Author: Lorelei James

She waited a beat then said, “Just think how great my mouth would feel.” She squeezed one last time and flounced away to answer a customer’s summons.

The rush slowed. This seduction stuff was hard work. Willow needed a breather, but as she bypassed the bar, she sensed Blake’s eyes on her.

She’d barely entered the breakroom when one meaty forearm crossed her chest and another banded her hips. His scent wrapped around her and she closed her eyes, breathing him in.

Blake pulled her against his body and started sucking on her neck.

Willow canted her head, allowing him full access to all the good spots, which he remembered in detail. Glorious detail. He used his teeth, his lips and his tongue until she writhed against him. When he traced the shell of her ear and gently bit her earlobe, she gasped.

Blake spun her, fastening his mouth to hers as he pushed her to the wall, pinning her arms above her head.

The way the man kissed was like a drug. Using that velvety tongue until she couldn’t think.

He slid his knee between her thighs, creating exquisite pressure by rubbing the thick seam of her jeans directly on her aching sex.

Her moan of approval increased the intensity of his kiss.

She rocked her h*ps faster, elated and embarrassed one touch from him brought her so close to orgasm. Her panties were soaked. Lost in the urgency, he moved with her, driving her higher.

When Blake broke the kiss and placed his mouth on the sensitive skin below her ear, Willow squeezed his thigh between hers and shot like a bottle rocket.

His low growling sound added fuel to the fire, and Willow could not keep quiet, moaning, gasping, whimpering as her cl*t throbbed and pulsed as she ground against him.

Blake brought her back to sanity, sweetly nuzzling her cl**vage and kissing the skin where her blouse gapped. He released her arms and stepped back.

Willow couldn’t meet his gaze: she was afraid she’d say something to break the moment. She rubbed her lips across his pectorals and kissed the hollow of his throat before she retreated.

Their interlude did nothing to cool the heat between them. If anyone noticed the intentional body brushes and extended eye contact they were smart enough not to mention it. Blake couldn’t think of anything but touching Willow. Tasting Willow. Fucking Willow.

Time dragged by with agonizing slowness.

Mandy propped her elbows on the bar and sighed. “How can we go through so dang many bar napkins in one night?”

“Because we’ve gone through a lot of drinks tonight?” Willow suggested.

“You’ve got a point. I might as well restock them now, ’cause I’ll be doin’ it in another hour when the bar closes anyway.”

Willow offered, “No, I think it’s my turn. I’ll do it if you’ll keep an eye on my section.”


Blake took a sip of Coke and waited a full minute before he followed Willow into the storeroom.

She was standing on the bottom ring of the metal shelving unit, trying to reach the package of napkins. She jumped when the door clicked behind him.

He didn’t move toward her. He purposely rested against the door because he didn’t trust himself not to bend her over the stack of boxes and f**k her until she screamed.

Her fingers curled around the metal shelf. “Blake.”



“Now that we’ve established our names—”

She launched herself at him. Her hands in his hair, her mouth hungry on his, her body plastering his to the door.

God. Yes. This is what he’d wanted. What he’d needed. To know she craved him as much as he did her.

Willow kissed a path to his ear. “Tell me you had another Boy Scout moment and stashed a condom in your pocket. Please.”

“Dammit. No. We used the one I brought to your place and the rest are upstairs.”

“No matter.” Her hands attacked his belt buckle. She had him unbuckled, unzipped, and was on her knees tugging his jeans and briefs down before he realized her intentions.

For a split-second, Blake thought about saying she didn’t have to do this. That he could wait to get off until they were together upstairs after the bar closed.

But the thought was fleeting at best.

Blake looked down at her. So eager and sexy and… Holy shit she just swallowed as much of him as she could.

It felt so damn fine he could only groan.

Willow’s hot mouth and flickering tongue worked him from shaft to balls. No breaks, just constant attention, constant friction. Constant heaven.

The echo of their combined heavy breathing and her sucking sounds kicked him closer to the edge.

Hold off.

No. Be greedy. Been an eternity since you’ve been blown to heaven and back.

He clenched his hands into fists at his sides, fighting the urge to grab her head and shove his c**k deep into her throat.

She pulled off long enough to say, “Don’t hold back. I’m not as fragile as you think.”

That was all the encouragement Blake needed. He threaded his hands though her hair and held her right where he wanted her. Pumping his h*ps into that suctioning heat.

Willow didn’t balk at his rougher handling.

A humming noise reverberated up his cock, sending goose bumps up his thighs, which started that prickling sensation in his balls. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Willow’s face, the splash of color in her cheeks, the perspiration dotting her forehead or the look of concentration that bordered on ecstasy.

She jacked his shaft at the base and focused on suckling the head.

When their eyes met, it was over.

Blake said, “I’m done,” as a warning in case she wasn’t the swallowing type.

But she was. Her tongue curled around the head of his c**k and she sucked in time to each hot spurt. Her constant rhythm prolonged the pulses until he about jumped out of his skin.

He sagged against the door, blinding white spots dancing behind his closed lids. Blood rushed to his head, throbbing in his brain like an echo of his cl**ax.

The pop hiss of a can brought him out of his sexual trance. He opened his eyes.

Willow sipped from a can of ginger ale. “Want some? I’ll warn ya. It’s warm.”

“Come here.” Blake hauled her upright and smashed his mouth to hers. Sweet soda mixed with the taste of his come and Willow. A potent combination. He kept kissing her until she squeaked a protest.



“You’re the bartender. People won’t miss me but they’ll be looking for you.”

“They’ll be fine for another minute or two.”

“It’s been ten minutes. You need to fasten your pants and get back out there.”

He smoothed a piece of her damp hair behind her ear. “I’d rather stay here with you.”

She just gazed at him with those shimmering brown eyes.


“So did I prove it?”

Blake grinned. “You even have to ask?”

She smirked. “Just checking.”

Chapter Seven

Willow waited a couple of minutes before she headed up front with an armful of napkins. She hoped Mandy hadn’t noticed how long she’d been gone. Or noticed Blake had gone missing around the same time. Or that her lips had taken on an extra fullness and shine.

Of course you hope Mandy noticed. Then she’ll have no doubt that you’re woman enough to handle Blake West.

“Oh, there you are, Willow,” Mandy said breezily. “Thanks for grabbing those.”

That’s not all I grabbed. “No problem.”

“Table four needs another round.”

“Cool. I’ll take care of it.” After taking the order, she wandered to the waitress station by the cash register.

Blake offered her the dimpled grin that weakened her knees. “Hey, sunshine.”

“Hey. I need two bottles of Coors Light and two Captain and Diet Cokes.”

He said, “You got it,” but he didn’t budge.

She waited. For some odd reason he was fascinated with her mouth.

Hah! You know the “odd reason” he’s looking at your mouth.



“I’ll be back for those drinks.”

“Uh. Yeah. Right.” He beamed another goofy grin. “Remind me again what they were?”

She repeated the order. She was still smirking a little when Mandy caught her eye and smirked back at her.


“Only one thing puts a smile like that on a man’s face.”

Willow feigned innocence. “Excuse me?”

“Oh, sugar, don’t play coy.” Mandy pursed her lips and glanced down. “And wow, you’ve got dirt on your knees.”

She blushed, angling her head to look at the front of her pants…and saw nothing. She met Mandy’s amused eyes.

“Gotcha.” Mandy’s smile widened. “And aren’t you glad you took the bull by the horn, so to speak?”

Then Willow knew. She laughed out loud. “You sneaky be-yotch. You never had designs on Blake.”

“Nope. A little jealousy is a good motivator.” She sighed. “I am such a sucker for romance. Too bad I’ve got none of it in my life.”

“No romance? So how did you pick up on the changes between me and Blake so quickly?”

Mandy shrugged. “All in a day’s work, but there’s no denying you’re the head waitress tonight.” She winked saucily and sauntered off.

The clock slowly ticked toward last call. The place finally emptied out. She and Mandy cleaned the front while Blake wiped down everything behind the bar.

Their section didn’t take long, but Blake was still slaving when they finished. Mandy shoved her tips in her purse and waved good-bye to Willow, protesting that Blake didn’t have to accompany her out to her car. But Blake was a genuinely good guy who made sure everyone on his watch was safe.

So Willow was surprised to see Mandy scowling as Blake followed her back inside the bar five minutes later.