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“I love it.” Nan crossed her arms and scanned the yard. “You could put a gazebo right there. It would make a lovely spot for a wedding.”

“Nan,” Ellie sighed.

Her grandmother feigned innocence. “Just saying.”

Grant tucked Faith under his arm, football style, and kissed Ellie on the lips. “I like the idea.”

They’d talked about getting married. They weren’t rushing things, but buying the house together was a step in the right direction. They already spent as much time as possible together. For now, Grant would be satisfied having her in his bed at night.

“Did I tell you what happened at work today?” Ellie asked. “Roger fired Frank.”

“Really?” Grant wasn’t surprised. Frank was slime.

“He’d gotten himself into some debt in his quest for partnership and decided some fraudulent checks were his only way out.” She shook her head. “If he could have held on another month or two, he would have gotten the partnership.”

“Some people never get enough.” But Grant had plenty. Faith complained and pumped her fists in the air. “OK. We have to make a decision. The boss is getting impatient.” No doubt she wanted to stick every one of those dandelions in her mouth. “What’s it going to be?”

“Please.” Julia pressed her palms together.

“Let’s do it,” Nan encouraged.

“It’s a big project,” Ellie warned. She scanned their faces. “All right. We’ll buy it.”

Grant passed Faith back to Julia and wrapped his arms around Ellie. He planted a kiss on her mouth. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Ellie.” Carson hugged their thighs.

Ellie ruffled Carson’s hair and kissed Grant back. “I love you both.”

Grant leaned away and shouted to the real estate agent, “We’ll take it. How soon can we close?”

The latest chapter in his life had started out in the worst possible way, but Grant had finally found the life he wanted. He wasn’t going to waste one more second.


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