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“How about we just go to class first? For all we know, he could be dead. He did die in my dream after all.” The back of Katherine’s mind nagged at her. The thought of him being dead wasn’t something she wanted to accept, so she forced those thoughts aside.

They walked into the large classroom and Taylor motioned toward the last row. “Can we sit in the back? I hate having people sit behind me. It’s like I can feel them staring down the back of my neck,” Taylor shivered.

“Wherever’s fine. I don’t care.” Katherine followed Taylor’s lead.

Katherine sat down and noticed Taylor scanning the room. She watched as Taylor quickly jotted things down in her notepad. The sight made her laugh out loud.

The guy in front of her turned around when he heard her laugh. Katherine struggled to breathe as she fixated on the green eyes in front of her. They continued to stare at each another and Katherine felt herself flush. She knew one of them had to turn away, but he was the one turned backward, not her. He finally faced the front of the classroom and Taylor kicked Katherine under the table.

“What…was...that?” Taylor whispered toward her.

“I don’t know, but he’s really cute isn’t he? Did you see his eyes? Good Lord.” Katherine’s cheeks burned.

“Blue?” Taylor asked with a big smile.

“No, green. But still…hello! Is it hot in here?” Kat laughed and fanned her face.

“It’s just you. And apparently him,” Taylor joked back.

“Ladies, is there a problem?” The professor stopped his lecture and looked at the girls in the back of the room.

“No, Professor. Sorry!” they responded in unison.

Katherine punched Taylor under the table. The green-eyed boy looked back for one more glance, a quick smile and then turned back around. Katherine’s breath hitched.

When class ended, Katherine gathered up her things and scanned the room. “Well that’s weird. I mean, where’d he go?”

“Clearly, you scared him so he had to run away,” Taylor joked.

She shrugged her shoulders and pulled Taylor toward the door. “Come on, let’s go.”

They walked outside and into the blinding sunlight. Katherine squinted and quickly reached for her sunglasses. She looked around at the huge green trees and walked toward an unoccupied stone bench.

“Let’s sit for a minute,” Katherine suggested.

“Ok. I want to ask you some more questions anyway,” Taylor added.

Katherine laughed, “What more can you possibly want to know?”

Taylor pulled out her notepad. “Why were you crying?”

“I can’t explain it. It’s the very thought of him. That moment when I heard the gunshot…” Katherine paused and pressed her hand against her heart. “It physically brought me pain. It’s like I went to bed with a whole heart, but I woke up with it in pieces.”

“Kat, that’s really intense. We’re way too young and way too hot to be this crazy over some guy we’ve never met before.” Taylor informed her with a serious look on her face.


“Yeah, we. I mean, I’m totally involved in this now too, so…WE.” Taylor folder her arms across her chest.

Katherine stood up from the bench and smiled, “You’re crazy. I’ve got to go to my next class. Chemistry. Awesome.”

“I’ll see you at home. Did I tell you that Kylie is stopping by to see our place and say hi and stuff?” Taylor reminded her.

“Who is she again?” Katherine asked.

“One of my best friends from high school. Don’t worry, you’ll love her. I think,” Taylor laughed.

“What???” Katherine’s eyes widened with worry.

“I’ll make sure she’s on her best behavior,” Taylor reassured her confidently.

“Oh my gosh, seriously? Why? What’s her deal?” Katherine pressed.

“She just…I don’t know. She can be a real bitch sometimes. She’s competitive.”

“And she’s your best friend? How did that happen?” Katherine sincerely wondered.

“Eh, it’s a long story,” Taylor hesitated before quickly saying, “I hated her at first, something bad happened that brought us together, and here we are.”

Confused, Katherine shook her head and threw up her arms, “Okay. Whatever. See you at home.”

“You’re not mad, right?”

“No, you’re just weird,” Katherine smiled and turned to head toward her class.

“You’re the weird one. See ya later weirdo!” Taylor shouted as she headed in the opposite direction.


Taylor walked into her dorm room and tossed everything onto the floor except her notebook. She read over her scribbles from Katherine’s dream and added new thoughts and questions. When the house phone finally rang, she jumped.


“Hi. This is the front desk. Your guest has arrived.”

“Can you send her up?”

“You need to come down and sign her in first.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Taylor hopped up and ran out the door. She rounded the corner and saw Kylie waiting impatiently for her.

“So this is what you’ve ditched me for, huh?” Kylie asked snidely.

Taylor signed the guest sheet and gave Kylie a tight squeeze. “Don’t be a brat. Come on. I’m so excited you’re here!”

“So, tell me about your roommate? Do we hate her?” Kylie asked with a smile.

Taylor laughed, “No, we don’t hate her. We love her.”

Kylie scrunched her nose and Taylor snapped, “Oh, I know that look. Don’t be a bitch, Kylie. She’s from California and she’s really great. I promise.”

“Whatever. I’ll try to be nice,” Kylie sassed.

“How lucky for us all,” Taylor teased.


Katherine walked through the door and the conversation abruptly stopped. Her eyes quickly met Kylie’s and she watched as the stunning blonde sized her up with a scowl. Kat smiled in return.

Taylor jumped up, “Hey, Kat! This is my best friend from home, Kylie. Kylie, this is my roommate Katherine.” Taylor held her breath.

Kylie stood up and reached for Katherine’s hand. “So you’re the famous roommate my best friend loves so much.”

Katherine shot Taylor a look, “Uh…I guess so? It’s nice to meet you, Kylie. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Chills sped down Katherine’s spine as the tension between her and Kylie filled the room. Katherine sensed something undeniably off between the two of them and she wondered if Kylie did as well.

“How long are you staying? Do you want to come out with us tonight?” Katherine asked in an overly friendly tone. The last thing she wanted was an enemy.

“I hadn’t though about it, but what are you guys doing? I mean, if it’s some sort of party with really hot guys, you’ll need me there,” Kylie said as she ran her fingers through her short blonde hair.

“Oh yes, Princess Kylie, for we humble servants cannot meet any guys without your presence. Please accompany us to the party we’re crashing later,” Taylor quipped back, rolling her eyes.

Kylie eyeballed Katherine before looking back at Taylor, “I’m just saying you probably need me is all. You know that no guy can resist this.”

“Can I talk to you…in private?” Taylor barked and quickly grabbed Kylie by the arm.

Katherine watched as Taylor pulled Kylie roughly into the bathroom. She cringed slightly as Taylor slammed the door shut.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Taylor whispered harshly.

“Nothing. What’s wrong with you?” Kylie snapped back in response.

“Why are you being a bitch?”

Kylie narrowed her eyes and glared, “I don’t trust her.”

Taylor laughed, “What do you mean you don’t trust her?”

Kylie shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. Call it woman’s intuition or whatever. There’s just something about her I don’t like.”

“Seriously, Kylie? If this is how you’re going to be then you should just leave.”

Kylie’s face dropped, “I’m sorry. I’ll try to behave. I promise.”

Taylor huffed out a long sigh, “Do better than try.”

The bathroom door opened slowly and Taylor walked out first. She mouthed I’m sorry in Katherine’s direction and Katherine simply smiled.

Kylie emerged and said unemotionally, “I’m sorry for being mean.”

“It’s okay,” Katherine longed for peace. “So, are you going to come with us tonight or what?

Kylie pondered the offer, “Yeah. I’ll go.”

“And you’ll stay the night?” Taylor pushed.

“Well I’m not driving home at like 3 in the morning.”

“Good,” Taylor smiled.

“But one of you better let me borrow some clothes because I didn’t bring anything to wear.”

“You can look through my stuff if you want,” Katherine offered.

“Thanks,” Kylie responded and headed toward the closet.

Taylor breathed a sigh of relief, “Plus, Kylie, you can help us look for Kat’s dream guy.”

“Seriously, Taylor? I forgot all about him,” Katherine answered calmly.


Katherine shot Taylor a look. “It’s totally normal that I can’t stop thinking about him, right? I’m sure I’m perfectly sane,” Katherine rolled her eyes.

“What dream guy?” Kylie inquired, half excited, half annoyed.

“Can I tell her?” Taylor looked at Katherine for approval.

Katherine nodded and pretended not to listen as Taylor filled Kylie in.

“Wow. That’s pretty crazy. And you have no idea who he is?” Kylie looked at Katherine with disbelief.

Katherine shook her head, “Never seen him before in my life.”

Chapter Two

“So what frat is this again?” Katherine asked sweetly.

“Kat, I’ve told you a hundred times how much calling a fraternity a frat makes them cry like little girls. Try not to do that to any of them tonight, will ya? It’s embarrassing…you know, for them.”

“I’ll try my best, but no promises,” Katherine smiled.

“And in all honesty, I’m not sure what fraternity this is. Does it really matter when there are hockey players involved?” Taylor asked with excitement.

“Oh no,” sighed Kylie. “You’re joking right? Are we going to a hockey party or a fraternity party? I really need to know how much of my A-game I need to bring, Tay. You have to give a girl like me some warning!”

“What? Why am I so confused right now?” laughed Kat.

“Don’t listen to Kylie. She’s all hot and bothered about the hockey players. She knows that fraternity guys are easy but the hockey players require a bit more is all,” Taylor informed her.

“What? You guys are making me crazy right now. What are you talking about? A bit more what?”