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The next thing she knew, his head was between her legs and his mouth was on her pussy. “Omigod.”

He licked and ate at her until she became slick and shaky. Then he moved back over her and his voice was in her ear. “Next time I put my mouth on your pussy I’m gonna be there a while.” He gently pushed her shoulders to the mattress. His fingers gripped her hips and he slowly fed his cock into her.

Dalton stayed buried in her for several long breaths. Building the anticipation, making Rory wetter, hotter, crazy to have his hard flesh pounding into her.

She could feel his body shaking. Feel the burning heat where they were joined. Hear the breath sawing in and out of his lungs at the same ragged tempo as her own.

What was he waiting for?

“Touch yourself,” he demanded gruffly.

Oh. That’s what he was waiting for.

Rory shifted her balance, slipping her right hand beneath her. She followed her slit from the top down her swollen folds to where Dalton’s cock filled her. She traced around his girth, teasing the small strip of his shaft that wasn’t stuffed inside her.

He hissed in a breath.

Then she fondled his balls. They weren’t drawn up tight, but hung low.

Dalton didn’t move. Didn’t start fucking her like a madman. He waited for her to touch herself. And she knew he wouldn’t move until she did what he asked.

The instant her finger swirled around her clit he pulled out oh-so-slowly. A brief pause and then all that thick hardness glided back in to the hilt.

She fingered her clit in the way that would get her off quickly. No reason to drag it out. She expected that Dalton would pick up the pace once her body was stretched and ready. So the sooner she came the sooner she’d get that body-pounding fury. But he didn’t waver in the slow and steady. Slow and steady.

And she sort of wanted to scream at him to hurry the fuck up.

Then he rammed in deep and stayed there. He leaned across her body and whispered, “Problem?” directly in her ear.

God. That voice. The heat and weight of his body. The scent of his skin. The man could screw up her senses just by existing.

“Aurora?” he murmured.

“Why are you going so slow?”

He nuzzled the side of her neck. “Because it’s fuckin’ hot watching my cock driving in and out of you. Seeing it covered in your sweet juices, knowing what I’m doin’ to you is makin’ you hot. Makin’ you wet.”


“When it’s you and me together like this? Baby, you come first. Always.”

“So if I make myself come?”

His mouth brushed her ear. “Then I’ll fuck you like a goddamned jackhammer until you come again.”

“You are so bossy. Lucky for you I like this sexual beast side of you.”

His growl reverberated from her ear straight to her clit.

“Stay like this. With your body on mine and your mouth doing—” she wailed when his teeth nipped the arc of her shoulder, “—that. Yes.”

“Touch yourself.”

With her body caged beneath his, impaled by his, her pleasure points throbbed from the wicked things that mouth of his was doing and the rapid stroking of her finger on her clit. Didn’t take much for Rory to come. She gasped as the pulses started, scrambling her brain, leaving her breathless.

Then Dalton was making good on his promise to fuck her with hard, grinding thrusts. His hips hammering. His cock relentless. A hot steel rod as he drove them both to the edge of oblivion.

He grunted and his body tightened above hers.

Rory felt his cock jerking inside her. She bore down on it, milking him so strongly that another orgasm rolled through her.

Dalton stopped moving. He pressed a lingering kiss to the back of her head. Then he pulled out before he turned her over.

Their eyes met. He said, “Fuck, woman, you own me,” and kissed her. And kept kissing her. And touching her.

Lost in the sensual haze, Rory buried her face in his neck and sighed.

“You tired?” he asked.

“Mmm-hmm. You wore me out.”

He seemed content with that. He continued to mess with her hair. Brushing it from her face. Running his fingers through the long strands. Wrapping it around his palm. While his mouth teased her skin and the heat from his body warmed her.

“Every part of you is so perfect.” He nuzzled the back of her head. “Perfect,” he repeated. “I can’t get enough of you. And jungle girl, I need to know if that’s gonna be a problem for you.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean.”

“Now that we’ve started this—” his warm breath floated across her nape,“—there’s no goin’ back. I won’t be able to keep my hands off you, now that you’re finally mine.”

Mine? “Dalton—”

“I ain’t gonna lie. I was obsessed with you before this. And now…” He placed a soft kiss below her ear. “I want you again. And again. And again. Maybe you should rest while you can.”

She laughed. But part of her knew Dalton wasn’t joking.

Chapter Thirteen

Dalton awoke to feel Rory’s instep sliding up and down the inside of his calf. Her skin was so smooth. His was so rough. She must’ve liked the sensation because she kept doing it.

No sunshine peeked through the blinds. The world beyond this bed would be cold and bleak. Filled with that colorless wintery gray light.

But in here…he had the warmth of Rory’s body against his. He saw the creamy color of her flesh against the white sheets. Her silken hair teased his skin. Her scent both stirred and soothed him.

Yes, in this bed, he had everything he’d ever wanted.

So he’d be happy to lie here with her all day.

Rory raised her arm above her head and arched her body into a long stretch. “I like this snuggly side of you, Dalton.”

“That right?”

“Uh-huh. It’s unexpected.” Her fingernails dug into the back of his neck. “But I really liked the fuck-me-until-I-screamed side of you too.”

He chuckled. “Good to know.”

She wiggled her backside into his groin. “Is that for me, or just morning wood?”

“Only one way to find out.”

“Ooh. A challenge. Let’s see if you’re up for it.” Rory rolled her hips and ground her ass into his cock. All the while running her foot up and down his leg and keeping her hand on the back of his neck.

Goddamn she was sexy as fuck first thing in the morning.

“Aurora,” he murmured beside her ear. “If you don’t wanna start this day out with a bang, you’d better stop givin’ me a horizontal lap dance.”

“Lap dance?” She let loose an evil little chuckle. “Another time. But I do want you to bang me like a drum, McKay. Right now.”

“Bend forward for a sec.”

Dalton reached behind him until his fingers connected with the strip of condoms on the nightstand. He tore one off and managed to roll it on with one hand.

She started to back into him.

He stilled her movement. His mouth connected with the sweep of her neck. “I fucking love your nails digging into me. Stay like that and grab the headboard with your other hand.”

“Is that your way of warning me to hold on?”

“It’s my way of telling you to do what I ask.” He slipped his left arm under her as she reached up.

Spooned against him, with both her arms above her head, Rory was completely accessible to whatever he wanted to do to her. He ran the tips of his fingers from the inside of her elbow down to the outside of her knee.

She shivered.

He kept the caresses lazy, but thorough. He loved the softness of her body and how, as he heated her up, that supple skin released its own sweet musk. On the next pass he tasted the long line of her neck from behind her ear to the ball of her shoulder.

Rory angled her head, giving him complete access.

That tiny sign of surrender made him growl with pure male satisfaction.

“You’re acting so patient and then you make that noise…” She shivered. “It’s hot.”

Dalton cupped her breast with his other hand and gently rolled her nipple the same time his mouth found her ear. His lips followed the outline to the lobe where his teeth took over.

“How can you do so many things at once?” she asked breathlessly. “Feels like you have two sets of hands on me… Oh, yeah, I like that.”

He blew in her ear again. The next pass he pinched her nipple hard the same time he sucked on her earlobe.


Not a protest. More like a plea.

“How hard would you come if I pinched your clit like that?”

She moaned.

“Answer me.”

“I-I don’t know. I’ve never tried it.”

“Mmm,” was all he said as he returned his focus back to her. Completely on her. Stroking her belly. Her collarbones. The impressive valley of her cleavage.

Rory writhed with every caress.

By the time Dalton finally slid his hand down her belly to toy with her clit, she was panting. Thrashing. Begging.

“Please. Touch me.”

“Baby, I have been touchin’ you. That’s what I want you to understand.” He nuzzled her cheek. “It won’t ever just be insert dick into hole between you and me. I’ve waited too goddamned long for you.”

“Then I’d think you’d be more eager to fuck me.”

He chuckled. “I have more patience than you know. Goading me won’t test it.”

“What will test it?” Rory turned her head and pressed her mouth to his jaw, running her tongue across the stubble. “Your cock in my mouth?”

“Sugarplum, I’m so lookin’ forward to you takin’ that test.” He snared her mouth in a brutal kiss even as his hands remained gentle.

Then he lifted her leg up and over his, prodding her pussy with the head of his cock. But he didn’t push it in. His middle finger dipped into the wetness and he stroked her clit. He broke the kiss to say, “Come for me.”