"Wow." Her dark eyes were wide. "How did you do that?"

"Hush." He set his fingers over her lips. "No more talking." Turning onto his side, he caught up her hand and set her palm against his chest. "Feel the rhythm of my breathing."

"Umm… I'd rather feel you naked."

He arched a brow. "I've got the lead, remember?" Inhaling deeply, Aidan started out imitating the rapid lift and fall of her chest, then he slowed the pace. "Match me."

Lyssa followed along at Aidan's urging until they were inhaling and exhaling in unison. The concentration required to do as he asked narrowed her focus dramatically. She was inundated with sensory input—the alluring scents of the room, the feel of his hard, powerful frame, and the softness of the material they were sprawled on.

Her wandering gaze noted the profusion of hibiscus flowers adorning water-filled glass jars and the soft violet glow given off by oil-burning lanterns. There were tapers, as well, in jeweled candleholders, and moonlight shining down from an open oculus. Altogether the effect was magical, supremely sensual, and erotically charged.

As her world shrank to encompass only this room and the man with whom she shared it, Lyssa felt her enchantment with Aidan deepen.

"Don't lose the tempo of your breathing." His voice was a low, seductive rumble that flowed through her. Aidan held out his hand, and a small bottle of golden liquid appeared in his other palm.

"Will you teach me how to do that?" she whispered, watching as he moved gracefully to a kneeling position beside her, and poured jasmine-scented oil into his hand.

"Someday. Not tonight." His slow smile made her heart leap. "Tonight I'm going to give you what we both want."

Lyssa could hardly believe what was happening. She was about to have sex with a man she barely knew.

But this was a dream, and none of the taboos applied here. They didn't have to go through the routine dating steps of dinner and a movie, following "the rules" until they could say they knew each other well enough to "go all the way."

So stupid. She already knew everything she needed to know—he was kind and solicitous of her needs, going to great lengths to create lush surroundings in which to take her. If this had been about nothing more than sex, he would have fucked her in the sand and been done with it. Instead, everything about his approach to their lovemaking was geared toward her pleasure.

Keeping her breathing deep and even, Lyssa allowed her gaze to roam all over Aidan's body, admiring his golden skin burnished by the flickering candlelight. It was stretched taut over beautifully defined pectorals and washboard abs, his biceps flexing as he warmed the oil in his hands.

Then she looked lower, taking in the object of her desire. Her mouth watered and her pussy grew wet at the sight of his impressive cock and weighty balls.

"God, you're well-hung." She shivered all over, her mind filling with images of him working her to orgasm with that mouthwatering erection.

Damn. Finally, after all these years, she had the perfect guy. It was enough to make her writhe with desire, her skin burning hot and prickled with awareness.

She licked her lips as he straddled her. His thickly veined cock curved upward to nearly touch his navel. The man was over six feet tall, with shoulders so broad she couldn't see past him, yet she didn't feel overwhelmed by his size. She felt safe and protected, and deeply thrilled to have such a magnificent male in her bed. His torso tapered to a lean waist, trim hips, and powerful thighs. The memory of those thighs between hers made her mouth dry.

Unable to resist, Lyssa lifted her hands and wrapped them around his erection. She slid her fingers upward, judging length, and blinked in awe.

Then again, he was huge everywhere else, why not here, too?

"There is a spiritual philosophy called Tantra," he murmured, cupping her aching breasts and kneading them. "Have you heard of it?"

"Bits and pieces." Her fingertips drifted along the hard length of his cock, learning its shape and texture in minute detail. She heard a slight catch in his inhale, and then he resumed his steady breathing.

His coarse hands squeezed her swollen flesh with expertly gauged pressure. Her gaze grew heavy-lidded as her blood slowed, flowing sluggishly through her veins.

"Tantra teaches believers that the energy of the cosmos exists within our bodies, and that a true tantric sexual union merges these energies into one."

"Aidan." Lyssa whimpered as his fingertips tugged gently on her nipples. They were so hard, nearly painful from the extent of her arousal, and the oil on his hands allowed his touch to glide across her fevered skin. The combination was maddening, both soothing and inciting. "Urn… I really don't need foreplay now…"

Aidan winked, and exuded wicked, erotic, decadent sex from every pore. "That's what I'm trying to tell you. This isn't going to be a fast fuck. In fact, it'll be a while before you'll feel my cock in you."

"You can't be serious."

Her back arched as he pinched the erect points of her breasts.

"Oh yes, I can."

Narrowing her gaze, she wished she had some oil of her own. Instantly her hands felt slick, and a slow smile curved her mouth. She fisted her hands and pumped down the throbbing length of his shaft. He groaned.

"Two can play," she murmured.

"We have to take you down a notch, Hot Stuff." Aidan reached between her legs and parted her so that he could stroke across her clit. He rubbed in softly pressured circles, his other hand still tugging at her nipple. "You're too hungry for it. Too impatient."

"Oh god…" she breathed, clasping his cock convulsively as a sharp, quick orgasm took her by storm. Two of Aidan's long, callused fingers slipped inside her, fucking her, his oiled thumb continuing the consummate manipulation of her clit. Her cunt quivered and spasmed, her body tense as a bow. Straining… reaching…

As she climaxed again, her pussy sucked ravenously at Aidan's pumping fingers.

"So damn hot," he growled, leaning over her, the tight roping of his abdominal muscles supporting the weight of his torso. He took her mouth, his lips drifting across hers, his tongue flickering across the seam in time to the movements of his hand between her thighs. The pendant he wore around his neck swayed with his movements, brushing teasingly across her skin as an added point of sensation.

Lyssa spread her legs with unabashed eagerness, wanting him deeper than his fingers could go. Opening her mouth, she tried to drink him in, her kiss frantic and passionate. He fit his mouth over hers and gave her what she wanted, a deep, drowning kiss. Feeling wild and out of control, she began to jack him off with both fists, squeezing the thick head of his cock on every upward pull.

"Stop," he said hoarsely, as her tight grip squeezed pre-cum out of the tip. "You're going to make me come if you keep that up."

"You said we could take it down a notch," she urged. "We can do it slow next time."

Next time. Aidan had never thought of "next time" with a woman before. There had only ever been this time. Of course, he could usually make "this time" last all night. He knew already he'd be lucky to last five minutes inside Lyssa. Thankfully, she was primed and more than ready, her cunt so juicy hot, it was melting around his fingers. And, as she said, they could go slow in the next round.

It aroused him further, the thought of having Lyssa again and again, and his cock swelled painfully. Pulling away, Aidan ordered, "Get on your hands and knees."

Her dark eyes widened as he pulled free of her grasp. She swallowed hard. "I don't know if I can take you that way. You're big."

Aidan grabbed his dick with both hands and coated it with a mixture of her cream and the oil. "Do it. Leave the logistics to me. You just lie there and come."

She rolled over and bared a taut, sweetly curved ass that made his balls draw up tight. The dark gold curls between her legs were trimmed almost to the skin, revealing pale pink folds that glistened with her desire.

His eyes slid closed on a deep breath, every muscle tense with expectation and deep longing. It wasn't the erotic display that most affected him. It was her trust. His heart was racing, his breathing as erratic and uncontrolled as his mood. As if he were standing on a precipice, knowing he was going to fall, but unable to fight it.

When was the last time he'd been in heat like this? When was the last time he'd wanted a particular woman this badly?

Aidan hoped like hell his emotions were simply set off-kilter by his new assignment. He hadn't had sex since he'd met Lyssa. There just wasn't time with all the work he had, and when he did find a free hour or two, he'd spent it thinking about her. Perhaps he'd shocked his system by going without. That had to be what the problem was. He'd been fucking women for centuries. It shouldn't be any different this time.

"Hurry," she breathed.

He opened his eyes to find Lyssa looking over her shoulder at him. His throat tightened at the sight of the graceful curve of her spine and her slender waist. She was so beautiful, in a way that appealed to him keenly.

Gripping her hip with one hand, he aimed his cock at her slick opening with the other, rubbing the throbbing head across her slit.

"I-I'm nervous," Lyssa admitted, every nerve ending focused on her pussy and the cock ready to slide into it. Perspiration swept across her skin. She shivered as he began his entry, the thick head spreading her wide.

"Don't be," he rumbled. "I've got you."

Aidan entered her slowly, too slowly, working his way inside her, advancing, retreating, making her achingly aware of every inch. His progress was agonizing, teasing, driving her mad until her arms started to shake, forcing her to sink into the scarves. The change in angle tilted her hips upward, allowing him to feed her more of that magnificent cock. She whimpered.

"That's it." His voice was rough, dark velvet. "Let me have that pussy."

"Let me have that cock," she countered, breathless, her eyes closing and her hands fisting into the fragrant silk. She was panting, her hips writhing, but he held her tightly and kept to his leisurely pace. "Ah, god… you feel amazing."