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“You two move fast, don’t you?” Mason tipped his head at the TV, keeping his gaze locked with Harper. “And someone didn’t like watching the two of you go at it. His cussing at the end says a hell of a lot.”

Harper continued his glare, saying nothing. The tall man deliberately leaned back in the cheap chair and crossed his ankles under the table. Despite the relaxed pose, his body vibrated with intensity. Dr. Campbell sat next to Harper with her hands clenched together on the table, her lips pressed in a tight line, her gaze glued to the screen. Her eyes were wet, but not spilling over. Yet. She hadn’t said a word since the DVD had started.

The narrow room in the state police building was drab. Only a conference table, a few chairs, and a TV/DVD unit on a rolling cart. The room needed a paint job. The dingy-white walls showed scuff marks and gashes from careless chair backs. The ceiling bulged in one small section from an old water leak no one had bothered to repair, and Mason’s chair squeaked shrilly every time he shifted his weight.

“I think we can easily assume someone is following Dr. Campbell.” Detective Ray Lusco spoke evenly and quietly from his position against the wall. Mason knew he was trying to put a lid on the ego contest threatening to boil over at the table. Ray folded his arms across his wide chest, biceps bulging under the white dress shirt.

“What about Suzanne? This isn’t about me.” Dr. Campbell waved a hand at the TV. “What happened to Suzanne? Did he keep her tied up long enough to deliver that baby?” Her pitch was off, her wet eyes angry.

“This is about you,” Harper turned to her. “Suzanne is dead, but you’re alive and someone who knows what happened to Suzanne is keeping close tabs on you. I don’t like it.” The last sentence was delivered to Callahan, who nodded in agreement.

“I don’t think we’re jumping to any wild conclusions by linking your follower to the murders of Trenton and Cochran. Suzanne is the primary link we have between DeCosta and the other dead men. Everyone was involved with the DeCosta case somehow, and now these people are paying for it with their lives. We talked about this the other day at your house. If this creep continues in this pattern, you could be on his list. Maybe even next.”

“But why’d he send the DVD to let her know she’s being watched?” Harper muttered.

Mason shook his head at Harper’s question. “Your guess is as good as mine. He’s definitely making a statement about something. We need to figure out who shot the video. DeCosta was caught within twenty-four hours of Suzanne’s abduction, so he didn’t shoot the first part, but it was obviously someone close to him. Close enough for DeCosta to trust with his victims. We’re going to look at his family and close associates. It’s very probable that the same person shot both pieces of the video.” He met Dr. Campbell’s curious gaze. “And it’s someone who knew where you were going last night or else followed you from work.”

“This guy apparently knows of your strong connections to Suzanne,” Ray added. “He’s sending a message, wanting you to know that he knows about it. He’s also telling you that he’s the one who initiated current events.”

“Current events?” Dr. Campbell rubbed a palm against her forehead.

“Trenton’s and Cochran’s deaths. Finding Suzanne’s remains.” Harper’s words were clipped.

“Any ideas who it could be? Have any strange men approached you lately? With the ego we’re seeing here, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s come close or even spoken to you.” Mason watched Dr. Campbell’s face pale a shade lighter.

“It might not be a stranger to her,” Ray interjected. “It could be someone from her past. She brushed shoulders with a lot of people involved in DeCosta’s trial.”

Callahan nodded. “Any recent connections with old contacts, people you don’t see that often?”

At the alarmed look Dr. Campbell shot Harper, Mason straightened in his noisy chair. “What? What happened?” Dr. Campbell was shaking her head, her eyes locked with Harper’s, disagreeing with his nodding scowl.

Harper exhaled. “We had a run-in with her ex-husband last night.”

“Last night?”

“Before…that.” Harper nodded at the TV screen. “About ten or fifteen minutes before.”

“What kind of run-in?”

“Nasty.” He flashed an apologetic glance at Dr. Campbell. “He called her a lying bitch in front of fifty people. Loudly.”

“Name?” Ray was calmly taking notes.

“Frank Stevenson,” Harper stated rapidly before Dr. Campbell could speak.

What kind of creep had she married? Mason studied Dr. Campbell as she continued to shake her head.

“It can’t be Frank. He’s an asshole but not a killer.”

“When were you married? Did he know about DeCosta and Suzanne?”

She nodded. “Frank and I dated during college. We got married the year after…Suzanne disappeared.” She swallowed hard, but her eyes projected control. “We all hung out together. Frank traveled with the team to most of the meets. Everybody knew him.”

“Was he at the meet in Corvallis?” Mason asked.

Anger flashed across Dr. Campbell’s face. “I saw DeCosta’s face that night. I saw him take Suzanne. It wasn’t Frank!”

“I’m not saying it was. I’m just establishing where he was during certain events. From that DVD, we now know there were at least two people involved back then. One in prison and one who shot the video.” Mason’s gut burned. He’d missed something a decade ago. He’d stupidly thought it was over the minute they’d arrested DeCosta. And now, seeing proof that Suzanne had been kept alive for months after DeCosta’s arrest, he knew someone else had a hand in Suzanne’s kidnapping. “So your ex-husband knew where you were last night, and I assume he knows where you live?”