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I think I’ll have to talk to Tina about her kamikaze defense methods.

And that damn clown car. One day, she’ll start to open the door and it’ll take off without her.

I smile at this morning’s shenanigans but I quickly sober.

Time to set up a meet.


The store is still crowded with potential blazer buyers. A lot of them see the price and slowly back away. Which I can’t say I blame them; it’s a lot to pay for one item.

Mimi and Lola are both at the store today because Nat asked for the morning off to get a physical.

I asked if everything was okay and she said she thinks it is but no harm in a check-up. Which I immediately approved of. You don’t mess around with your health.

I walk out of the store room and find Mimi at the counter with an irate looking She-Devil Sissy.

Son of a Big Mac!

Just when I thought I was having a good morning.

I walk over and ask Mimi, “There a problem, Meems?”

Mimi doesn’t take her eyes off Sissy but replies, “Just fine boss lady. Sissy here wants to buy a blazer. I told her the price and she freaked.”

Oh, woe is she! Cry me a damn river!

This woman is becoming a permanent pain in my backside.

I turn to Sissy and say, “I’m sorry, Sissy. The blazers are expensive but they are what they are. Take it or leave it. Do not bring drama to the store.”

Sissy flips her platinum blonde hair over one shoulder and replies “Fine. Two hundred and fifty dollars for a blazer, I must be out of my mind. Whatever. Wrap it up.”

Holy buckets!

Mimi charged her sixty dollars more than I planned on charging. I’ll tell her off later. Not that she’ll give a flying poop.

Mimi starts wrapping up her purchase when I remember something and tell her, “Sissy, there is absolutely no refund on this item. You bring it back and it won’t be like last time. I won’t be nice.”

Sissy glares at me. I take this as an okay and turn to head back to the store room.

I halfway there when I hear Sissy yell out, “How did you do it?”


I turn and take a few steps towards the counter. I ask, “How did I do what?”

She makes an exasperated noise. She says slowly, “Nik. I worked on him for months and ended up with zip. How did you get him? You pregnant or somethin’?”

The nerve of this woman!

I decide to be a little cruel. Which is never nice but this woman is insinuating the only way I could have Nik is if he got me pregnant.

I say acidly, “No, Sissy. I’m just not you. Which, not surprisingly, Nik likes.” I lean closer and whisper, “Nik loves me, Sissy. HeHH told me I’m it.”

I see her face flash painfully and without waiting for a response, I turn and head back to the store room.

I didn’t like doing that. Sometimes I wish my mouth had a backspace key.


Nat comes back in to the store sometime after three. She doesn’t stop to look at anyone, just walks on through to the store room and ignores the greetings we all yell out to her.

That’s odd.

Nat is a people person. Even on the worst day she’s at least mildly social. I decide to investigate.

I walk over to the store room and just as I’m about to knock I hear muffled crying come from behind the closed door.

My heart clenches painfully.

Oh God.

What if the doctor’s appointment went bad? What if she’s really sick? Or even dying?

My face pales and I start to sweat.

No way in hell I’m losing Nat without a fight.

I barge into the store room, close the door behind me and lock it.

Her back is to me and she’s quieted down a little but I can hear her sniffle. It takes a lot for Nat to cry. She isn’t a sooky baby like me.

I walk over to her and put an arm around her. She places her head on my shoulder and howls out uncontrollable sobs. Of course, this means I cry quietly right along with her.

Still sobbing she sputters, “I can’t…I can’t have them. I thought I was but then I wasn’t and now I can’t have them.”

Uh, Wha…?

I hold her and coo to her until she calms and I try to decipher what she just said.

“What’s the matter, honey?” I ask quietly.

She straightens a little and replies, “I thought I was pregnant. Ghost would’ve been the father.”

I balk.

Oh Em Gee!

Nat being pregnant would be awesome! She absolutely adored kids. I know she wants a lot of them.

I say, “Well, honey, that’s nothing be upset about. That’s…”

She interrupts me “No. It would’ve been fine. I would’ve been happy. But the doctor did an ultrasound. I’m not pregnant. But he found over eighty cysts on my ovaries, Tina. I have PCOS.”

My face falls and I put a hand to my chest.

She isn’t pregnant. They did find something.

She tries to be strong but her lip is quivering. “The doctor says it’s a high probability that I won’t be able to have children. Like, ever.” She looks at me through glassy eyes. “I’ll never have kids, Tina. And that sucks so bad. Eighty fucking cysts. That’s why my period didn’t come.”

Oh, God. You totally suck sometimes.

I cry right along with her. I pull her close and coo, “Oh, honey. There are options for people who can’t have children. We’ll research everything we can. We’ll call specialists and doctors. We’ll go online and talk to other people with PCOS. We’ll figure it out! I promise.”

She nods into me. After a minute I gasp lightly and smile.

I whisper, “I’ll have your baby for you.”

Her body stiffens and she lifts her head. Her pretty face is distorted by sorrow and I don’t like it.

She whispers back, “You’d do that for me?”

I nod, “Yes. Absolutely. No question. I don’t think I’d do it for anyone else but you’re my sister. So, yes.”

She bursts into tear again and we cry together.

Mourning her loss. Celebrating our friendship. Together, like always.

Take that, PCOS. You can’t win.


I’m finishing some paperwork when I hear the familiar clip clop in the hall.

I smile.

My baby has come for a visit.

I walk to the office door and just as I get there, I see her smiling face grace the doorway.

Smiling big, I step closer, grip her hips and lean down to kiss her neck.

I place slow, sensual kisses on her neck and she sighs. Her hands move to my shoulders and squeeze.

Still working on her neck, I ask, “Baby, you need something?”

She stills for a second then replies, “You know, all of a sudden, I can’t remember.”

I chuckle and squeeze her hips. She pushes at me slightly til we’re just inside my office.

She whispers, “I need you.”

I lift my head and flash her the dimple. I say, “You got me, baby. You’re my heart.”

Tina gets a gooey look on her face and puts a hand on her chest. She shakes her head and straightens. She steps closer to me and says slowly, “No, babe. I need you. Like, now.”

Well, hot damn!

My baby needs me! I like that.

She walks backwards, closes the office door and locks it, smiling a sultry smile all the way.

I’m already harder than a rock. Tina and I have had sex a few times now and it’s always bangin’ but she’s never come to me for a nooner. I really like this.

She walks up to me and undoes my belt and zipper so I’m open and bare. Steps back a few steps, lifts her skirt and slowly lowers her panties. Then walks over to my desk, puts her hands on it, turns her face to me and lightly shakes her perfect ass at me.

Fuck me! It’s on!

She giggles when I run to her. I lift her skirt and kneel behind her. I take my time kissing her perfect behind. I squeeze and lightly spank her cheeks. They turn rosy.


I stand and she turns to me. She lays wet, sexy kisses on my neck and softly sucks at my pulse point which feels amazing. My cock jumps. She lowers herself til her head is lined up with my crotch. She palms my hard length, stroking it up and down before taking me into her mouth. She works me so good. My eyes roll back and I groan.

This is Sexy Tina. I love all my Tina’s but I really like Sexy Tina.

She takes me deep into her mouth and hollows her cheeks on the release. She does this repeatedly.

Fuck, I’m going to come.

Oh, no you don’t!

I put my hands under her arms and lift her. She gasps when I turn her and push her a little forcefully onto the desk.

Luckily, Tina is wearing heels, otherwise this never would work.

I lift her skirt, bend my knees a little, hold my cock and prod gently til I find her entrance. I carefully work my cock up and down her slit, coating it with her arousal. When Tina pants, I know it’s time. I slowly drive the head of my cock into her pussy.

So fuckin’ tight!

You’d think I’d get used to it.

Nope, no getting used to perfection. My baby is perfect.

I push myself in inch by inch. I hold Tina’s hips and pull her back so we’re ass to crotch.

Can’t get a better feeling than this. No ways.

I still for a moment before pulling back slightly and thrusting back into her. Hard. She moans and I can’t stop myself from gripping her hips and fucking her hard. I pound into her. I look down and see her rosy ass which is jiggling with every thrust.

Oh, man. So good.

I ask ,“You like that, baby?”

She pants her reply ,“Ohhhhhh. Yes, Niki, I love it. Faster, baby, I’m close.”

I love when she calls me Niki.

I pound into her harder and faster. I feel her tighten around me.

She feels like heaven when she comes.

I feel my own release dawning. Tina grinds her ass back into me. She moans quietly and I feel her contract and release around my swelling cock.


And that’s that. I grip her hips tight and pull her back into me. I groan as I jerk my own release and fill her with my seed. Tina rests her head on my desk and I hold onto her. We both pant softly and I feel Tina’s body shake. I look at her sideways turned face and she’s laughing.

She says, “That was my first nooner. Ever.”

I chuckle as I slowly pull out of her. I ask, “I like being your first at something. How was it, baby?”

Still bent over my desk, I hear her sigh and she whispers, “The best. Everything with you is the best.”

I clean myself before I bring some tissue and wipe her clean. I ball up her panties and put them in my pocket.

I decide it’s time to bring up a concern I’ve had for a little while.

I pull Tina to stand and hold her tight. She wraps her arms tightly around my waist, sighs and rests her head on my chest. I smile. This is what love is. Simple pleasures and all that.

I clear my throat and ask, “Tina, sweetheart, should I be preparing for a baby?”

Tina’s limp form goes so rigid I think she might just take off like a rocket.

She replies quietly ,“No, Nik. I have a birth control device in my uterus and it’s good for another two years. But while we’re on the subject, when’s the last time you were tested?”

A fair question.

I answer truthfully, “After the last time I slept with Sissy. I’m clean as a whistle, sweetheart.” I smile down at her worried face. “I’ve never had sex without a condom, baby. You’re the first.”

Her eyes widen and she whispers, “Really?”

I reply, “Really really.”

She smiles up at me. I’m just about to kiss her when she jerks back and says, “I’m clean too by the way! I got tested after…after him. And I’m squeaky clean. And no. No babies.”

That last statement sounded a bit too sharp for my liking.

I grip her tight and rub her back. I ask, “But you want children someday, right?”

She backs away from me. Her face voids and I get the feeling I’m not going to like her answer.

She shakes her head, swallows hard and says slowly, “No, Nik. I decided not to have children. And no, there is no changing my mind about it. This wasn’t a decision I made easily. Believe me.” She finishes on a whisper.

Well, shit.

I want kids. I was thinking that Tina would be the one to give them to me. This is a blow to the gut for me. I was excited at the prospect of children and I wanted to be a daddy to Tina’s beautiful children. It’s all part of the fantasy in my head. Tina is my wife and we live together in a nice house with three kids and a dog. The dog was actually Bear but that isn’t an option now.

I’m stunned speechless. I don’t know what to say. I’m so disappointed right now.

I obviously don’t hide my disappointment well. I catch Tina’s shining eyes and she says, “I understand if this changes things for you. I really do. Just think about it and let me know if this is still a relationship you want to be a part of. Because I won’t have children. Or adopt. I… I just can’t.”

She sounds tortured.

She turns and walks out of the office. I don’t follow her.

This really does change things.

I need time to think.

Chapter Twenty-two

Fort Knox

Tina was on my mind all damn night.

We haven’t spoken since she let me in on her blatant refusal to have children.

I shuffle around papers on my desk while I think.

I’m thirty five years old. I’m definitely not getting any younger and spent most of my adult life believing I’d someday have children.

I wanted children.

Then hurricane Tina tore through my life and my heart. I built her up so much. I was sure she was perfect.

Now, she’s not quite perfect anymore.

But does that mean she’s any less perfect for you?

Let’s think about it.

There is no way I’m selling The White Rabbit which means all my weekends would be demanding and hectic. I wouldn’t be able to spend weekend nights with my family anyway.

I’d love for Tina to be with me at the club and she won’t be able to do that if she’s pregnant or at home with our kids. Also, she owns Safira. How would she be able to work with a child to look after?