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She knew how it felt not to have a real home and didn't want that for Toby. For as long as he was with her she would make damn sure that he felt welcome.


"Can I help you find something?" a purely feminine voice asked.

He was barely able to draw his attention away from Zoe's baggy jean covered ass as it wiggled enticingly as she leaned over to search for the "perfect biscuits for the little sweetie pie", her words, not his. Instead of telling her to just grab the cheapest bag she could find the words caught in his throat when she bent over. Hell, he couldn't even make out the exact shape of her ass, but that hadn't stopped him from licking his lips or imagining his hands and mouth exploring her curves.

Holy shit he needed to get laid.

"Sir?" that damn voice said again, sounding almost hesitant this time.

He barely stopped himself from cringing as it dawned on him that he'd just been caught ogling Zoe's ass. At least he hadn't been caught by the guys at work, he reassured himself as he turned his attention to the woman trying to get his attention and nearly groaned.

Of course he'd been caught ogling a woman like Zoe by an incredibly hot woman, he thought dryly. No doubt the woman thought he was a desperate ass**le.

"Can I help you find something?" she asked again, running the tip of her tongue over her pale pink lip as she ran her eyes over him. She was incredibly beautiful, tall with just the right amount of curves and the perfect amount of makeup applied to her face making it look natural, but highlighting her best features.

She was absolutely stunning and he should be working on getting her number, however...........

Her nose wasn't cute enough. It was nice, but he would have liked it more if it was smaller, almost button-like. She had pretty blue eyes, but a little too pale. Until that moment he hadn't realized he actually preferred a vibrant blue over a pale blue.

Her chin had a little tiny cleft that was barely noticeable, but he noticed it. Her eyebrows were a little too thin, her hair a little too light, and hell, he might as well admit that she was just a little too thin for what he was looking for. Not that he usually had a problem with too thin, but he had been wondering lately what it would be like to run his hands over a woman and not feel her hip bones or be able to count her ribs by touch or how a fuller woman would cradle his body.

His eyes as if they had a mind of their own shot from the woman, who a few months ago would have met all of his physical requirements to the woman who was seriously f**king with his head. Her shoulder length hair was pulled up into a messy bun, she wore no makeup and her clothes were increasingly baggy on her, hiding whatever figure she might have and his damn c**k twitched with happiness just from looking at her.

He looked at the beautiful woman frowning up at him and his c**k did nothing. His eyes shot back to Zoe and damn if his c**k didn't twitch happily. Trevor swallowed hard as realization hit.

There was something wrong with his dick.

"Are you okay?" the woman asked, drawing back his attention. She met his eyes and gave him a sexy little smile that should have piqued his interest, but did nothing.

"Excuse me?" Zoe suddenly said, once again drawing his attention back to her. She stood in front of them, holding a small bag of what appeared to be tiny dog biscuits and not doing anything particularly sexy, but he found himself appreciating her adorable little smile, her beautiful bright blue eyes, and how she cared more about comfort than fashion.

He liked looking at her, talking to her and just being with her, he realized suddenly much to his shock. At some point he'd become attracted to his little tenant and he hadn't even realized it. She was turning his life upside down and screwing with his head and he couldn't understand it.

Women like Zoe shouldn't catch his attention for so many reasons he didn't even know where to start. He liked women like the one next to him and should be putting in a little effort to talk her out of her panties and see if she met any of his criteria for a wife, but instead of doing that he was checking out his frumpy little tenant and wondering how loud he could make her scream his name.

This wasn't f**king happening. He didn't like women like Zoe and refused to start now. He had a game plan and he was going to stick with it. The problem was he hadn't gotten laid in too damn long and the only woman he'd spent any real time with in the last couple of months was Zoe so that's why his poor neglected dick was so confused.

Tonight he would take care of this little problem by hitting a bar and picking up the hottest woman he could find and f**king her until his dick was back on board with his game plan and gave up its rather disturbing demands that he get to know Zoe a little better.

"Do you have these in a larger bag?" Zoe asked the woman next to him, making him roll his eyes. Seriously, did the woman really not know anything about dogs?

"Zoe," he said, sounding exasperated as he took the small bag away from her so he could look at the tiny biscuits through the clear plastic window on the front of the package, "these are for small dogs. Toby," and god how he hated having to call that poor dog that name, "is pretty big and needs larger biscuits," he pointed out.

She shrugged. "I know, but those are really cute," she said with that damn adorable smile that had his damn c**k taking notice.

Dumb bastard, he mentally cursed the rebellious appendage.

"Your brother's right," the woman next to him said with a knowing smile, expression, and tone that flat out let Zoe know the woman dismissed her as any real competition in case her words hadn't.

His eyes once again darted to Zoe, wondering if he had any time to get her out of the store before she started crying. Christ, why did women have to be so f**king vicious? Zoe didn't do anything to deserve her attitude. He'd admit that in the past this little scene would have amused him and probably entertained him to no end to have women fighting over him, but for some reason he couldn't stand the idea of Zoe being hurt. She was-

"Oh, he's not my brother," Zoe said brightly as if she didn't realize the woman had just insulted her. She squished up her face adorably in thought. "At least not until he makes it legal with Jonathan," she said, her eyes flashing with amusement as she watched the woman take it all in.

Who the hell was Jonathan? he wondered as the rest of what she said set in and when it did he glared at her as he fought back the urge to pull her over his knee and spank the hell out of her ass.

"You know damn well-" he bit out tightly before she had the nerve to interrupt him with a teasing smile.

"They really are the cutest couple I've ever seen," she said dreamily, leaving him on the verge of committing murder.

"Y-your brother?" the woman next to him choked out, clearly not believing that he could be g*y. At least one person realized how foolish Zoe's claims were and-

"I should have known," the woman said, sighing as she gestured to the end of the aisle. "There's a larger bag on the top shelf," she mumbled before walking away, clearly not willing to waste another minute of her time on him.

"Thank you," Zoe said brightly, clearly fighting back a laugh as she threw him a wink and headed off, leaving him confused, pissed, stunned and admittedly impressed. Any other woman would have either freaked out over the insult or started crying, but Zoe not only ignored the woman's intended insult, but had come out on top, laughing and knocking him on his ass for shits and giggles.