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As she did, he cupped her breasts and began strumming her nipples in rhythmic tweaks, making her inner walls clench around him. The way he worked her body was perfect, sending delicious shivers throughout her.

“You set the pace tonight, sweetheart,” he murmured.

The words made her abdomen clench. He always set the pace and it was usually hard and frantic. He wasn’t trying to take over, to dominate, something that was so ingrained in his character that it was simply who he was. She was so used to him taking the lead between the sheets. Even if she initiated things, Jayce was so damn dominant that he usually ended up on top. Not that she’d ever minded. But he wasn’t making a move to change positions.

He knew how fragile she was and he was letting her take control. He was truly letting her set the pace. Oh, this would be fun. She wanted him to feel nothing but pleasure. For the pain she’d put in his eyes only moments before and because she loved him. And because she wanted to forget her nightmare—and Jayce was the only one who could make that happen.

Lifting herself to her knees, she sucked in a breath of pure pleasure as he moved within her. She rolled her hips, repositioning herself high enough that just his head was inside her. Her inner walls clenched. She wanted him to fill her, and by the growl that emanated from him, he wanted that too.

But torturing him just a little, drawing out the pleasure for both of them, would be worth it. She had no doubt.

When Jayce’s hands found her hips and grasped them tightly, trying to force her to increase her speed, she encircled his wrists and held them above his head. Of course if he’d wanted to be free, he could have easily broken her grip, but he let her guide him.

“If you don’t keep your hands here, I’ll tie you up,” she promised.

His eyebrows rose. “Try it.” Another soft growl, this one not quite as gentle as before.

But something told her that he would let her if she wanted. “Hold on to the headboard,” she ordered in a soft whisper.

He did as she said, wrapping his fingers around the iron posts as his gray eyes darkened with need.

She ran her hands up her ribs until she cupped her own breasts, holding them just as Jayce had done too many times to count as he took her from behind. Lightly, oh so lightly, she pulled one of her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, gently rolling it.

Jayce let out a groan as his hips jerked, his cock pumping into her in a hard, uncontrolled thrust. “You’re enjoying torturing me.”

“Maybe a little.” She was also torturing herself. It would totally be worth the payoff. Still cupping one breast, she leaned back, but kept herself impaled on him, only rolling her hips in small, measured movements.

With her free hand, she trailed a slow path down her stomach, enjoying watching Jayce’s hungry eyes track her every move. Using her finger, she began stroking her clit. She tightened around him with each caress and he groaned in unison with her clenches.

The headboard shook dangerously. “Fuck, you’re trying to kill me,” he ground out, the muscles in his forearms and neck pulled tight. So powerful, yet letting her have the control.

“If I wanted to kill you . . .” She slowly lifted off him until she was completely free. Her entire body tensed, mourning the loss of him filling her, but . . . “I’d do this,” she murmured as she shimmied down his body, bringing her mouth over his hardness.

He jerked again, then seemed to get control of himself as she took his length past her lips, as deep as she could go. Instead of continuing to stroke him with the wet heat of her mouth, she licked the underside of his shaft, enjoying the tension rolling off him. He practically vibrated and she knew he was trying to keep himself from taking over.

Something that was difficult for a man like him. Continuing her teasing assault, she moved up a little higher and lightly swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock, never fully letting him past her lips.

“Do something. Please.” Jayce’s voice was a guttural growl.

It was the “please” that undid her. Pushing up, she caged his hips with her hands. “You’d really let me keep doing this all night, wouldn’t you?”

“I’ll let you do whatever you want—just do it faster.”

The man had no patience sometimes. Crawling up his body, she kissed him with a hunger she couldn’t deny as she once again opened herself to him and let him slide inside her. To her surprise he was still grasping the headboard with white knuckles and she had a feeling his fingers were going to leave permanent indentations on it.

She couldn’t tease anymore. Too many emotions and too much need hummed through her for that. Gripping his shoulders she began riding him. Her fingers dug into his hard flesh but he didn’t seem to notice.

All his attention was on her face. Being under such a scrutinizing gaze made her want to look away, but she couldn’t. As if mesmerized, she stared into the gray eyes she knew so well. With each thrust inside her, his eyes seemed to darken with intensity until finally her head fell back and she let herself be swept away with her own hunger.

She’d wanted to hold out longer, but when she felt his hands clasp her hips, her orgasm shattered her, sending bursts of pleasure to every single nerve ending. She felt it with her entire body. Her toes curled as waves of sweet release swept through her.

Jayce’s grip on her hips tightened, his fingers marking her flesh in a way she knew he meant to do. “Look at me,” he rasped.

Her head snapped back up. Looking at him through a haze of bliss, she stared into his eyes as he came. There was nothing graceful about his climax; it was raw and loud, his shout filling the room and taking her with a triumphant possessiveness. His reaction was all because of her. Her nipples tingled with the aftershock of hearing such a guttural cry from him.

Before she realized what he was doing, he’d switched their positions and had her underneath him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, holding him tight. Staying nestled between her legs, he kissed her jaw in gentle little nips that made her clench around his still-hard length. “Don’t you ever get tired?” she whispered.

He paused only long enough to answer before gently biting her ear. “Of you, never.”

* * *

Jayce was fucked. Truly and utterly. He’d known it last night—well, technically this morning—after making love with Kat.

He could finally admit out loud what he’d been trying to deny to himself from the moment he’d met her. He’d known it all along, but he’d been living in a state of denial. She was his mate and after last night he knew he wasn’t walking away from her.


His enemies could be damned. When she’d left him before, it had taken all his strength not to run after her. Hell, when he’d received his orders to come to Fontana he’d practically run here like a randy little cub. The first place he’d gone to hadn’t been to the Armstrong ranch like he was supposed to. No, he’d gone directly to Kat’s. He couldn’t and wouldn’t stay away from her.

Unfortunately he didn’t know if he’d lost his chance for permanent bonding. After last night he wasn’t sure about anything. She could just be using him for sex, as a way to get through her pain. Hell, she still hadn’t said she loved him, and last night would have been the time to do it. For all he knew, this was temporary for her.

Scrubbing a hand down his face, he hurried down the stairs. The scent of freshly brewed coffee had trailed into the bathroom while he was showering, so he knew exactly where Kat was. Not that he couldn’t follow her sweet scent anyway.

She was leaning against the counter, coffee cup in hand, when he walked in. Wearing formfitting jeans, knee-high boots, a black bustier, and a fitted leather jacket, she was a wet dream come to life.

Her pale blue eyes narrowed at him. “We’re not leaving until I finish my coffee. Now that we’re sleeping together again, you will so afford me this.” Her voice was light and playful, making relief burst inside him like fireworks.

“I wasn’t thinking about leaving,” he murmured as he crossed the distance in the blink of an eye.

Taking her cup from her, he set it on the counter and claimed her mouth. The taste of coffee and chocolate teased his tongue. Smiling, he pulled back and nipped her bottom lip. “Chocolate for breakfast?”

She grinned and shrugged. “I can’t help it. You put off that lust scent and I’m hungry for it all the time, so it’s kind of your fault.”

Kissing her forehead, he chuckled and gave her some space. “When you’re done, we’re leaving.” While she’d been in the shower this morning he’d spoken to Connor about his plans for the day and the Alpha was on board with them. He’d run everything by Kat and she was on board too, eager to visit the house of the APL members Brianna had been trying to infiltrate. Since they suspected that the husband had a friend in law enforcement, Jayce would focus on picking up any scents at the house that would support that idea.

Then he was going to stop by the police station and see if he could match those scents with a cop. Most scents were residual, at least to him. He wouldn’t be able to follow an old scent anywhere, but if he could match it, he might be able to figure out who this guy’s cop friend was. From there, maybe he’d find another lead.

Investigation was tedious, but he was patient. Unfortunately he might have to start using stronger methods if these shifter-perpetrated killings didn’t stop. Mingling with any APL members right now when Connor’s pack was under scrutiny wasn’t his first choice, but if the killings continued, he would be forced to question APL members. Sometimes his questioning methods got messy. Something he didn’t relish. But if it came down to doing that to stop more carnage in Fontana, so be it.

“Did you talk to Erin this morning?” Kat asked as she set her mug in the sink.

He nodded. “Texted her. She’s pissed that we’re getting to have all the fun, as she put it, but she’s under Connor’s control and he wants her on lockdown at the ranch with everyone else.”