Author: Emma Chase

I stumble forward and fall to my knees beside my baby. I rub over the words, trying to erase the gouges with my hand. Then I yell over my shoulder at Delores, “You heartless monster! How could you?”

I turn back to my car and whisper soothingly, “It’ll be okay. I’ll get the best body guy in the city. It’ll be like it never happened. No one will ever know you were scarred.”

From the upper level I hear Billy Warren’s wail of anguish, and I know Delores got to his new truck, too.

I feel your pain, Douche Bag.

Leisurely, Delores strolls over. She looks down at me, eyes mocking, one fingerless-lace-gloved hand on her hip. “Pull any shit like that again and I’ll carve it into your fucking forehead.”

Then she smiles cheerily. “Night, everyone. Thank you for being a part of our special day.”

And she disappears into the shadows.

I feel bad for Matthew’s Guardian Angel. He’s going to be working overtime.

‘Cause I’m pretty sure my best friend just married a demon.