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"What the hell are you doing?" she demanded, as she gripped the bottom of his sweatshirt and tried to push herself up without much luck.

"Arrangement," he said tightly as if that explained it all and sadly it did. She knew that for the next few hours at least that she could look forward to really hot sex, which was great, but she had so many things to do.

"What about my car?" she asked, hoping to distract him long enough so that she could get some work done. She wanted to clean her bathroom, catch up on laundry, and take a bath before she hit the gym to swim a few laps tonight. Mostly she wanted a nice hot bubble bath to relax in. Going from having no sex in five years to sex nonstop for a month and a half made her a little sore in a few unmentionable places and she had been hoping for a little break. Not that she didn't want to have sex with him, she did. Almost desperately, but she could also use a break.

"It doesn't look like it's going anywhere," he said, palming her bottom and groaning as he slammed the front door shut behind him just as Toby came running into the house.

"Can we do this later?" she asked, almost desperately now. All the muscles in her body still ached from this morning when he bent her over the kitchen table. She really wasn't sure if she'd survive another encounter before she got some rest. "I was hoping to have a long hot bubble bath. If you could just wait-"

"Great idea," he practically growled as he turned away from his apartment and started to head for hers.

"What's a great idea?" she asked, biting her bottom lip to stop from moaning as he slid his hand between her jean clad legs and applied pressure just where she needed it.

"A bubble bath," he said, carrying her up the stairs. She was so distracted by the fact that he took the stairs two at a time with her on his shoulder that she nearly missed what he said.

"I meant a bubble bath for me," she said, then added, "alone."

"But you invited me to take a bath with you," he said with an exaggerated pout in his voice, making her roll her eyes. She could just picture the puppy dog expression he was making, the one that always worked on her.

"I did not."



"Yes, you did," he said calmly as he strolled through her room. "I remember your exact words. You said, 'Trevor, let's go upstairs and take a really hot bath with extra bubbles so that my skin gets all sudsy and slippery so you can run your incredibly gifted naughty hands over me while we see how many times you can make me come before the water gets cold.'"

"Oh," she said, licking her suddenly dry lips as she imagined doing everything he'd just said. "That's exactly what I said," she agreed as she wondered just how many times a man like Trevor could make her come before the water turned cold.

Five as it turned out.


"Where the hell are you?" Hank demanded, again.

Trevor opened his mouth to answer, but immediately shut it as he squeezed his eyes shut and dropped his head back, wondering not for the first time if his little tenant was trying to kill him. He took a deep breath as he tried unsuccessfully to ignore the way Zoe was licking his shaft.

"I'm heading out the door now," he said through a strangled voice into the cell phone only half lying. He was heading out the door, was in the small front hallway in fact and would have probably been halfway to the bar to meet up with the guys from work if Zoe hadn't sauntered out of her apartment and dropped to her knees in front of him because, and he was quoting on this one, "she had a craving."

Best. Tenant. Ever.

"That's what you said an hour ago!" Hank said, sounding pretty pissed. He didn't exactly remember telling Hank that, but then again he'd been a tad busy with cornering Zoe in the laundry room.

"Did I?" he asked, distractedly as he opened his eyes and dared a look down and nearly came from the sight of Zoe licking his c**k like it was her favorite ice cream cone.

Was she trying to kill him? he thought as he gently gripped the back of her head and slid himself between her lips slowly as he resisted the urge to close his eyes again and groan.

"Mandy is threatening to leave," Hank hissed loudly into the phone as if he didn't want someone to hear, probably this Mandy person, Trevor thought as he gently caressed Zoe's cheek.

"Then let her leave," Trevor said, vaguely remembering Hank begging him to show up to guy's night because his date's sister wanted to meet him. This morning when he'd planned on meeting up with the guys he'd thought it might be a good idea to test the waters and see if he'd worked Zoe out of his system yet, but he knew by the way he'd reacted to catching her coming out of the shower a few hours ago that she wasn't out of his system.

Not even a little bit.

This was getting out of hand, he thought as she took him further than should be humanly possible. He was exhausted, sore and happier than he'd ever been in his life and he didn't want it to end, which of course meant that it needed to end.


But not right now, he thought as he ended the call and tossed his phone somewhere behind him, uncaring where it landed as pulled away from Zoe and dropped to his knees so he could kiss the woman who was starting to mean too damn much to him into his arms.

Chapter 20

"Someone call an ambulance!" one of the crew yelled near her ear, making Zoe wince and wish she could crawl away, but the overpowering dizziness that she'd experienced just before she'd passed out threatened to once again take over so she took that as a sign not to move, much.

"I'm fine," she tried to say reassuringly, but it came out a little too muttered for anyone, including her, to understand. She really hoped they understood her, because she really didn't want to go to the hospital over her own stupidity.

"What the hell is going on here?" Jared suddenly demanded.

Zoe risked opening her eyes to see if he looked as mad as he sounded and immediately regretted the move as everything spun.

"Zoe?" he asked, his tone softening as he came closer, she assumed. She wasn't about to open her eyes and find out.

"Fine," she said. Taking a deep breath she repeated it, pleased that she sounded a little better.

"I think she fell on that patch of ice," one of the men said and Zoe kept her mouth shut, not really in the mood to admit that she'd passed out and hoping that she could get through this without anyone finding out.

"Are you hurt anywhere?" Jared asked as he presumably checked her over.

She shook her head slightly. Hurt? No. Humiliated? Beyond measure, but she wasn't hurt. Well, she was freezing lying on the frozen ground like this. As soon as she could manage it she was going to get up, walk back to the office and hide under her desk for the rest of the day or until everyone forgot about this, whichever came first.

"Did someone call an ambulance?" Jared asked, fretting over her.

"Don't. I'm fine," she said, taking a deep breath and forcing herself to sit up, knowing that if she didn't, she'd find herself hauled out of here against her will, further adding to her humiliation.

She opened her eyes to find Jared kneeling next to her on the frozen ground, looking concerned and upset. "Would you feel better if one of us drove you to the hospital?" he asked softly as he took off his much larger and thicker jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. She pulled it tightly around herself as she nervously looked around the small group of very large concerned construction workers that stood around her.