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"Umm, nothing?" she said, backing away as he slowly advanced on her. As he passed the counter his eyes shot to the now empty deli packages and then to her.

"Where's the last slice of ham?" he asked casually as though he weren't currently stalking her around the kitchen island.

She worried her bottom lip as she considered her choices and kept moving her ass away from Trevor, who looked damn determined. That was understandable, she supposed. He was a Bradford she'd just screwed out of food. Her eyes shot to the open kitchen door, but she really didn't think she'd make it there in time and judging by the expression on Trevor's face, he knew it too.

"It's gone," she said, swallowing nervously.

"I see," he said, following her at a leisurely pace. "You gave my ham to the dog, didn't you?"

"Maybe," she mumbled.

Trevor sighed heavily. "I guess there's no choice but to punish you," he said in an offhand tone.

"What do you mean?" she asked, already knowing that he would never hurt her, but really when a man well over six feet tall with an insane amount of muscle says he's going to punish her it's natural to get a little nervous.

He simply shrugged. "I guess I'm going to have to spank your ass."

Zoe blinked and then blinked again before she burst out laughing. "You're kidding, right?" she asked as she slowed her pace so that she could catch her breath.

"I'm afraid not, Zoe," he said, sounding serious, really serious, but she noted the amusement in his eyes and his lips twitching as he stopped on the opposite side of the island. She paused mid-stride and jumped back to what she deemed at that moment was safety, the opposite side of the kitchen island.

"Y-you're going to be late for work," she stammered out as the thought of what Trevor had in mind both intrigued and excited her. Never in a million years would she have thought this man had a playful side. He always seemed so serious as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. It was nice to see him smile about something other than food.

"I think I can make time for this," he said, winking.

She swallowed hard as she looked around for any excuse to save her ass from a sound spanking. When her eyes landed on the half made sandwiches she nearly sighed with relief. "I have to finish making your sandwiches," she pointed out.

"Okay," he said slowly, nodding as he leaned back against the sink. "Go ahead," he said, gesturing lazily towards the piles of food. "I can wait."

She was afraid of that.

As she finished making his lunch and packing it she kept her eyes on him, noting the amused expression on his face and wondered if she could talk him out of it. Not because she thought he'd hurt her. No, she was afraid he was turning her into a slut and she'd attack him to finish the job.

This was bad. She never remembered being this turned on by any of her old boyfriends. Then again none of them had looked like Trevor Bradford. The man was a walking advertisement for sex and good god did the man know his way around a woman's body.

Even though she'd like nothing more than to let Trevor have his dirty little way with her body she couldn't. For one thing they didn't have any condoms left. The other problem, she was pretty sure if she had another orgasm this soon after the dozen or so he'd already given her she'd drift off into an orgasm induced coma and wouldn't be able to get back up and go to work.

When she loaded the last ice cold water bottle into his lunch cooler she watched as he pushed away from the counter with a look of anticipation in his eyes that did not bode well for her ass. Licking her lips nervously, she shot a quick look at the open kitchen door.

"You'll never make it," Trevor said, chuckling.

"We'll just have to see about that, now won't we?" she said, meeting his eyes in a clear challenge as she closed the lid on his cooler.

"Yes, we will," he murmured as he started around the right side of the counter, forcing her to take a step towards the left. He paused and moved to the right and she copied his movements, trying not to giggle as he faked a lunge to the left and made her jump.

"This is silly," she said, having more fun than she'd ever admit. "And you're going to be late for work," she tried to point out sternly, but the excited laugh she released when he faked her out again kind of ruined the effect.

"If you're so worried about me being late for work then just come over here and let's get this over with," he suggested with a lopsided grin that made him look relaxed and happy. It was a very nice look on him, she decided seconds before he attacked.

He shifted to the left quickly and reached out to grab her, making her squeal excitedly and jump to the right where he was already heading. She tried to turn and run, but he already had his arms around her waist.

"Gotcha," he said, laughing as he pulled her back against him. She tried to squirm out of his hold, but he wasn't having that.

"Take your punishment like a big girl," he teased as he pressed a surprising kiss to her cheek.

"You are not spanking my ass!" she said, trying to squirm out of his grasp.

Trevor sighed long and loud as he dragged her over to her small kitchen table. "I'm afraid you've left me very little choice," he said, sounding both amused and serious as he hooked the leg of a chair with his foot and yanked it forward.

"It was just a slice of ham! If you let me go I'll buy you an entire grinder for lunch," she offered desperately.

"I wish it were that simple," he said, sighing heavily as if what he was about to do truly pained him as he sat down on the chair, pulling her down with him until she somehow found herself lying across his lap on her stomach.

"How in the hell did you just do that?" she asked, impressed that he'd managed to get her on her stomach and over his knee with very little effort or before she even knew what the hell he was doing. When she tried to move off his lap she found it impossible, especially with that huge arm of his lying across her back, preventing her from moving so much as an inch.

"Trevor," she said nervously as he shifted in his chair to get more comfortable and sighed contently.

"I believe I owe your cute little ass a spanking," he murmured, making her snort her disbelief.

"Little?" she repeated, wondering if the man was high. Although she'd lost a decent amount weight and she thought her butt looked smaller, she wouldn't go as far as to call it small or cute for that matter. Clearly the man was insane, which could explain why he had her over his knees in her kitchen and was-

"Why are you pulling my pants down?" she demanded as she felt her soft plaid pajama pants yanked down below her bottom.

"I believe skin on skin action is more effective, don't you?" he asked as he traced a lazy path around the edge of her panties and in that moment she was glad that she took the extra time this morning to search for the pretty pink panties she bought over the weekend that matched her pajama pants to perfection instead of just grabbing a pair of her old panties from her bureau.

"And I believe letting me up so I can get ready for work would be even better, don't you?" she said, trying to shift to the side in hopes of rolling off his knees so she could make her escape.

"Well, I guess I could do that, but I'm not going to," he mumbled as he absently ran his hand over her bottom almost earning a betraying moan from her.