sex clung to the very base of his penis, spread wide to encompass the thick root.

I had all of him, every inch, crammed too full and loving it.

I'd been empty for days, so lonely I ached.

He groaned my name and came, spurting hot and thick, the creamy heat spreading upward along his length because there was no room inside me.

He shuddered violently, dripping sweat onto my skin, flooding me.

"For you, Eva," he gasped.

"Every drop."

Pulling out abruptly, he flipped me over onto my belly and yanked my hips up.

I gripped my headboard, my damp face pressed into my pillow.

I waited for him to push into me and shivered when I felt his breath against my buttocks.

Then I jerked violently at the feel of him licking along the seam.

He rimmed me with the tip of his tongue, stimulating the puckered opening to my rear.

A broken sound escaped me.

I don't do anal play, Eva.

The tight ring of muscle flexed as I remembered his words, helplessly responding to the delicate flutters.

There was nothing in our bed but us.

Nothing could touch us when we were touching each other.

Gideon squeezed both of my cheeks in his hands, grounding me in the moment.

I was open and parted for him in every way, completely exposed to his lush dark kiss.

"Oh!" I tensed all over.

His tongue was inside me, thrusting.

My entire body began to quake from the feeling, my toes curling, my lungs heaving as he possessed me without shame or reservation.

"Ah .


I lifted into his mouth, giving myself to him.

The affinity between us was brutal and raw, nearly unbearable.

I felt seared by his desire, my skin feverish, my chest shaking with sobs I couldn't hold back.

He reached beneath me, pressed the flat of his fingers against my aching clit and rubbing, massaging.

His tongue was driving me insane.

The orgasm brewing inside me was spurred by the knowledge that there were no longer any boundaries for him with my body.

He would do anything he desired -  possess it, use it, pleasure it.

Burying my face in my pillow, I screamed as I came, the ecstasy so vicious my legs gave out and I melted into the mattress.

Gideon slid over my back, his knee pushing my legs wide, his perspiration- slick body blanketing mine.

He mounted me, pushing his cock inside me, his fingers linking with mine and pinning my hands to the bed.

I was soaked with him and he rocked against me, sliding in and out.

"I'm desperate for you," he said hoarsely.

"I'm miserable without you."

I tensed.

"Don't mock me."

"I need you as much."

He nuzzled into my hair, fucking me slow and easy.

"I'm just as obsessed.

Why can't you trust me?" I squeezed my eyes shut, hot tears leaking out.

"I don't understand you.

You're tearing me apart."

He turned his head and his teeth sank into the top of my shoulder.

A pained growl rumbled through his chest and I felt him coming, his cock jerking as it pumped me full of scorching semen.

His jaw relaxed, releasing me.

He panted, his hips still churning.

"Your letter gutted me."

"You won't talk to me .

you won't listen ."

"I can't."

He groaned, his arms tightening around mine so that I was completely at his mercy.

"I just .

It has to be this way."

"I can't live like this, Gideon."

"I'm hurting, too, Eva.

It's killing me, too.

Can't you see that?" "No."

I cried, my pillow growing wet beneath my cheek.

"Then stop overthinking and feel it! Feel me."

The night passed in a blur.

I punished him with greedy hands and teeth, my nails raking over sweat-slick skin and muscle until he hissed in pleasured pain.

His lust was frantic and insatiable, his need tinged with a desperation that frightened me because it felt hopeless.

It felt like good-bye.

"Need your love," he whispered against my skin.

"Need you."

He touched me everywhere.

He was constantly inside me, with his cock or his fingers or his tongue.

My nipples burned, made raw by his sucking.

My sex throbbed and felt bruised from his wild, hard drives.

My skin was chafed from the stubble that prickled over his jaw.

My jaw ached from sucking his thick cock.

My last memory was of him spooned behind me, his arm banded around my waist as he filled me from behind, both of us sore and exhausted and unable to stop.

"Don't let go," I begged, after I'd sworn I wouldn't.

When I woke to my alarm, he was gone.

Chapter 15

I stopped by Cary's room before I left for work Thursday morning.

I cracked the door open and peeked in.

When I saw he was sleeping, I started to back out."Hey," he murmured, blinking at me."Hey."

I entered.

"How are you feeling?" "I'm glad to be home."

He rubbed at the corners of his eyes.

"Everything all right?" "Yeah .

I just wanted to check on you before I head to work.

I'll be home around eight.

I'll grab dinner on the way back, so expect a text around seven to see what you're hungry - " I interrupted myself with a yawn.

"What kind of vitamins does Cross take?" "Huh?" "I'm never not horny, and even I can't pile-drive all night like that.

I kept thinking, 'He's got to be done now.' Then he'd start up again."

I flushed and shifted on my feet.

He howled with laughter.

"It's dark in here, but I know you're blushing."

"You should've put your headphones on," I mumbled.

"Don't stress about it.

It was good to find out my equipment still works.

I hadn't had a chubby since before the attack."

"Eww .

Gross, Cary."

I started backing out of the room.

"My dad comes in tonight.

Technically tomorrow.

His flight lands at five."

"You picking him up?" "Of course."

His smile faded.

"You're going to kill yourself at this rate.

You haven't gotten any sleep all week."

"I'll catch up.

See ya."

"Hey," he called after me.

"Does last night mean you and Cross are okay again?" I leaned into the doorjamb with a sigh.

"Something's wrong, and he won't talk to me about it.

I wrote him a letter basically puking out all my insecurities and neuroses."

"Never put stuff like that in writing, baby girl."

"Yeah, well .

all it got me was fucked half to death with no better idea of what the problem is.

He said it has to be this way.

I don't even know what that means."

He nodded.  "You act like you get it," I said.

"I think I get the sex."

That sent a chill down my spine.

"Get-it-out-of-your-system sex?" "It's possible," he agreed softly.

I closed my eyes and let the confirmation slide through me.

Then I straightened.

"I gotta run.

Catch you later."

* * * The thing about nightmares was that you couldn't prepare for them.

They sneaked up on you when you were most vulnerable, wrecking havoc and mayhem when you were totally defenseless.

And they didn't always happen while you were sleeping.

I sat in an agonized daze as Mark and Mr.

Waters went over the fine points of the Kingsman Vodka ads, achingly aware of Gideon sitting at the head of the table in a black suit with white shirt and tie.

He was pointedly ignoring me, had been from the moment I walked into the Cross Industries conference room aside from a cursory handshake when Mr.

Waters introduced us.

That brief touch of his skin against mine had sent a charge of awareness through me, my body immediately recognizing his as the one that had pleasured it all night.

Gideon hadn't seemed to register the contact at all, his gaze trained above my head as he'd said, "Miss Tramell."

The contrast to the last time we'd been in the room was profound.

Then, he hadn't been able to keep his eyes off me.

His focus had been searing and blatant, and when we'd left the room he'd told me that he wanted to fuck me and would dispense with anything that got in the way of his doing so.

This time, he stood abruptly when the meeting was concluded, shook the hands of Mark and Mr.

Waters, and strode out the door with only a short, inscrutable glance at me.

His two directors scurried after him, both attractive brunettes.

Mark shot me a questioning look across the table.

I shook my head.


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