Why couldn't she be a candidate for laser eye surgery?

She sighed heavily as she turned around, fully prepared to throw on the flood lights and wreck another romantic evening thanks to her poor eyesight when strong wet arms scooped her up.

"Don't worry, my little grasshopper, I've got you," Jason whispered, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Maybe we should turn on the lights," she grumbled unhappily. "I can't see a thing," she admitted quietly, feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment. It was just another reminder that she wasn't sexy or desirable.

"Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you," Jason promised as he carried her to the pool and helped her into the lukewarm water.

While Jason lowered himself into the pool she dove beneath the water to wet her hair. When she came back up ten feet away she smoothed her hair back and squinted.

"Jason?" she said, trying to separate him from the rest of the dim shadows. She really could not see a single thing out here. Maybe she should-

A small startled scream escaped her as warm arms wrapped around her from behind. Jason chuckled softly in her ear. "Did I scare you?"

"No," she lied.

"I'm sorry," he said, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. "Do you forgive me?"

She huffed out a breath. "No."

"What if I promise not to do it again?" he asked, sounding amused.

"I'd break out the fists of fury because we both know you'd be lying."

"We wouldn't want that." He chuckled.

"No," she sniffed, "we wouldn't."

"Then perhaps you'll let me make it up to you with a kiss?" he said, already pressing wet kisses to her neck. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back and to the side to give him better access.

"I suppose that would be acceptable," she said, biting back a small moan of pleasure as Jason ran his hands down her h*ps and over her thighs before bringing them back up again.

"That's very kind of you," Jason whispered hoarsely, tracing his tongue up her neck, taking her earlobe into his mouth and sucking it.

His hands skimmed up her sides almost teasingly, ending just below her br**sts before they glided down to her hips. Haley reached up with one hand and gripped his wet hair, yanking him down for the kiss he promised her.

He devoured her mouth on contact. His tongue pushed its way inside of her mouth and she welcomed it, suckled it, loving the way he groaned with every little teasing lick and suckle.

Feeling a little daring, she reached up with her free hand and released the front knot that held her bikini top closed. Releasing his hair she shrugged the top off, letting it fall between their bodies.

Her ni**les hardened instantly from the mixture of water, cool air, and desire for this man. It felt so good, but she needed more. Placing her hands over his where they still rested on her hips, she gently tugged them up, gliding them over her wet body until they were where she wanted them, needed them.

Jason's long pained moan sent shivers throughout her body. She arched into his hands, loving the way they weighed her br**sts, squeezed, and caressed them. When he ran his palms over her hard ni**les she sucked on his tongue, making him groan loudly as his hands closed around her br**sts and squeezed.

"Jason," she mumbled desperately against his mouth. She needed more. Needed him.

He broke the kiss and turned her in his arms. His mouth slammed down on hers as he yanked her against him. She loved the way his warm hard chest felt against her br**sts, but she loved the feeling of his hard erection straining against her even more.

She reached between them and cupped him, running her fingers teasingly up his long length until she found the large velvety head poking out the top of his swim trunks. She cupped the large head in her hand, running her thumb over it and spreading the few drops of excitement that leaked out.

Jason broke away from her mouth with a groan and worked his way down to her br**sts, licking, kissing, and sucking every inch of skin until his tongue was tracing circles around her nipple, making it harden almost painfully.

His hands came up to play, grabbing each breast and holding it up his mouth as an offering. The fact that she couldn't see what he was doing only intensified each and every sensation that he was causing. Just when she thought she'd die if he didn't take her nipple into her mouth he moved onto the other breast and began the torture all over again.

"Jason!" she cried out when he finally put her out of her misery and took her over sensitized nipple into his mouth. He pinched and gently twisted her other nipple with his fingers. Haley was barely aware that he was backing her up against the side of the pool.

He kept her nipple in his mouth, suckling it hard as he worked her bikini bottom off. Haley was helpless to do anything but hold on tightly to his shoulders as he worked her into insanity.

His mouth left her nipple with a loud plop. "I need to taste you, my little grasshopper," he said hoarsely as he picked her up and sat her carefully on the edge of the pool. "Lie back."

Carefully, she lay back on the cool cement. Jason gripped the backs of her knees and pulled her legs open, spreading her wide.

"So beautiful," he said quietly.

She felt his warm breath tickle her thigh before he pressed a kiss right below the knee. A cool breeze ran between her legs, teasing her soaked lips. She couldn't remember ever being this turned on before or this wet.

She wanted him. Tonight. Now.

"Jason, please," she pleaded, trying not to squirm against the unforgiving cement surface.

"Shhh, it's okay," Jason murmured against her leg. He pressed another kiss against her inner thigh before running his wet hot tongue down her leg. He avoided where she needed him the most to run his tongue just below her belly button to her other leg.

"Please!" she cried, as another cool breeze teased her over sensitized skin, making squirm desperately.

"That's not what I want to hear, my little grasshopper," Jason murmured against her thigh. He ran his wet tongue in a circle over her inner thigh before softly suckling the area.

He pressed a soft kiss against the thatch of soft curls between her legs, earning a loud moan. "So wet," he said, running the tip of his tongue between her folds. "So sweet."

His tongue traced her slit as he placed her knees over his shoulders. When she felt his thumbs separate her folds she ran her fingers through his hair, gently encouraging him.

He ran the tip of his tongue around her little sensitive nub and around her core in what felt like a figure eight, making sure not to touch the spots that ached for his touch the most. She spread her legs wider in silent invitation, making Jason chuckle.

"You want more?" he asked, pressing a delicious kiss to her clit.

"Mmhmm," she somehow managed to answer.

He flicked his tongue over her sensitive little nub as a reward.

She threw her head back, moaning loudly. Her fingers knotted in his hair, urging him on.

Her breath caught in her throat when his tongue ran down to her core and slid in smoothly. His thumb gently circled her cl*t slowly, using her juices to heighten every touch.

In and out his tongue moved in a rhythm that had her gripping his hair, panting, moaning and half-screaming his name. Her orgasm caught her off guard. One minute she was panting and the next she was undulating her h*ps and screaming his name until her voice was raw.