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Bringing her eyes to his, she slid her phone closed. “You’re just saying that because we’re meeting everyone at Pacha.”

“Right. A crazy club. Somewhere you don’t belong considering you’re pregnant.”

Emily sighed, amused at his remark. She knew where it came from. She’d won the dispute while getting ready, but he wasn’t hot on the idea. “Gavin Blake?”

“Miss Emily Cooper.”

“Stop being an ass.”

Gavin chuckled. “An ass?” Traffic light green, he brought his arm down to pop the car into gear.

“Yes. An ass. We went over this. It’s a club, not a mosh pit. We haven’t been out with everyone in a while, and in a few months, I won’t be able to.” She kissed his cheek, placing her hand over his as he glided through the gears. “So, I suggest you zip it, Caveman, and show off your hot girlfriend before it’s too late.”

Grinning, he shook his head. “That’s twice today.”

“Twice what?” Emily questioned, pulling down the visor. “That I’ve called you Caveman?”

“Yes. But it’s also twice today you’ve rendered me speechless.” Gavin tried to keep his eyes on the road, but it was close to impossible. Emily’s vanilla-scented perfume drifting through the car was making him high. Shifting in his seat, he glanced in her direction, taking in her sweet, puckered lips. “I’m starting to like it more than I should.” She smiled as she checked her makeup in the mirror. “Either way, this caveman’s keeping his hot girlfriend tucked close while we’re there.” He pulled his eyes from her beautiful smile back to the road. “I’ll deal with your punishment later, Cavewoman.”

By the time they found parking, Gavin had explained, in great detail, the many ways he planned on punishing her when they returned home. Needless to say, Emily was starting to regret ever going out. His pleasurable torture tickled her senses as they slipped from the car, heightening her regret. After a short but very cold walk around the block to the club, they cleared the VIP line. Gavin pressed his hand against the small of her back, guiding Emily upstairs to the Mezzanine level where Olivia was gyrating against Mr. Fluffy Pink Towel’s pelvis. Music pounding through her ears, Emily could still hear Olivia’s squeal from a few feet away. She all but sprinted toward Emily and Gavin.

“My friend!” After a near fatal collision with a metal pole and a few tables, Olivia pulled Emily into her arms. “You won the battle with the man! I’m so happy you didn’t let him defeat you, and I’m wasted. Yay me! This is going to be a night!”

Emily giggled, slipping her coat from her body. “Yes. I did win the battle.” She smiled at Gavin. He grinned, taking her coat. “And, yes, you’re looking mighty toasted.”

“I plan on constant, warm fuzziness tonight.” Olivia smiled and reached for Emily’s hand, dragging her to the balcony overlooking the dance floor. “See, Emily!” she yelled, her arms flared open wide. “The world is my people!”

“Holy shit, Olivia!” Emily belted out, shocked because Olivia was hanging over said balcony. Emily curled her arms around her waist to keep her from plummeting to her death. She guided her back to Jude and Gavin.

Olivia frowned, but Emily’s worry didn’t stop her from plucking a fiery red shot in a tube from a waitress walking by as Jude pulled out his wallet to pay for the drink. She slammed it back, handed the waitress the glass, and smothered a wet kiss on Jude’s cheek. “You remember my human canvas, right?”

Emily smiled. “How can I forget?”

“Cool seeing you again,” Jude yelled over the music. “At least I’m dressed this time.”

Emily smiled, having no clue how to respond to that one.

Yeah. That statement piqued Gavin’s curiosity. Just a little. After placing his and Emily’s coats on a suede couch, he walked back over to the group, his eyes pinned on Jude. “I’m Gavin, and I’m happy to see you’re dressed. You are?”

“What’s up, bro?” Jude said with a toasty smile. He held out his hand and Gavin shook it. “I’m Jude, or you can call me the human canvas. Either one. It’s cool.”

Gavin nodded and leaned into Emily’s ear. “Okay, he just mentioned being dressed this time around and now he’s calling himself a human canvas.” He curled his arm around her waist. “I’m left with the assumption that you’ve somehow seen him naked, and possibly paint brushes were involved. I would’ve let you paint on me if that’s what you needed.”

Sliding her arms around his neck, Emily popped a brow, a smirk lifting her mouth. “Would you let me paint a pretty rainbow on your stomach?”

“Mmm. I’d let you paint whatever the fuck you want on me wherever the fuck you want to paint it.” He nipped her lip and pulled her closer. “Remember, I hold not one sexual limit with you. But I draw the line at you painting on any male bodies other than mine.”

Emily hooted a laugh, grazing her mouth along his ear. “I’ve never painted on a man’s body, but I plan on doing so when we get home. Oh, and I’ve only seen him partially naked. He has a nice build, but it’s not nearly as rock hard and hot as yours, so don’t worry about it. Again, it was just a partial view.”

“You had me going until that last bit, but I’ll let it slide.” Staring at her, he rolled his tongue over his bottom lip. “Are paint stores open this late?”

“Hey!” Olivia chirped, yanking Gavin away from Emily. Stumbling into him, she swiped a hand through her blonde hair and smiled. “One: I never got my hug from you, Blake. Two: She’s already knocked up. I’m pretty sure you can’t double-impregnate her. Back up, my brother. You two were looking a little heated there for a second.”

After enduring Olivia’s swaying bear hug, Gavin shook his head. “I’m surrounded by women who’ve left me speechless today.”

Wearing a full-toothed, Cheshire cat smile, Olivia swung her arm around Emily’s neck. Her brown eyes zoned in on Gavin. “Get used to it, buddy. We’re here to stay.” She belted out a burp, looking at her watch. “Damn, my brother and Fallon. Hopefully he’s not off somewhere knocking her up. He said they’d be here by midnight, and it’s already a quarter after.”

Emily crinkled her nose, stepping back. “Jesus, Olivia.”

“What?” Trying to steady herself by grabbing Jude’s arm, which was no help because he stumbled back, she frowned. “I overdid the whole ‘knocking up’ thing, didn’t I? Me sorry. But you are. Oh my God, Emily! You’re having a baby! We get to go shopping for little kids’ clothing. Well, not little kids ‘cause it won’t be a kid when it comes out, ‘cause it’ll be so tiny. Tiny like a pencil eraser.” Olivia lifted her hand, tapping her forehead. “We need a mane. I mean a name. A mane. A mane. Oh! I got it! Olivia! Boy or girl, mane it Olivia in my honor.”

Completely dumbfounded at Olivia’s drunken display, Emily had the sudden urge to yank a shot from the waitress making another round. “Olivia, I wasn’t talking about the baby. I was talking about the burp you released in my face.”

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