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“No, I’ll have a shipping company put it on a trailer and drive it across the country. And it’s too late to not buy it for you now. C’mon.” Grabbing her hand, he walked her to the driver’s side and opened the door. “She’s an automatic. I figured that was better for you since your sexy ass will be in the city. But she’s holding over 400 horsepower under her hood. I’m not kidding when I say you’re opening her the fuck up. Let’s see what she can do.”

Emily squealed, popped a kiss on his cheek, and slid behind the wheel. Smoothing her hands along the soft red leather interior, she watched Gavin hit the garage door opener on the wall. He pulled the bow off the car and rounded the vehicle to the passenger side.

Once he was nestled in his seat next to her, she looked at him. “Push button?”

With a grin, Gavin nodded. “You’re getting good at this.”

“Wiseass.” She giggled, tossing the keys to him. “Okay. We’re opening her up. Speed. Here we go.”

Emily pushed the button and the engine purred to life, its sound nearly nonexistent. A far cry from the cars she’d owned that threw up when she started them. As she backed out of the garage into the bright sun of the late afternoon, Gavin synched his cell to the car, pumping the stereo to near-deafening levels.

“Who is this?” she yelled over the smooth, sultry voice of a man singing about a girl who was his angel. The slow beat was eerily dark and sexy. She checked her mirrors before pulling into the street. “I like it.”

“Massive Attack. The song’s called ‘Angel,’” Gavin answered, staring at Emily as he wet his lips. “When you’re not with me, I’ve often… thought of you while listening to this, among other things.”

Emily glanced at him, her senses heated by his sexual tone. “Oh, have you?” She cleared her throat, pulling her eyes from his as she pressed the gas harder than intended. The car leapt forward as she made a quick right out of the development. “And what are the other things you’ve done while listening to this song with me in your thoughts?”

Still gazing at her, his mouth turned up in a wicked grin, his voice low as he lifted his arm, massaging the back of her neck. “I’m usually in the shower with hot water spraying all over my body.”

Emily’s breath hitched, stuck in the back of her throat as he dragged his hand from her neck, down her shoulder, brushing against the swell of her breast. “And then?” she breathed, trying to concentrate on the ramp leading onto the San Diego freeway. She rolled down the window, allowing fresh air into the small space that’d suddenly become sweltering. “Please tell me what you do to yourself.”

Oh yes. Gavin had created a sexual monster, and he loved Every. Fucking. Bit. He flicked his blue eyes to the speedometer. She didn’t realize it, but his sexual angel was nearing 80 mph as she weaved in and out of other vehicles, her shiny hair whipping around her heart-shaped face. Continuing his pursuit along the side of her body, he adjusted his seat back slightly as his hand slowly moved down to the waist band of her sweatpants. Nice easy access.

He teased his fingers against her stomach, lingering before dipping below the material. He felt Emily tense, the car jolting forward, faster as he slipped his hand lower still. Holy shit. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Dick hard as a rock, Gavin couldn’t help the groan rumbling up his throat. With Nine Inch Nails now pummeling through the car, screaming about fucking like animals, Gavin was more than pleased with his playlist. As Emily parted her legs, Gavin glided his hand down the smooth, bare flesh of her pussy, his fingers instantly slick as he pushed them inside her. A moan tore past Emily’s lips, and Gavin watched her hands grip the wheel tighter. He slid his fingers in and out with the steady beat pulsating from the speakers. Faster, the vehicle surged forward, nearing 110 mph as Emily lifted her left foot onto the edge of her seat. Emily tilted her head back, her eyes fluttering closed as he pushed deeper, harder.

“Eyes on the road, Emily, or else I stop,” Gavin commanded, his breath becoming ragged as she ground on his fingers.

Emily snapped her head forward, another moan filtering past her lips.

Staring at her beautiful face twisted with pleasure, Gavin leaned into her ear. “I take my cock and stroke it slowly while thinking of you.”

“Please keep going,” she begged shamelessly, her concentration faltering by the second. Her actions were dangerous and she knew it, but hell if she could stop. She was completely high, teetering on the edge of ecstasy, and she wanted nothing more than to jump. “What else do you think of?”

“I think about the way we fuck until our bodies are dripping with sweat and we can’t take anymore.” Gavin groaned, his senses drowning in the feel of her wetness coating his fingers. “I think about the way your hot pussy feels around me as you beg me to take you harder. The way your body shudders like a fucking leaf when you come for me. “

“Oh my God,” Emily moaned, her need to pull over and ravish him escalating with each stroke he pushed inside of her. He circled his thumb over her clit, heightening that need beyond any control she had left. Mind made up, Emily eased off the gas. Before she could seek out a spot, any damn spot, her gaze caught the blazing red and blue lights of a highway patrol car pushing up her ass.

“Gavin!” she wailed, her nerves shot and her body a tumbling mess. “I’m getting pulled over!”

Gavin barked out a laugh and eased his hand from her sweatpants. “That’s my speeding vixen,” he said as if unaffected by the situation. He licked his fingers, adjusted his seat, and smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll just let them know what I was doing to you. I’m sure they’ll understand.”

Mouth agape, Emily shook her head, trying with all her might to calm her heated body. She reared off onto the shoulder, her attempt to calm down in vain, because she was shaking uncontrollably. Sure, some of it had to do with the not one but two towering state troopers flanking either side of the vehicle, but more of it had to do with her aching desire for release. Eyes wide and body pulsing with what she was sure was pure unleashed torture, Emily reached for the purse she never brought. “Holy shit! I don’t have my license with me!”

“Emily, calm down.” Gavin lifted his ass, pulling his wallet from his jeans pocket. “Relax, baby, really.”

“You’re telling me to relax?” she questioned, her words clipped. “I was doing ninety, and I don’t have my license. They’re going to haul me off to jail.”

Gavin popped a smirk, sliding out his ID. “One: You were doing a hundred and ten if you want to get technical. Two: They’re not hauling you off anywhere. Three: I just had the sweetest fucking vision of you wearing a black and white prison jumpsuit. You were even wearing the little cap on your head. Mmm, simply beautiful.”

“You need help,” Emily whispered as the two officers approached, their hands resting on the pistols tucked in their holsters. She swallowed, smeared a smile across her face, and glanced up at the officer on her side of the vehicle. “Hello, sir.”

Eyes shielded by dark sunglasses, the older gentleman pressed his mouth into a hard line before he spoke. “License, registration, and insurance.”

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