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“Where did you go?” I whispered.

“Trying to sort shit out. Things have kind of changed. Plans needed to change,” Bear said, hearing him acknowledge what had happened between us earlier made me able to relax into his hold.

“Do you have a new plan?”

“Not yet,” Bear said with a sigh.

“Anything I can do to help?”

“This. This helps,” he said into the back of my neck and I arched backward into his now hard erection. “You okay?” he asked, snaking his hand down between my legs. “Here, I mean. I got a little crazy before and forgot to ask you.”

“I’m fine,” I said. And I was. I was a little sore, but nothing that could outweigh the magnitude of what had happened between us.

“Good, ’cause I need inside you, Ti.” Bear ran his tongue down the back of my neck and my lips parted when he sucked the tip of my earlobe into his mouth. He pushed one long finger inside of me. “Fuck, your pussy is so fucking wet for me already,” Bear said, stroking my clit.

I moaned. “Gonna make this fast and hard,” he murmured against my skin. He lifted up my leg and pushed inside of me, stretching and filling me in two hard long thrusts. He started pumping into me before my body was ready for him and the bite of pain made each stroke torturously erotic.

“Never felt nothing like this, Ti. Wanna fuck you and smack the living shit out of you all at the same time. Don’t know what this is, but it makes me want to keep you filled with my cock all day long and dripping with my cum. I want to mark you. I want to fucking own you.” He grunted as his thrusts became harder, more frantic, more erratic.

Just more.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” he asked on a ragged exhale.

Sparks played behind my eyes and Bear must have sensed I was close because he reached over and circled my clit with two fingers until I came undone around him. “Fuck, so fucking good,” he groaned, finding his release inside of me, pulling me so close into him that I thought he was going to crack one of my ribs.

I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.



I was telling the truth when I told Ti that I had no fucking clue what the plan was moving forward. Shit had changed so quickly. With her, and if I was being honest, with myself.

I wanted to talk to King the night before, but he had clients coming and going all night so I sat on the dock by myself with an untouched bottle of Jack on the ground next to me, trying to figure out my next move, and in the hours I spent down there all I figured out was that I didn’t know shit.

Not yet anyway.

My new plan was simple. We’d meet with Bethany, the lawyer, and go from there.

We’d deal with the law first.

The lawless second.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” I barked as Ti walked out of the garage and right past where I was crouched down on the driveway trying to put my bike back together again. King had sent a tow truck to get it from the shed at Ti’s house and thankfully it came back without raising suspicions. I wiped the sweat on my forehead with the rag from my back pocket and lit the cigarette that had been dangling from my lips. I drank in Ti’s long muscular legs and my fucking cock jumped to attention like it always did when she was around.

God damn she was beautiful.

And she was mine.

“I was looking for you.” She crossed her arms across her chest, pressing out her braless tits against the fabric of the t-shirt I’d given her to wear the night before. “I woke up and you were gone. You know it’s okay to be nice. You don’t have to snap at me all the time.”

“I didn’t sleep much,” I said, standing up and taking a drag of my smoke. I felt bad for snapping at her but the truth was when I saw her leaving I had a flashback of her trying to run away and I immediately got heated.

“I can’t sleep with your tight ass pressed against my cock. You need something?” I asked, taking another deep drag off my smoke and letting the nicotine invade my brain. Truth was also that it had been days since I’d hit the hard stuff and the headache I was sporting made it seem like the world was yelling at me.

She looked down to the gravel. “Yes. No. I mean…yes?”

“Ti, spit it out,” I said, looking down at her rapidly healing face. The bruises around her eye were barely visible. Each minute that passed she looked more and more fuckable, and now that I’d actually had her, all I wanted was more.

I used to think that I wanted to go out in a blaze of bullets and glory. Now I think that I’d like to go out balls deep inside my girl.

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