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When she drew in a ragged breath, he knew he’d won. Sometimes actions really did speak louder than words. Trying to convince her to do something when she was in a stubborn mood was usually impossible, but this…he’d known it wouldn’t take much convincing.

“You don’t fight fair,” she murmured.

“I never claimed to.” He stopped his movements and grasped the base of his cock as he waited.

Shaking her head, she smiled and quickly stripped off her long-sleeved pajama top then pants.

“You’re not wearing any panties,” he growled.

She practically smirked at him as she climbed onto the bed. “I know. I just wanted you to sweat it a little.”

“It’s been a month.” How much more could he take? When he made a move to get up, she shook her head.

“Stay where you are.” There was a slight note of nervousness in her voice and that surprised him.

They’d gotten physical a few times in the past month but nothing that involved actual penetration. Alexis had been too worried about him, and no amount of cajoling had been able to convince her otherwise. She’d certainly gotten him off with her sweet mouth—and he’d done the same for her, but he wanted inside her in the worst way. Was she really going to make him wait?

“Are you trying to torture me?” he rasped out.

Shaking her head, she spread her legs across him and slowly crawled up the length of his body. As she shimmied upward, she rubbed her slick folds over his hard length.

All it would take was one hard thrust and he’d be inside her. But she obviously planned to drag things out, and he wasn’t going to stop her. They both needed this. God knew he certainly did.

Moving farther up his body, she stopped when one of her breasts was right over his mouth. She didn’t need to convince him.

Taking one of the light brown buds in his mouth, he lightly raked his teeth over the sensitive area. She let out a shudder as she clutched the pillow next to his head. Normally she’d be grabbing his shoulders or chest, but he understood she was trying to restrain herself so she wouldn’t hurt him.

As he pulled her nipple further into his mouth, he reached between their bodies and cupped her mound. She was so wet it made his hips jerk upward. Like a heat-seeking missile, his cock wanted inside her and it wanted in now. But he could be patient.


He had to remind himself that it had been a month for her too, not just him.

Lightly, he rubbed his finger along her folds back and forth until she practically started riding his hand. Instead of easing her into it, he slid two fingers inside her.

The moment he did she shifted and moved her breast away from his mouth and replaced it with her lips.

Still clutching at the bed next to him, she let out a soft sigh as their tongues met. Cupping her breast with his free hand, he tweaked her nipple and hungrily ate at her mouth. She tasted minty and fresh and she was all his.

Something he kept reminding himself of. He loved watching her get dressed in the morning or watching the way she got flustered when he whispered dirty things in her ear at random times during the day.

But more than anything, he loved watching her hot body move over his. Or under his. It didn’t matter. As long as there were no clothes involved.

The faster he moved his fingers inside her, the tighter she clenched around them. He had no doubt she was close to climaxing, but he didn’t want her coming around his fingers. Hell, his cock was jealous of them right now. Aching and desperate, it wanted inside her tight sheath. Without warning, he withdrew his fingers and clasped her hips tight. Plunging upward, he groaned into her mouth as he entered her.

She was so tight he held on to her hips with a firm grip, refusing to let her move. But she pulled her head back and stared down at him. “If you don’t let me move, I’ll kill you,” she rasped out, hunger and need clear in her eyes.

As she sat back on him, he relaxed his grip and stared at her. Her dark hair tumbled seductively around her shoulders as she began to slowly ride him.

His throat tightened as he watched her move. He could lie there all day, mesmerized by the sight in front of him. With the muted candlelight of the room, everything about the moment was so intimate. So perfect.

She was all of his fantasies rolled into one hot package. And she was all his. He knew if he tried to count how many times he’d had that thought alone in the past twelve hours he wouldn’t be able to.

Keeping her gaze on him, her lips curved up seductively as she cupped her breasts. When she started gently rubbing her already hard nipples he nearly lost it. Once he was healed in a few weeks he planned to take her hard and fast, then soft and slow. This inability to move too much right now was a special kind of torture.

There was a slight discomfort in his ribs but he barely noticed it. All he could focus on was Alexis.

One of his hands tightened on the curve of her hips and with his other he reached between them and started teasing her clit. Slowly at first, but when her breathing grew more shallow and her eyes became heavy lidded, he increased his pace and his pressure.

Simultaneously he began thrusting his hips upward, meeting her stroke for stroke until their bodies hit that perfect rhythm. He was so close and the only thing making him hold back was the fact that she hadn’t come yet.

The second he had that thought, though, she dropped her hands from her body and he felt her release. Her inner walls clasped around him and she not-so-quietly moaned his name. Just hearing his name on her lips always did something to him. It brought the most primal part of his being to the surface. As she clamped tighter and tighter around his cock, he grabbed both her hips and let himself release into her. In long, hot streams he came inside her and didn’t bother holding back his cry of ecstasy.

As they both came down from their high, she smiled and fell down on top of him, only stopping herself with her hands on either side. “I can’t wait till your ribs are fully healed,” she murmured.

“Plan on giving me a good workout?” God, he hoped so.

“You better believe it.” Her eyes glinted mischievously and his cock jumped inside her at the sight. Slowly she eased off of him and immediately curled up next to him on the bed.

She placed her hand on his chest and lightly stroked him. “Do you ever feel like all of this is a dream?” she whispered, taking him by surprise.

“Yeah,” he answered honestly.

“Me too. I dreamed about you for so long and some days…it’s hard to believe we got a second chance. I’m so thankful sometimes I’m scared I’ll wake up and realize this is just a figment of my imagination.”

Ignoring the discomfort in his side, he tightened his hold on her and pulled her closer against him. “This is no dream and I’m not going anywhere.”

“I know. I’m not worried about that. Sometimes it’s just hard to believe we’re together again.”

The knowledge that she dealt with the same insecurities he did went a long way in soothing him. “I love you, Alexis.”

“I love you too.” She lightly nipped his chest then lifted her head to look up at him. “I’ll love you more once you’re healed.”

A grin broke out over his face. “You just want me for my body, huh?”

She shrugged. “Can you blame me?”

Threading his fingers through her hair, he leaned forward until their lips clashed once again. This kiss was slower, sweeter and everything he’d been dreaming about for the last six years. After everything that had happened between them and in spite of his occasional insecurities, he knew this was the real deal and nothing could ever come between them again. They’d both been through their own version of hell and had come out stronger for it. Now that they had each other, nothing would ever come between them again.