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Eyes flaring with hunger, Gavin’s kiss became possessive as he licked into her mouth, taking total domination of her body. His every muscle hardened, tightening his arms around Emily’s waist. He consumed her flesh, pulsing energy colliding with their love and chemistry as he filled her thicker, deeper.

Quickly, with reckless abandon, Emily fell into every sensation Gavin bestowed. His eyes controlled her very soul. His touch filled her inner being. It was then, in that moment, she knew she had to remove every speck of guilt from Gavin’s body.

She only prayed she could.


Sunlight peeked over the horizon and streamed into the bedroom as Gavin lay awake, soaking in the sound of Emily’s sleeping body. She was curled on her side, both hands tucked under the pillow, as his eyes traced every line of her face. God, she looked sweet, an angel so beautiful next to him. Wanting to reach out and touch her, he blew out a breath and resisted the urge, deciding to let her sleep. He watched, mesmerized, his mind replaying the last few weeks as the exhaustion of it all lifted from his chest. Each complicated, tangled layer they’d started off with disappeared. A smile lifted the corners of his lips as Emily burrowed against him. She let out a sleepy sigh and snuggled closer, her leg coming up over his thigh. Fuck. All good intentions of allowing her to sleep were demolished. Gone.

Rolling her naked body into his arms and onto his chest, Gavin fused their lips together and held her tight. “I tried. I honestly did.”

A purr of pleasure crawled up her throat as her eyes fluttered open. Smile on her face, she cocked a brow. “My ass.”

“The ass that’s officially owned by me?” Gavin caressed his hands down her waist, settling on said ass. “This one? Ah, yes. Yes, this one. I love this ass.”

“Owned?” Emily playfully questioned.

“Yes… owned. Never to be leased by another. I’m king landlord, sweets.” He nipped her lip, and she laughed. “I don’t take checks, but I do accept most forms of foreplay and sex as payment.”

Emily filtered her fingers through his hair and shook her head. She wiggled her ass that’d been thoughtfully cupped in his hands. “I only do wild, hanging from a chandelier sex.”

“Mmm, that’s a tough one.” Gavin bit his lip, primal satisfaction glassing his eyes. “I’ll accept your offer as long as I can rope you to the chandelier and have my way with you in whatever way I please.”

Giggling, Emily kinked her head to the side. “Who are you? Christian Grey?”

Hands gliding up her back, a furrow appeared between his brows. “Who’s Christian Grey?”

Eyes wide, Emily sat up and pinned Gavin’s hands above his head. She brushed her nose against his. “You don’t know who Christian Grey is?”

“Not a clue.” Gavin craned his head up, catching her mouth with his. “Is he someone you went to school with?” Before Emily could answer, he gently tugged her lip between his teeth. “Wait. You’ve never been roped up by someone, right?”

“No, not yet.” Emily laughed, lacing their fingers. “And I didn’t go to school with Christian Grey. But I’m pretty sure there’s not a woman on earth who hasn’t heard of him.” Gavin sent Emily another confused look. “Never mind.” She sat up, wrapped the satin sheet around her body, and slipped off the bed. “I’ll explain it one day.”

“Wait. Where are you going? I hope you’re not thinking about showering without me.” Wearing a grin, he leaned up on his elbows. “Remember, I’m the landlord. You need my permission to do anything.”

Eyes piqued in humor, Emily watched Gavin swing his legs over the bed and take a ground-eating step toward her. “Caveman much?”

Gavin didn’t reply. Nope. Instead, he swept her off her feet. Slanting his mouth over hers, he kissed her hard, inhaling deeply, as if trying to breathe her into him. He carried Emily into the bathroom and set her on the vanity.

Gavin’s hard body instantly sent a welcomed shiver up her spine, making her forget about the cold granite under her ass. Her blood sang, and she felt a blush creep up her neck as he slowly pulled the sheet away from her.

His gaze trekked over her body before settling on her lips. “God, you’re amazing.” He positioned himself between her thighs. Gripping her legs, he drew them up and wrapped them around his waist. “A certified fucking wake up call.”

Pleasure to come clouded Emily’s mind as she watched him shove his fingers into his mouth. Achingly slow, with his eyes pinned to hers, he pulled them out and trailed them down her stomach. Goose bumps erupted, dancing all over her skin. The breath left her as he palmed her pussy and slid his fingers deep inside. A whimper escaped her as he curled his other hand along the side of her neck and eased her back against the mirror.

“I want you to finger yourself with me,” he roughed out, his breathing ragged.

“What?” Emily moaned, unable to keep her voice from shaking. “I’ve never—”

“Fingered yourself?” He circled his thumb around her clit.

Arching her back against the mirror, Emily started to pant. “No, I’ve only used a vibrator.”

Gavin bit his lip and closed his eyes. A groan rumbled in his chest as he pumped his fingers in and out, their fluid motion slow and steady. Opening his eyes, he dragged his hand from Emily’s neck and reached for her wrist. Guiding it down between her legs, he placed her fingers over her clit. “No vibrator today. Rub it for me.”

Emily batted her eyelashes shyly but found herself doing what he’d asked. She sucked in a breath as she slid two fingers over her swollen flesh. Lips parted at the multiple sensations, she stared at Gavin and clenched down around his fingers. With every nerve ending awakened and a burning urge for climax nearly disintegrating her, she moaned as she circled her hips. “Oh my God, Gavin,” she breathed, rubbing harder.

Gavin stroked himself with his free hand, ruthless arousal flaring in his eyes. “That’s right, baby,” he grunted, “now push them in with mine.”

His demand, so raw and primal, had Emily surrendering. Sinking two fingers in with his, she trembled and shuddered. Her blood rushed with the force of a freight train, shutting down her thoughts. The faster Gavin stroked himself, the faster he worked his fingers inside her. Gazes locked, both of their breathing erratic, their faces twisted in total ecstasy.

“Christ, your pussy’s so perfect.” Gavin’s head fell back for a second, a groan pushing up his throat. Bringing his eyes back to hers, pleasure surged and seized deep within his balls as Emily sank farther against the mirror. She unwrapped her legs from his waist and planted her feet on the vanity. Completely exposed, she continued to thrust her fingers inside herself with his. The hard stalk of his dick pulsated in his hand as he watched her eyes flutter closed. “Fuck. I have to taste you,” Gavin bit out, his nostrils flaring. “Take your fingers out and rub that hot clit for me.”

Aching for release, Emily gasped and removed her fingers, sliding them over herself. She watched Gavin kneel. Clenching her hips, he pulled her ass to the edge of the vanity. He latched his mouth to her pussy, his tongue laving urgently. Instantly, need grew, magnifying in Emily’s core. Tightening, her body was totally lost to the passion of the intimate act. She’d never opened herself like this with anyone, but it felt so natural with Gavin. Rubbing herself faster, her breathing grew choppier and then completely stopped. Gavin brushed her fingers out of the way and stroked his tongue over her, pulling her clit into his mouth, nipping, sucking. She melted. Done.

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