"Yes…" Her head lolled against his shoulder, her lips parted, wanting more of him. She licked at him desperately, her tongue flickering, trying to taste him. "Do it."

"I could bend you over the counter, facing our reflections. You could watch me take you." The growl that rumbled up from his chest was pure sexual hunger. His coarse words made her nipples hard, made her pussy quiver around his fingers, made her cry out softly


"But I won't, Lyssa. Not this time. This time I want you naked and spread out on a bed for my pleasure."

As his skin heated with his desire, the scent of him, spicy and rich, filled her nostrils. It was achingly familiar, male-ing her womb clench tight in recognition. His hand slid from her neck and cupped her breast, squeezing it, making it swell. Her knees gave out, but he held her tightly. All the while he fucked her mouth with those delicious thrusts of his tongue, and urged his hips against her in a wicked imitation of what she really wanted.

"I'm going to make you come in a thousand different ways," he promised. "Around my fingers, against my lips, around my cock. I'm going to wear you out, exhaust you. You'll sleep like the dead… When I let you sleep."

She whimpered. She had never in her life been this hot for sex.

"I can't wait." His words were a dark threat that excited her. "And I won't. Take me to your bed so we can get started. I want you comfortable so we can take our time."

"I—I can't walk."

Aidan's fingers left her, then he bent and lifted her. "Open the door."

She stretched her arm out behind her, reaching blindly for the knob, her mouth pressing feverish kisses to his throat.

"It might go faster if you looked," he said with warm amusement.

"Then I'd have to stop nibbling on you."

"But there are so many other parts of me to nibble on."

Lyssa turned her head just long enough to open the door. Aidan stepped back as it swung inward, the sound of his laughter spilling out into the bedroom along with puffs of steam. He closed the distance between the bathroom and the bed in just a few long-legged strides. When he set her down, she scrambled to her knees and threw herself into him. He didn't budge an inch with the impact.

"Hot Stuff," he said, his smiling lips moving against her temple. "You're always hard-charging." With one steely arm supporting her back, he reached between her legs again. "Time to take you down a notch."

She moaned, her eyes clenched shut against the heat that spread all over her body, first in a wave of goose bumps and then in a mist of sweat. The nearly overwhelming sensation she had of deep, intimate familiarity combined with the here and now of a gorgeous man making love to her was too much. When Aidan slid a long, callused finger inside her, she panted for air and dug her nails into his forearms.

He muttered something in a foreign language and then withdrew, hushing her protest with his mouth. His fingertip, slick with her cream, circled her clit, then rubbed it with perfectly gauged pressure. Primed for orgasm by the things he'd done to her in the shower, Lyssa came with a cry, and Aidan held her reverently, stroking her with such tenderness, drawing out her climax until she settled limply into his embrace.

As Aidan laid her gently across her bed, Lyssa found she couldn't think, could barely catch her breath. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her heart thumped desperately in her chest. She could only watch with heavy-lidded eyes as he positioned her with her hips at the edge of the bed and then dropped to his knees.

"Please," she breathed, her hunger flaring to renewed life. His large hands cupped her inner thighs and spread them wide. The color of his skin, so dark compared to her own, sent a shiver through her. The heat of his breath, gusting through her wet curls, made her muscles tense.

"Christ." A rough, edgy sound escaped him as his thumbs held her lips open so nothing was hidden. "You're melting."

Lyssa's back arched upward as he licked her in a slow, deliberate glide, then pulled back to look at her again.

He pointed his tongue and flicked it rapidly over the tiny slitted entrance to her body, licking up the liquid result of her recent orgasm. Then he tilted his head and thrust his tongue inside her.

She moaned, and her hands fisted in her pale blue comforter. Aidan draped her legs over his shoulders, so he could get closer. Wet, smacking sounds rose up as he ate at her as if she were a dessert he couldn't get enough of, his tongue fucking in and out of her pussy with rapid, shallow strokes.

Aching, sweating, Lyssa cupped her breasts and pinched at her nipples, pulling them, trying to relieve their desperate hardness.

Growling his pleasure, Aidan reached up and brushed her hands away, his much larger ones surrounding her breasts and squeezing them with expertly gauged pressure. All the while he licked at her, sucked her, teased her.

"Yes," she whispered, rocking her hips upward to match the lashing rhythm of his tongue. She reached down, her fingers sliding into his hair, massaging his scalp. "Make me come."

Circling her clit with his firm lips, he tugged on it with soft suction, the tip of his tongue rubbing against the tiny bundle of nerves.

Lyssa climaxed with a breathless cry, arching upward as he continued the delicious torment until she begged him to stop, her flesh swollen and oversensitive.

Aidan smiled wickedly as he pulled away, licking his lips. "Now you're relaxed enough to fit me," he purred.

She couldn't move a single muscle when he shrugged out from under her and rose to stand between her spread legs. The sight of him taking his long, thick cock in hand and tilting it down to breach her pussy was the most erotic thing she'd ever seen. He was so deliberate in his movements, so focused, his gaze riveted to where the warm, silky smooth head of his cock was pressing into her.

The sound that came out of her throat was the embodiment of lust and longing. That beautiful cock was pushing into her, caressing slick, pulsing tissues, forcing them to part for him.

She writhed, struggling to take all that he had. "Protection?" she gasped.

"Trust me," he urged. "It's okay."

Lyssa almost argued, but then found she couldn't. Despite everything she didn't know about Aidan, she believed he would never hurt her or put her in jeopardy It was a bone-deep certainty that was unshakable. She felt comforted by his presence and his touch, as if she'd been waiting for him, longing for him to return. Even though she hadn't known that he was the missing part of her life.

"Promise me you'll remember this." His voice was sandpaper-rough, his hands shaking where he held down her hips. "How it feels—you and me, connected—when we talk later about why I'm here."

She remembered it already. The feeling that they had been together this way before was so strong, it was beyond-mere deja vu,

God, he was big.

She whimpered.

He rolled his hips and slid deeper, filling her in a way she knew only he ever had, or ever could.

Aidan felt wonderful inside her, truly divine, and when he leaned over her, Lyssa hugged him closer and tried to take more of him.

"Don't rush." He nipped her earlobe, the brief spot of pain causing her to jerk in surprise. "I'll be inside you more times than I'm not. Waking, sleeping. I don't want you sore."

"I need you." Her nails dug into his shoulders as he stroked deeper, massaging the broad head of his cock across the spot inside her that ached for him. She reached for his lean hips and tugged at the same time she lifted, forcing him in to the root, his heavy balls slapping against the seam of her ass.

"Lyssa," he breathed roughly, shuddering. He stared at her with dark, fathomless eyes, his handsome features passion flushed and his chest heaving with labored breaths. "Christ. It's… even better… when it's real."

She had no idea what that meant, but it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was Aidan, who laced his fingers with hers and pulled her arms over her head. He took her mouth with heartbreaking tenderness, his lips brushing across hers.

"Lyssa." Her name was filled with aching longing when spoken in that luscious brogue. It made her eyes teary.

"Please," she begged, kissing him back with despera-tion. Her body was on fire beneath his, her cunt spasming around the big cock that throbbed inside it.

Echoes of past encounters flowed through her—his chest against her back as he took her from behind, his hands kneading her thighs as she rode him hard toward a searing climax.

"Please," she said again, rubbing her painfully tightened nipples against his furred chest.

"Hush. I've got you."

She knew he'd said that to her before in a similar moment.

Aidan began to move, withdrawing, then returning on a perfect downstroke, thrusting slow and easy, measured in his passion.

Locking her ankles at the small of his back, Lyssa urged him to ride her harder, faster, but he was too controlled. She licked the straining column of his throat, and he groaned loudly but maintained his rhythm. His hips swiveled and thrust, in and out. Beneath her calves she felt his taut ass clench and release as he pumped his cock into her.

His mouth to her ear, Aidan whispered, "You're hot. Tight as a fist. But wet, Hot Stuff. Soaked inside, "four cunt was made for me."

She shivered.

"Later"—his tone was a sensual threat—"you'll be on your hands and knees, and I'm going to fuck you like that for hours. Long, deep thrusts into this sweet pussy."

Her cunt rippled along his length, on the verge of another orgasm. He knew her so well. As if he was a longtime lover who cared deeply about her pleasure.

He released her hands and set his elbows into the mat-tress so he could cup her breasts. "I'm going to suck on your nipples until you come. You'll scream my name until you're hoarse."

Lyssa's back arched, her entire body tense and expectant. "Yes… I want…"

Straightening, Aidan hooked his arms beneath her legs and lifted her hips from the mattress. In her raised position, he could stroke deeper, his weighty testicles slapping rhythmically against the curve of her ass, the sound so erotic, it made her clench tightly around him.