On a groan, he straightens and pulls himself free from my hands. And I pout like a child who had her candy taken away. He redeems himself almost immediately when he lowers my thong to the floor, pushes me to sit on the edge of the conference table, lifts my boot covered foot to his shoulder and lowers his face to swipe his tongue along my wet folds.

I gasp. “Oh, sweet baby Jesus! Don’t stop, Ash!”

And he doesn’t. He eats me like I’m thanksgiving dinner.

My stomach clenches and my eyes roll back in pleasure. The wet warmth of his tongue against me is almost more than I can handle. I find it hard to catch my breath, huffing, puffing and moaning. It’s never been like this with anyone before. He’s eating me like I’m his last meal. I think this is going to be some sort of record. He flattens his tongue and laves my opening, then works his way up to suck my clit into his mouth. He suckles me gently and the tingles start in my middle, making my core contract tight as a bow. I moan long before I yell out, “Holy shit, I’m gonna come!”

Still eating me like he’s getting paid for it, Asher’s groan vibrates against my pussy.

And that is that, my friends.

Overcome by ecstasy, my legs shake, my core jolts once, twice before fireworks explode behind my eyelids and my pussy pulsates hard in one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. Still pulsing, Ghost pushes his tongue in and out of me, and like gasoline to a flame, it fuels a second orgasm.

The gates have opened at bliss central!

If he doesn’t stop this, I’m going to pass out from pleasure overload.

I grip the back of his head with both hands and whimper. He groans and pushes his face deeper into me as my body shakes and I grind against his face, riding it out as I come lighter the second time round.

Moments pass and my hands become lax on Ghost’s head. Smiling in a complete blissful daze, I pet him like a kitten. He gently wipes his mouth on my thigh and stands. And I really can’t help myself, with his chest right in my face I stare wide eyed and wonder what it used to look like.

Maybe it was a car wreck? There are definite burn marks on him as well as lacerations. I just can’t place the scene in my head. What could cause destruction like this?

Imagine the pain…

I realize my stupidity as soon as he steps away from me. My brow furrows, I catch his hand and firmly say, “No.” Running my thumb over his knuckles, I go on, “I- I’m sorry, Ash. I promise I won’t look.”

And I genuinely mean that. There is no way I should be making him any more uncomfortable than what he clearly is.

It’s clear he’s angry. Inhaling deep, he avoids my gaze and growls, “You shouldn’t have to look at it. Fuckin’ offending your pretty eyes with this bullshit.” He motions to his chest with his free hand.

I hate seeing him like this. So full of hate and anger. I’m used to him being reserved but not angry.

Using the hand I captured, I pull him closer until he’s pressed against my naked body, only to find his erection is gone.

What a crying shame. You, my dear, are an asshole.

I am so pissed at myself. I just couldn’t help myself. I am so stupid sometimes.

An idea passes through my deranged brain and before I get a second to think about it, I wrap my legs loosely around his, digging the heels of my boots into his calves. Placing my hands on his hips, I slide them around, down his back to grip his firm ass. I feel his gaze on me, burning through me. This is the second bad decision I’ve had in one night.

Damn, alcohol. You’re a bad friend.

Here goes nothing.

Leaning my face forward very slowly, I inch closer to his scarred chest. I see his stomach clench in anticipation. Fearing he’ll pull away from me, I grip his ass so tight that my nails dig into his skin. The idea of marking someone used to excite me, but now that I’m confronted with what I’m sure was once a beautiful chest, the idea repulses me. I quickly loosen my hold on him and press a lingering open mouth kiss directly in the middle of his chest.

Ghost’s breathing escalates and his hands form tight fists by his sides. He whispers hoarsely, “Don’t.”

Ignoring him, I press another open mouthed kiss on him and playfully lick his nipple. His body becomes stiff as a board but I do my best to ignore it. I’m on a mission. With my legs still wrapped around him, I release his butt and move my hands up and down his back in a sensual massage.

I want to stand on the table and do a cheer when his body begins to relax. A few more kisses to his chest, and I feel him harden behind his jeans. And even though I want to do cartwheels, I focus on the big picture.

I lick around one nipple then suck it hard, all the while rubbing my wet, naked sex onto his jean covered hard-on. Using the same technique on the other nipple, I smile against it when he groans long and low. Licking from the center of his chest all the way to his throat, I gasp when he grips the hair at the base of my neck tightly. He pulls gently for me to look up at him, and when I do, I see his soft brown eyes are dark and hooded. He grunts, “How do you want it?”

Still minus my brain-to-mouth filter, I whisper, “Fuck me like you hate me.”

An almost cruel smile crosses his face. He utters, “Fuck yeah.”

He releases my hair and kisses me hard, his tongue playfully touching mine. Kicking off his shoes, he places his thumbs into his jeans, pulls them down and steps out of them. I watch in awe as he strokes his hard length right in my face.

Such a damn tease!

Not being able to resist, I lean forward to take it in my mouth but he pulls back and tuts. “You can have it when you ask nicely.”

My eyes narrow and I glare up at him. I want to shout a huge fuck you but I am thirsty. And Ghost’s cock is a tall glass of lemonade on a summer’s day. I look up into his eyes and through gritted teeth I ask, “Ghost, can I please suck it?”

His eyes crinkle in the corners as he responds, “What exactly do you want to suck?”

Oh my godfather! The freakin’ nerve of this guy!

Exhaling loudly, I ask, “Can I please suck your cock?”

He shakes his head and states, “You didn’t ask properly, so you can’t have it. The correct term is may I. And whenever I’m with you, only you, I’m Asher not Ghost.”


Is it stupid that I like when he gets all crazy control freak?

Okay, so even though he’s being the world’s biggest douchebag on a power trip, I somehow feel like I’m getting a privilege here. And it’s nice.

My heart warms and my face softens as I whisper, “May I please suck your cock, Asher?”

I’m immediately rewarded when he leans down and softly kisses my lips. “That’s my girl.”

I like being called his girl. Especially during our super happy fun time.

Stepping back from me a little, his shaft is a vision. Long, thick and angry looking. I wrap my hands around it and lean forward to lick the wetness from the slit. The taste of salt hits me and closing my eyes, I lick again and again til Asher groans and thrusts into my face. Taking the hint, I open my mouth and suck the head slowly.

Two can play the torture game.

With the head of his cock in my mouth, I poke my tongue out as far as I can and gently bob my head, moving my tongue along the sensitive underside. He groans again, louder this time and fresh wetness seeps from me. I peek up at him to find his head tilted up with his eyes closed in agonizing bliss. And I suddenly understand the games.

This is all he has to give me. He is giving me a gift right now. No one has ever seen him like this before. Uninhibited and out of control. And I caused it.

Go me!

Bobbing further down his length, I know I won’t be able to fit it all in.

Damn my small mouth to hell!

Just as I get my mouth around half his shaft, he hisses and pulls away from me. Frowning, I look up at him. He breathes heavily and croaks, “No more. I can’t take anymore.”

A shy smile forms on my lips and I move to stand, but he places a hand on my shoulder, stopping me. “No. Like this. I wanna see you this time.”

Placing his hands under my ass, he pulls me forward til I’m almost falling off the edge of the conference table. He holds one leg up using his forearm and moves closer to me. Our most intimate parts kiss and I moan. Asher looks down at me and whispers, “Condom,” but doesn’t move an inch.

The last time we had spontaneous monkey sex, we didn’t use a condom and I had an almost pregnancy scare. Shaking my head, I reply on a whisper, “No. I can’t- It’s okay. I’m safe.”

His lip lifts in the corner and he says, “Me too.”

My smile vanishes on a gasp when he takes his shaft in his hands and presses it to my opening.

Holy shit! He’s thicker than I remember.

Pushing into me inch by torturous inch, he breathes heavily and says through clenched teeth, “Fuck you’re tight, pretty girl.”

In a blissful state, I don’t even think when I answer. “Sorry. It’s been a while.”

Asher stops pushing into me and lifts his confused face. He smirks. “A week isn’t that long.”

Still floating in bliss, I push myself further onto him and state, “I didn’t have sex a week ago. I haven’t had sex for over a year. Conference room round one was over a year ago.”

A hand comes under my chin and lifts it to look up at him. His eyes have softened, but I feel the heat radiating off them. He asks slowly, “Last time you had sex was with me?”

Oh, wow. You are on a roll with the stupid, lady.

Realizing what I’ve just given away, speech fails me. Simply nodding seems like the best option right now.

His eyes crinkle as he kisses me and says against my lips, “Fuck me. You are something else.”

Asher’s face strains in concentration. He pushes forward and I moan. Fully impaled, my eyes roll back and I begin to beg, “Please, fuck me. I need it so bad.”

Eyes still closed, I hear him respond, “Let me take care of you.”

He pulls out almost completely then thrust back into me. Hard. Bright lights dance before my eyes and I moan. “Oh, yeah. Just like that, baby.”

Leaning over me, he puts his forehead on mine, grips under my ass and thrusts hard, over and over. It feels so good that I could weep from joy. A year of rubbing one out completely forgotten. This is what sex is. This is what sex should be. Animalistic and passionate. He fucks like a machine.

Oh my freakin’ God, he is good!

As good as I remembered. Really. Maybe even better. Oh hell, it was a long time ago, okay?

With my leg still hoisted over his forearm, I use it to balance myself as I lift my hips in time with his thrusts, giving as good as I get. The sound of slapping bodies fills the air and my nipples harden.

I am burning up!

He growls low before taking my mouth in a hard kiss that makes me whimper. The tingles start low in my spine and my mind screams too soon! Just as I’m about to warn Ash that I’m going to come again he pulls away from our kiss and chokes out, “Come with me, girl. Next time I’ll make it better. I promise.”

I yell out, “Thank God! I’m coming, Ash!”

My core tightens around him just as he stiffens. White spots appear in front of my eyes and blissful warmth soars through me. The contractions hit me hard. I moan loudly and my hips jerk me further into him. Clenching tight, I can feel him jerk his release inside of me. He groans and thrusts. Once, twice, three times, then stills, panting. My body becomes limp from exhaustion.

A long moment passes because neither of us can seem to get our shit together. We just stay as we are, joined together most intimately. Our foreheads touch and we pant into each other’s faces. I reach up with one arm to circle his neck and press my lips lightly to his. When I whisper, “Happy birthday, Ash,” he shakes in silent laughter and presses harder into my mouth, deepening our kiss. Pulling away, he says, “Thanks, pretty girl.”

When he pulls out of me, I almost whimper from the sudden loss and emptiness I feel. This is the point I expect this whole situation is going to get awkward…but it never does. I sit naked on the edge of the conference table wearing only my boots. Asher picks up my clothes and hands them to me then puts his jeans back on. I slide the dress over my head and adjust it to look as normal as I can get it. Unable to find my thong anywhere, I give up, stand and walk over to a still semi naked Ghost.

I’ve noticed he seldom smiles but his eyes do a lot. And I like that.

Walking over to him, I see his eyes crinkle. I smile at him, wrap my arms around his waist and kiss his chest. He stiffens a little but I can see he’s getting used to it. In between kisses, I ask, “Are we going to wait another year to do this again?”

His hand reaches up to squeeze the back of my neck as he replies, “That all depends on you, girl.”

I really like the neck thing. It feels possessive and dominant.

Taking a moment to try to activate my brain-to-mouth filter, I realize I’m too late when I blurt out, “I really just wanna fuck you whenever I feel like it.”

Insert face-palm here.

My face flushes but luckily he doesn’t take offence. Relief flows through me as he rubs my back gently and chuckles his response, “Well, right on. I’m all for that.”

And just like that, Asher Collins and I are having an affair…I think.

Hmmm, I must clarify this with him.

Searching for the right way to put this, I admit, “I don’t want anyone to know about this, Ash.”

His hand stills at my back and, damn it, I’m worried I’ve made yet another huge mistake. Before he can answer, I go on, “It’s not the way you think. I’m not ashamed of you.” Looking at him so he can see the sincerity in my eyes, I tell him, “It’s just that with all the Cole stuff that happened and everyone feeling the need to give me their opinions lately, I guess I just want something that’s just mine. Something private. Something I won’t be judged for or have people butt their asses into. Do you get me, or do I just sound like some crazy-assed rambling woman?”


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