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“Yeah not until two or three,” I said. “Buck might be around, but that’s it for Jessep, just the two of them.”

“Good. My bike’s not in the worst shape, but I need a couple of parts. We can make a quick run at first light and head back to Logan’s Beach.” My stomach chose that moment to let out an embarrassingly loud growl.

How long had it been since I’d eaten? Then I remembered, not since lunch with Grace and Ray.

“And we have to get you some food,” Bear added. My cheeks reddened.

“Wait, you want me to come back with you? Why?”

“You ask too many questions,” Bear growled, unbuckling his jeans he gave me no warning before pushing them down to the grass and stepping out of them. He turned the hose on himself, rinsing off the events of the night.

I turned around because I wasn’t sure what else to do or where else to look. “I ask, because I want to know,” I said with a huff, the image of Bear’s naked ass burned into my mind. My nipples hardened and something inside of me clenched. I didn’t need to go back to Logan’s Beach with him, I needed to check myself into a mental facility for teenagers who can’t keep their hormones in check. “Why did you come after me? Why did you want to make sure the MC didn’t kill me?” And because I couldn’t resist and because my mouth was running away with me, “And why did you kiss me?”

I waited for him to answer me but nothing. I heard the spray of the hose turn off and was about to turn around to see if he walked away when I felt his heat against my back. His wet heat.

His naked wet heat.

He pulled me up against him, his strong chest on my back and rock hard thighs against my ass. With one hand splayed under the hem of my shirt against my bare stomach he breathed into my ear, “Stop asking so many questions,” he said, the tip of his tongue barely making contact with my skin but sending a flush of wetness between my legs.

“Just answer me why,” I said. It came out as a whisper.

As a beg.

Bear chuckled and it vibrated against my neck. I leaned into him, my lower back coming into contact with his growing erection.

“Do you really want to know?” he asked, tracing the underside of my breast with his calloused thumb. “Do you really want to know why I kissed you? Why I kissed your sweet pussy? Do you want to know that I can still taste you on my tongue right now and I’m fucking salivating for more? Do you want to know that you were tight around my tongue and I imagined the entire time that it was my cock you were squeezing with your virgin cunt?” he asked, rocking against me.

“Yes,” I begged. “Yes, I want to know.”

“Because, I fucking wanted to,” he said and my stomach damn near flipped out of my body. He punctuated his words by nipping at my neck before pushing me forward and turning the hose on me.

The cold stream dousing the fire of lust that had started to build in my belly.

“Son of a bitch,” I screamed, running toward the spray of the water, intent on killing him and adding him to the bodies at the bottom of the pond.

He tossed me the hose and I caught it by the neck. “Clean up.”

“You could have just said that,” I spat.

“Now where would be the fun in that?” He bent down and picked up his jeans off the ground, shrugging them back on. I covered my eyes with my hands but couldn’t help peeking through my fingers to catch another glimpse of his round and tight ass.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware this was fun,” Bear said. “You can take your hand down now and stop pretending you weren’t looking.”

“I wasn’t looking!” I lied. Bear chuckled to himself disappearing back up the steps to the house as I finished hosing off, wishing that the water was colder.

Much, much colder.



“I can go into town my myself,” I said, climbing up into the driver’s seat of my dad’s old Ford.

Bear had grabbed me some dry clothes from the house, but couldn’t find the keys. After a few minutes of pulling wires out from under the steering wheel he managed to get it to start by twisting some wires together. “Just tell me what you need and I’ll get it.” I went to close the creaky door but Bear held out his hand and caught it.

“I’m not letting you go alone,” Bear said. “We got time before the MC figures out that Tank and Cash are not of this world anymore. Tank’s phone was busted but I sent a few texts from Cash’s to Chop before they went for their late night swim. Bought us some time.”

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