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Isaac wanted revenge on King, and it was obvious he’d planned it all out before we’d showed up at the party with the help of someone in Bear’s MC.

King and Preppy could be killed.

They could’ve already been dead.

I couldn’t feel my limbs, but I could hear the blood rushing to my head.

Maybe, it was all for show. I silently hoped that Isaac just wanted to prove a point and that his intentions weren’t as bad as he’d let on.

No. They weren’t as bad. They were worse.

Much worse.

Because the second the door closed behind me, the reality set in. I looked around for a weapon, something I could use to ward him off, but it was too late. I was on my back on the cot with Isaac’s hand wrapped around my neck, silencing the guttural scream I didn’t even know was coming from deep within my throat.

With one hand trapping my wrists, he straddled me, his thighs caging me in. He released my throat to roughly tug down my dress, exposing my breasts. I let out another scream, which was rewarded with his fist cocking back then landing square on my jaw. My brain rattled around in my head. I saw stars and my vision blurred. My insides were in full defense mode.

Every bit of adrenaline I had was being used to fight him off. But being dazed from the blow to the face, my efforts weren’t enough because he released one hand from my wrists and fumbled with his pants, his fat, little limp cock rested on my thigh as I tried to buck him off with all I had.

He wasn’t as big as King, but he was big enough to do whatever it was he had planned for me without much trouble. Fighting back with all my strength was nothing more to him than a slight amusement and minor annoyance.

I wasn’t about to give up. There was no way King would be able to rescue me, this time. I was on my own and was going to survive this, even if that meant I had to rip his dick off with my fucking teeth.

In the meantime, I bit at any body part of his that came near me, my mouth landing on his wrist bone, rattling my teeth and barely piercing his tanned and tough skin. Immediately, I felt something cold against my forehead.

“I will fucking blow your brains all over this room if you don’t stop biting me, bitch. Then, I’m going to have my men shoot your boys out there in the head and dump them in the fucking swamp. Is that what you fucking want?” he breathed, pushing the gun harder against my head.

“No,” I gasped.

“That’s what I thought. King needs to learn his place. He needs to know that when he gets in bed with me I’m the one who calls the fucking shots, and what’s his is mine. These are my streets, my product. This is my fucking clubhouse. These are my fucking tits.” He snaked his cold, wet tongue around one of my nipples, and I had to swallow down the bile rising in my throat. “That’s why I’m going to fuck you right now. I’m going to fuck you without a rubber and send you back out there with my cum dripping down your leg so he can learn that he is the King of nothing.”

He slid his hand up my leg and grabbed a hold of my panties. When I screamed, he again he covered my mouth and straddled me with a knee on each side of my rib cage, squeezing his legs together so tightly I heard my rib crack at the same time I felt the explosion of pain in my chest. With his free hand, Isaac reached into his boot and produced a long hunting knife. He raised it into the air, and then brought it down into my thigh until I felt it hit bone.


When he pulled the serrated blade out, he took chunks of my flesh with it. “I told you not to fucking scream, you fucking cunt.”

Pain coursed through my leg and spread to every nerve ending in my body until it felt like my entire leg had been stabbed, not just my thigh. Tears poured out of my eyes as I struggled to see past the pain-induced blurry vision.

Isaac’s hands were back up my dress, yanking my panties down, the cool air blew over my newly exposed parts, letting me know that Isaac had successfully removed them.

He settled himself between my legs and reached down to position his cock at my entrance. “You fight me, and they’re fucking dead,” he said, looking me in the eyes.

There was nothing about his demeanor that would make me believe that he wasn’t the kind of guy who didn’t follow through with his threats. He meant every word. If I screamed, if I fought him off, the only people in the world who I loved would be dead.

King would be dead.

“That a girl,” he hissed as I dropped my knees to the sides. With a whole lot of effort, Isaac managed to push himself inside of me. He was struggling. My body was so dry it was like it was fighting its own fight to keep him out. He spit on his hand and reached between us.

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