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Bear chuckled.

I’ve spent so much time trying not to make King angry, and it’s never worked. I was tired of walking on eggshells around him. I wanted to make him angry. I wanted to fight with him more than I wanted anything. I wanted to scream.

I wanted to claw his fucking eyes out.

I wanted to hurt him the way he hurt me.

“Get the fuck away from her, Bear,” King repeated.

“We’re just talking man,” Bear said, no sign of fear in his voice. If anything, he was amused.

“Looks like you’re doing more than that. Get you’re fucking hands off her, and go fucking talk to someone else,” King warned. “She’s. Mine.”

“Oh yeah? Well, you may want to tell her that because you ain’t got her thinking the same thing.”

“The only reason you don’t have a bullet in your fucking skull is because we’ve got history. But in two fucking seconds, if you don’t get your dirty fucking hands off my girl, I will say fuck-all to our history and blow your mother fucking head off,” King said angrily through gritted teeth.

“Ain’t gotta get your pretty panties all up in a twist, brother.” Bear got up and brushed off his jeans. “Sorry darlin’. Maybe, some other time.” He winked at me and whispered, “Offer still stands. You need me, you come find me.”

I could feel the anger radiating off King when Bear walked past him, nudging his shoulder. “You might want to put your claim on that before the boys get wind that you haven’t,” Bear told him. “She’s fair game to the bikers in these parts, including me, so you best do it and do it soon. That is, if she still wants your dumb ass.”

Bear was one brave soul to talk to King while the look on his face screamed nothing but murderous rage. I half-expected King to go ape shit and make good on his promise to shoot Bear but the second he’d disappeared into the shadows, King stepped onto the dock.

“I hate the way you make me feel. Well, most of the time,” I spat. I was tired of dancing around the truth. “I hate the confusion you bring into my already confused life. I need this back and forth shit to end.” I took a deep breath. “I can’t take it anymore. You like me. You hate me. You like me. You want to kill me. You want to fuck me. You want me to stay. You want me to live. My head is fucking spinning over here.”

My buzz faded faster than the setting sun.

“You should leave. I don’t want you here,” I added.

“I know. I don’t care,” King said.

“Oh, I’m fully aware that you don’t care. That I know.”

“You don’t know shit, Pup,” King barked.

“Oh yeah? So you didn’t just spend the entire night at the carnival all over me, saying sweet shit to me, making me feel like this stupid thing between us is something more than just a stupid thing, only to whip out your dick with someone else the very first chance you got? Go back to the fucking house, King. Go back to that girl. I hope she’s everything you wanted.”

“I can’t,” King said evenly.

“Why not? Seemed easy for you before.”

“Because, Pup, I don’t want to. No matter how hard I try to fight this, I’m drawn to you. You think I like this back and forth shit? You think you’re the only one who’s fucking confused here?” He shook his head like he couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. “I’m drawn to you,” he repeated turning my chin up to him.

“What do you expect? Am I supposed to fall at your feet and thank you for being ‘drawn to me’?” Not only was he confusing, he was fucking infuriating. “Drawn to me? You’re drawn to me! Well, let me just take off my fucking panties then, and let’s do this shit. Yeah, you were really drawn to me. Tell me something, KING. Do most first dates end with the guy getting sucked off by another girl? I mean, I’ve never been on one, so you tell me. I could be wrong here. Because if the answer is yes, then this date has gone fucking swimmingly!”

“I’m…FUCK! You think you know everything, but you don’t. All you do is run those pretty lips of yours and expect me to be able to just give into you!” King threw his hands up in the air. “You make me fucking crazy, you know that!” he shouted.

“I make YOU crazy? How the fuck do you think I feel? Most of the time I don’t know if you want to kill me or fuck me!” I screamed, every single word he spoke ignited my anger until it wasn’t something I could even begin to hold back.

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