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He licks it again and I sigh deeply. Then he takes my breast into his big hand, slightly parts his lips and lowers it over my nipple. He sucks lightly at first, but as my body starts to jolt around, he increases the pressure. I place my hands on his shoulders and squeeze. He sucks my nipple hard for a long few minutes then does the same to the other.

It feels incredible. I could come from this. I am soaked.

He treats my other nipple to the same wonderful treatment then lifts his head. I look into his honey eyes. He lowers his mouth to my chest right above my heart and kisses. With his lips still on me he utters, “Perfect. I knew you would be perfect.”

My belly clenches with delight and before I know can register what’s happening Nik has lifted both my stocking covered legs over his shoulders. His face right above my mound.

He groans. I feel his breath on me as he says, “You smell so good, sweetheart. I’m going to taste you now.”

I try to say okay but all I manage is a small high-pitched choked sound, Nik chuckles at my speechlessness.

He lowers his mouth and licks a long swipe at my folds. I moan loudly.

He groans softly, “So sweet. You taste good, baby.”

He kisses my nub lightly before gently spreading my lips with his thumbs and kissing me deeply and open mouthed at my most intimate place.

My legs have gone rigid and I hold the back of Nik’s head to ground me.

He sucks lightly on my nub and the tingles start just above my bottom. I can’t stop the persistent moans that escape me. He takes this as a sign to keep doing what he’s doing. He lifts a hand to my breast and rolls my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. And that does it.

I moan, “Oh shit. Nik, don’t stop, please baby.” Nik sucks a little harder on my nub and my orgasm starts. I contract over his mouth and we both moan loudly. My body jerks and spasms but Nik holds me firmly over his mouth til the last of the contractions subside.

What the heck was that?

I’ve never come like that before. I’ve never had a man treat me with such care or play my body like a finely tuned instrument.

That was insane.

I whisper, “That was insane.” I feel Nik’s laughter on my mound.

It tickles and I giggle.

Nik wipes his prickly cheeks on my thighs before lifting his smiling face, leaning back over me and taking my mouth in a deep kiss.

It’s a little weird that it tastes good. But on Nik, everything tastes good.

All of a sudden I’m not shy or nervous. I lift my upper body, place a hand on Nik’s upper arm and push him sideways. He laughs as he lands on his back. He stops laughing when he sees my sly smiling face go down the length of his body to his crotch.

I look at his very large shaft and wonder how I’m going to fit it in my mouth.

I decide to lick it first. I take it in my small hands and lift it to my mouth. I lick slowly up his shaft. He puts a hand over his face and growls deep. I become bolder. I put the head in my mouth and suck lightly while slowly bobbing up and down. Nik’s leg muscles stiffen; he shoots up and pushes at my shoulders gently.

I’m confused until he looks at me with wide eyes, shakes his head and states, “Nope. Not coming in your mouth tonight, sweetheart. I need to be in you.”

I smile big and crawl over to the top of the bed on my hands and knees. I remain on my hands and knees. I wiggle my butt, look back at him and blow him a kiss.

Mouth parted slightly, he blinks. Then, lightning quick he’s behind me. Shaft in hand he runs it back and forth through my arousal. He presses his knees into the outsides of mine and I feel him prod at my slick entrance. I lower my upper body to the bed.

Nik groans, “Fuck me. You’re flawless, Tina. I love this ass. This is the perfect ass.” He squeezes one of my cheeks and my eyes roll back.

The head of his length slides into me and I gasp. It feels so much bigger this way.

Nik strokes my back and keeps entering me. I moan once I’m fully seated.

It feels heavenly.

Nik leans over my body, puts an arm around my waist and moves in and out of me very slowly.

It’s torture.

I feel his face by mine and he asks quietly, “Ready, baby?”

My head nods jerkily.

Just do it! Dammit!

Using the arm around my waist to hold me firmly he thrusts into me once. I gasp and he groans. He starts thrusting slowly and I become impatient. I start pushing myself back onto him but he doesn’t quicken his pace.

I turn my head and frown at him. I shout, “Nik, Faster! Harder, Dammit!”

I catch his dimpled smile, “That’s it baby, tell me what you want.”

Wait, what?

My sneaky man is forcing me out of my comfort zone to play.

I smile to myself. I like that. I chuckle quietly.

Nik grips my waist and thrusts into me in a perfect rhythm. Harder and faster. He feels so good in me. So deep.

I’m already tightening around him. It won’t be long for me. I moan long and reach down to pinch my nipples.

Nik catches it and growls a loud, “Fuuuuuck!”

I continue to pinch and twist my nipples when the familiar tingling starts. I push back onto Nik and he pushes harder into me. He grinds against me. I become tighter and tighter then suddenly I’m falling.


I moan and pulse around him. I feel him swell inside of me. Nik holds me tight against him, he groans long and I feel him jerk against me, I become wetter and wetter. His orgasm spurs mine on further. I buck against him til the pulses of my pleasure subside. Then we still.

Nik lifts me by the waist, lies on his side and pulls me back into his body. Still connected, he kisses my neck sweetly a while before exhaustion sets in.

Lights out.


I was woken by Nik twice during the night to make sweet, sweet love.

The first time I was on top. The second time he was on top and realized that was the first time we’d done it missionary.

And it was mmm mmm good.

That way we could kiss and be firmly pressed together while doing it.

It. Was. Awesome.

We’ve now been together a week. And it’s been wonderful.

I have no idea why I thought it would be bad if we slept together.

Okay, so I was scared of becoming one of Nik’s many women but he’s made it clear I’m the only one.


I love him. I can say it to myself easily now but I’m not ready to tell him yet. I’m quite happy basking in the glow that is Nik.

The man is insatiable, which is good for me because I like sex with Nik.

No, I love sex with Nik.

I woke this morning and turned to look at my handsome man. And I had a seriously hard time containing my laughter.

Nik had slept on his stomach with an arm under his pillow. His face was pressed so tightly into the pillow that his lips had smooshed and pursed together making his face look squished.

Seriously, cute.

So I did the only thing I could.

I grabbed his face and planted wet, smoochy kisses on his cheek, eye and forehead while messing up his hair.

He groaned all the while but was smiling.

I smacked his butt, got out of bed and told him I was going to have a shower. As expected, within a few minutes he’d joined me. So my rendition of ‘Working 9 to 5’ somehow became a duet. Then we played around in the shower.

It was hot.

Nik can really use his mouth. And I showed him I can use mine, too.

This brings us to now.

I’m in Nik’s kitchen making crispy bacon and French toast for breakfast. I’m making a lot because I don’t know when Ceecee and Max will come home.

Nik has gone to shave and get dressed. It turns out I distract him in the shower and he forgets what he needs to do in there.

Smiling to myself, I turn on the oven to keep our breakfast warm. I look at the amount I made and cringe. I cooked enough to feed an army.

Arms close around my waist and lift me. I yelp.

I turn to a chuckling Nik and push at his shoulder, “Dammit, Nik. Every freakin’ time! You’re like a cat. I need to put a bell on you.”

He’s dressed only in sweats so all his tattoos are on display.


With dancing eyes he kisses the frown lines on my forehead and says, “Sorry, baby. You’re just too easy.”

I sigh and ask, “Do you know when Max and Ceecee are getting home?”

He looks at the oven clock which reads 9:37am. He replies, “Soon. Keep the food warm and we’ll eat together. Even if they’ve already eaten they’ll want food if you cooked it.” He squeezes my waist and I smile at him.

My man is sweet as sugar. Lucky me.

He pulls me over to the closest sofa. We collapse onto it and tangle together. I grab the remote and turn on the TV. We watch TV for a while and chat.

I ask, “Does this feel weird to you?”

He tilts his head and says, “Nope, just the opposite. It feels right.”

I whisper, “Yeah. I know. Isn’t that weird?”

He smiles big and responds, “I wanted you since I met you, baby. From the first time I saw your ass in that sexy skirt.” I frown and he chuckles. “The best thing that could’ve happened to us was you insisting we be friends. Now I really know you. You never acted like a woman trying to impress a man. You were my friend.” He lightly flicks my nose. “My really good friend. And now that we’re more its feels like it’s just an extension of our friendship. So, no. it’s not weird. It’s amazing.”

Wow. See? Sweet.

I smile, lean forward and peck his lips. I say quietly, “You’re too good for me, Niki. I’ll never know what I did to deserve you but I’ll thank god for it every day.”

He hugs me tighter and says, “Tell me about your family.”

I stiffen at this. I quickly relax and answer as vaguely as I can. “Mom died a couple of years ago. No brothers of sisters. I’ve got some aunts, uncles, and cousins in Cali and even more in Croatia. Dad still lives in Cali. He’s pretty close with his sister and her husband.”

He strokes my hair and asks curiously, “It must’ve been hard leaving him. Why did you come to New York?”

I force a laugh and say, “Cali just wasn’t my scene anymore. It was hard leaving Dad and Nat. Dad loves Cali, though. He’s got his friends and some family there. He’s heavily involved with the Croatian community. He has a life there.” I shrug lightly.

This is true. Dad, or Tata, is involved with the Croatian Club in Cali. My dad has lived in America for about 30 years and still has a heavy accent. This is because he’s friends with Croats, he works with Croats, and he speaks more Croatian than he does English.

Nik remains thoughtful. He knows I’m avoiding his question. Nik isn’t dumb.

Before he can question me further I play with the fingers on one of his hands and ask, “What happened to your Dad, Nik?”

He sighs and leans back further into the sofa. He smiles as he explains, “Dad was awesome. Best dad anyone could ask for. He came over from Russia, met and fell in love with Mom, a Mexican immigrant, and never left. His name was Ilia.” He softens his voice a little and holds me tight. “Dad was a good man. A really good man, baby. He didn’t like all the small injustices of the world and did whatever he could to fix ‘em. That’s how Ghost came to live with us. Dad got through to him.” He sighs heavily and runs his hand down his face as if he’s about to drop a bomb on me. And does.

He says, “In saying that, my father was the vice president of the Russian gang, Chaos. He was high up in organized crime, baby.”

My mouth falls open and I whisper, “No. Freakin’. Way.”

He nods solemnly. “Yeah. Dad died of a heart attack. Just dropped dead one day. I was recruited into Chaos shortly after. I did it so I would have money to give my Mom. Max and Ghost wouldn’t let me join alone so we all joined together and til I turned twenty, we were enforcers for them.”

No way!

That is crazy. I’m speechless at the moment so Nik continues. “That’s this tattoo right here.” He points to the tattoo on his upper arm that spells XAOC. “It’s Chaos in Russian. Max, Ghost, and I all have them. The guys you met last night, Alexei and Lev, are a part of the Chaos brotherhood.”

I’m silent a moment then ask quietly, “Did you ever kill anyone?”

He smiles and shakes his head. He explains, “As enforcers we used force to get our money if necessary. And yes, I’ve shot people but never to kill. I’ve broken bones, baby. I’ve shot people and done that shit without flinching.” He looks ashamed. “That is who your man is. A street thug.”


No way.

That isn’t the Nik I know.

The Nik I know is lovable, sexy and funny.

The Nik I know loves his niece so much he’ll do anything to keep her happy. Even have a birthday cake and blow out candles when he really doesn’t want to. The Nik I know takes his brother and paraplegic niece into his home without question. The Nik I know had no time for a childhood because he was too busy doing all the things his dad would’ve done for his family.

That is the Nik I know. My Nik is not a street thug.

I lift my head and look right at him.

I startle him when I push at his shoulder a little too roughly and blurt, “Nuh uh! You are not a street thug. You are an entrepreneur. You are a family man. You are a survivor. And that makes you sexy as hell. You are wonderful.” I stroke his cheek softly and say firmly, “And I am proud that you’re mine.”

His eyes search my face and his brow furrows.

He whispers, “Fuck me.” Then he holds my face in his hands and kisses me deeply.

After a few seconds of bliss I break away and place my forehead on his.

I whisper, “I won’t have you talking about my man like that. My man is big and strong and he’ll kick your ass.”

He blinks. Then bursts out laughing and squeezes me.

I smile big. I love when he laughs.

Still chuckling he says, “I love you.”

We both freeze.

My heart stops.