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Gavin flicked his gaze from her lips to her eyes, a smirk spreading across his face. “I know what you’re doing.”

“Oh, do you?” Deadpanned, Emily stared at her nails, trying for disinterest. “Am I doing it well?”

“Very,” Gavin whispered, leaning closer. “And if you keep doing it this well, we’re about to leave so I can show you how well I can do it. But I won’t hold any punches, Miss Cooper. I’ll be relentless, only stopping once you beg me to.”

Emily smiled and puckered her lips again. “Do you like when I beg?”

“Is that your question for the game?” Gavin’s gaze drifted from her saucy eyes to her lips. Damn her. She was getting good at this shit. “You only get one. Choose wisely.”

“Yes, that’s my question for the game.” Emily sighed and crossed her legs. “Now answer the question, Mr. Blake. Do. You. Like. When. I. Beg?”

With the answer on the tip of his tongue, which he wished was gliding along Emily’s body, the receptionist opened the door and called Emily’s name.

Emily giggled as she watched Gavin stand and adjust his pants. Unable to help it, she giggled all the way into the back office.

After turning on a sonogram machine, flipping off the lights, and draping an exam sheet over a less-than-comfortable-looking table, Unprofessional Hair-flipper turned to Emily. “I need you to unzip your jeans, pull them down just below your pubic bone, and lay down for me.”

Taking a seat next to the table, Gavin lifted a brow, a slow smirk curling his lips as he watched Emily do as she was told. “This might turn out to be a little more entertaining than I anticipated. My stone is very hard right now.”

Emily’s eyes landed on the girl, who was blushing a deep shade of crimson, as she hopped onto the table. Shimmying in an effort to get comfortable, Emily looked at Gavin and belted out a laugh. “Leave it to you to continue getting sexual in a doctor’s office after you lost at your own game.”

Gavin shrugged. “The game will resume once we leave, and I never claimed to have limits when it comes to women who love stone over brick.”

Wide-eyed and staring at Gavin, the unnamed blonde cleared her throat. “Dr. Richards will be right in.” She hurried out of the darkened office.

Smiling, Emily shook her head. “You scared her off.”

Gavin leaned forward, propping his elbows on his knees. “I turned her on.”

“Oh my God. Could you be a little more conceited?”

Another casual shrug. “I call it self-assured.”

Emily rolled her yes. “You also said you weren’t a stalker, and now look at us.”

“You’ve rendered me speechless, and that doesn’t happen all too often.” Gavin chuckled. “I couldn’t conjure a comeback if I wanted.”

Emily grinned, and a moment later, the doctor breezed through the door, his tall, lengthy build towering over Emily as he approached. Clipboard in hand, he slid his glasses up the bridge of his nose and looked at Emily, the wrinkles under his eyes pulling together as he smiled “Good to see you again, Miss Cooper.”

“Hello, Dr. Richards.”

“I see you took two pregnancy tests that came out positive, but you’re not quite sure as to when your last period was.” Emily nodded. He placed the clipboard on a counter, washed his hands, and slid on a pair of gloves. Reaching for a small white bottle, he gave it a good shake. “A little cold,” he warned, squirting a blob of aqua gel onto Emily’s stomach. She jumped and shivered when it hit her. The doctor looked at Gavin as he started pressing what looked like a microphone against the gel. “Father?”

With a weak smile, Gavin flicked his eyes to Emily. His heart sank a bit as he watched her shift uncomfortably. Reaching for her hand, he threaded his fingers through hers and pulled his chair closer.

“He might be the father. We wanted to speak to you about that,” Emily started, glancing at Gavin. She shifted again, not only from the awkwardness of the situation but from the amount of pressure the doctor was putting on her lower stomach. “I’m… not really sure who the father is. I did some quick research online regarding amniocentesis, but I read there’s some risk.”


The doctor cleared his throat. “I see. Yes, there’s some risk to the amniocentesis, however, if done properly…”


“The benefits can outweigh the risks in some cases…”

Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…

“Especially in a situation like the one you’ve found yourselves in.”


“What’s that sound?” Gavin asked, his eyes darting between the doctor and the black and white glowing monitor.

“That’s the heartbeat of your… of the baby.” The doctor twirled a few knobs on the machine. Pointing to the screen, he brought his eyes to Gavin’s. “And that little dot right there is the baby.”

Gavin swallowed, his heart pummeling his ribcage as fast as the one that could potentially be his child. My child… He felt Emily squeeze his hand as he started to feel sweat forming above his brows. Staring at the screen, he nearly lost his breath. He watched the tiny, unborn life twitch and jerk inside its little cocoon. Hell, it was so fucking small, he swore if Emily sneezed, she would hurt it. God, not that the last couple of weeks since they’d returned from California wasn’t spent praying this child was his, but here and now, he needed to believe it was. Flashes of teaching a little blue-eyed boy how to play baseball in the backyard of a home he’d have built dowsed his thoughts. Visions of a little girl in a pink tutu, singing and dancing for him and Emily, stoked his need even further.

Gavin pulled his chair closer, released Emily’s hand, and brushed his fingers through her hair. Gazing into her eyes, he swallowed again. “Can you… feel it moving inside of you?”

Emily shook her head, her voice a whisper. “No.”

“She’s too early to feel any movement. That happens somewhere around the fifteen week mark.” After some more prodding, button twirling, and whooshes, the doctor shut off the machine. He sauntered over to the wall, flipping on the light. He plucked a cardboard wheel from the counter and looked at it a moment. “Based on the size of the baby, you’re approximately ten weeks along. Conception took place within the last week of October. My estimated due date is July twenty-first. My office isn’t equipped with the latest technology, so I’ll have the receptionist schedule a transvaginal ultrasound for you. I may be close to retirement and a little outdated, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct. Been doing this long before you two were a twinkle in your parents’ eyes. “ He handed Emily a paper towel, gesturing to her stomach. “Use that to wipe off the gel and feel free to use the restroom. When you’re finished, you can meet me in my office. Second door on your left when you exit the room. We’ll go over the pros and cons of the amnio.”

As the doctor walked out, Emily wiped the gel from her stomach. The only words she could remotely concentrate on were when conception had taken place. The last week of October. She’d only been with Gavin a handful of times during that week, but it still put him in the running. Even if by a few days, that’s all that mattered to Emily. Sighing, she slipped from the table and quickly used the restroom. After relieving herself, she walked out and caught Gavin’s eyes. She could tell he was stuck deep in his own thoughts, and hell if it didn’t cut through her heart.

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