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Oh shit. Don’t tempt me, baby.

I think she’s still scared about seeing my gun. She’s adorable. I smile cruelly even though she can’t see it. I loosen my arm around her waist and move it to her hip. Then I move my free hand to her other hip.

Commence tickle-fest three thousand.

Tina starts howling with laughter, then giggles so high-pitched she sounds like a little dog yapping away. She struggles against me, it’s so cute I can’t help but laugh with her.


But I don’t stop. She needs to be taught a lesson. I continue tickling her hips and ribs.

Then come the snorts.

It’s only then I hear other people laughing. I look over to the doorway of the ‘chill out’ room. Max, Trick, and Ghost are all chuckling clearly enjoying the show.

Tina squeals, “NIK I’M GOING TO PEE!” At this point she’s laughing as well as crying and pee sounds like pee-hee-hee.

My body shakes with laughter as I finally let up. I let go of her and she steps away from me huffing and puffing.

I take her in. Her hair is a mess, her makeup has slightly smudged under her eyes and she’s beautifully flushed.

I wonder if this is how she looks after she comes.

“Well,” Huff

“I’ll just,” Puff

“go get,” Huff

“lunch then.” And she turns to walk away.

I firmly warn, “Tina, stop.”

She stops and her shoulders stiffen. I walk over to her, take her hand and place the twenty in it. She looks at it then scowls at me.

I smile, “I want a cookie, too.” She glares at me then continues down the hall. I yell out, “If I find out you didn’t use that to buy both our lunches. I swear I’ll tickle you again even harder…and this time I’ll let you pee.”

I’m so shocked when she smiles an acid smile and flips me the bird, I roar with laughter.

My little goof.


Nik told us to come to The White Rabbit on a Sunday this week. He explained it’s not as busy as Saturday night and the music is more relaxing and chill. I spoke to the girls and they were down for that.

After Nik tickled the life out of me for trying to buy our lunches on Friday, I almost got tomato on his sub as payback. Silvio was just about to put the tomato on the sub when I shrieked, “STOP!” The entire store turned to look at me. I shuffled up to the counter and whispered, “No tomato, please.”

But I did get the choc chip cookie for him instead of his preferred white choc almond.

Yeah, I’m badass.

It’s now Sunday night and we’re getting ready for the club.

While the girls share the bathroom mirror, I go about feeding Bear his dinner and giving him sweet cuddles. He thanks me with a Mrraaoowww and I make my way to the bathroom to get ready.

The girls are finished and waiting on me. I lightly apply my makeup and smear my lips thickly with clear gloss.

I then check my wardrobe for something to wear. I decide on a slimming black pencil skirt with a high waist and a white long sleeved linen shirt. I finish it off with a thick white belt and white suede pumps. Mimi is wearing black wide legged pants and a grey tank with black flats. Lola is wearing a denim mini skirt and a black long sleeved shirt with black heels. Nat is wearing white linen pants and a black tank with charcoal grey heels. They all look amazing.

We arrive at the club just after ten and I’m surprised to see a fairly large line up. The way Nik spoke about Sunday nights at the club was like it was dead. We approach the beginning of the line and B-Rock greets us with a large smile, “There they are. Gimme some love, ladies.”

He doesn’t ask for our VIP passes anymore. We each give him a kiss on the cheek as we pass him, Nat puckers up her bright red lips and kisses him smack on the forehead. We laugh as he scowls at her.

As soon as we’re in, we make our way to the stairs to the VIP area and are greeted by a smiling African American Alice tonight.

And she is smoking hot!

She greets us with, “Good evening ladies, you wouldn’t happen to be the Safira party would you?” She has a deliciously husky voice that’s almost hypnotizing.

We all smile at her when Mimi speaks, “That would be us.” She leans closer to A.A. Alice and says, “You’re gorgeous. If you want to meet for a drink later, let me know.” When Mimi told me she was bi-sexual I was shocked. She didn’t look the type. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good with it. I love love. In all shapes and forms. And I love Mimi as a lesbian. She becomes a vixen.

A.A. Alice smiles a small smile and says quietly, “Well, shazam. I think I might just do that.”

She shows us to our booth which the guys are already seated at. We all take an outer seat and I scowl at Mimi when she tries to sit next to Nik.

That’s my seat Meems! It’s always my seat!

Just as her ass descends, I put my hand on my hip, clear my throat and tap my foot.

Mimi looks up at me and chuckles, “This is your seat right, doll?”

I poke her in the chest lightly, scowl at her, and whisper loudly, “You know it is, you sneak!”

She puts her arms up in defeat and moves to sit next to Max.

Max asks me, “What, do I smell or some shit?” He actually looks distraught.

I laugh and lean over the table to kiss his cheek. As I lean back he whistles loudly and smirks, “You just made up for it with that excellent view of your cleavage, babe.” And then he winks at me.

I’m just about to unleash a really bad word followed by the word you when Nik throws a peanut at his head and warns, “That’s enough, knucklehead.”

I scrunch my nose at Max and nod.

Take that, Max!

He puts his hands up in surrender and says, “Yeesh. Alright, alright.”

Max puts his arm around Meems and they start chatting. I look over at Nat and she sits next to Ghost so Lola can play footsie with Trick. She leans over the table to reach for some nuts, her violet hair right in Ghosts face and I swear, I swear, he closed his eyes and inhaled.

It was kind of cute.

I hope it wasn’t a creepy stalker sniffy thing though.

That would be bad.

I slide my butt into the booth and Nik puts his arm around my waist, pulls me close to him and smiles “You don’t like when someone else sits next to me?” He sounds curious.

I lamely try to defend myself for my childish actions. I point at Mimi and whine, “She knew it was my seat, Nik. My seat is always next to yours. That’s how we roll!”

His eyes crinkle at me and I love how it changes his whole face. He puts his face in my neck and laughs. I feel his warm breath on me and fight the shudder that threatens. Against my neck he whispers, “Okay, sweetheart.”

We drink cherry bombs, laugh and joke together, then I suggest we go dance.

We’ve been here a few times but haven’t danced because the dance floor has been bananas.

The guys decline and the girls follow me down the stairs. As soon as we push our way to the middle of the dance floor Kiss starts playing I was made for loving you.

I love the music being played tonight. It’s a mash up of disco, rock, and relaxing pop.

Freakin’ awesome!

I’m having a blast.


I move to the edge of the VIP area where a short barrier overlooks the dance floor.

The girls are dancing their asses off in the most stupid ways possible. They look ridiculous. I chuckle at them.

Mimi does the sprinkler, Lola does pulp fiction, Nat does the robot, and Tina does the running man.

They are laughing so hard they can’t even finish their moves. I shake my head and smile to myself.

These girls are the shit.

They love to have fun and don’t care if people think they look crazy. They just want to make each other laugh. They’re good friends to have. I am lucky to have them.

You sure as shit are, and don’t forget it.

They take a break. Nat, Lola, and Mimi make their way to the ladies room while Tina waits at the bar.

I see a guy approach her and extend his hand for her to shake it. She does.

Get your hands off my girl, asshole.

When she shakes her head and he puts a hand over his chest and looks pathetically at her, I know she refused whatever he just offered her. He concedes but not before taking her hand and kissing it. Tina smiles politely and the guy walks away.

That’s right, jerkoff. Keep walking.

I see another man approach her, this one African American. He extends his hand to her and she takes it, smiling politely yet again. The man turns to the side and I freeze.



After refusing a drink from a man I don’t know (yeah, not that stupid!), I felt a hand on my arm. I turn to a very handsome African American man. He looks about my age and wears his hair in short, neat dreadlocks. He’s dressed nicely in black jeans and a tight white t-shirt and his eyes are the color of toffee, warm and easy.

He smiles at me and I’m temporarily blinded. This guy has a killer smile! Its wide and his teeth are bright and gleaming.

He says, “Excuse me, miss. I couldn’t help but notice you were with an old friend of mine upstairs. Nikolai Leokov.”

His voice is smooth as aged whisky. I like it.

I take his extended hand in mine and shake it. I confirm, “Yes, you’d be right. I’m a friend of Nik’s.”

He smiles wider and says, “That’s great. My name’s Omarr. Nice to meet you.”

I respond “Nice to meet you too, Omarr. I’m Tina.”

“Tina.” He says it like he’s trying it out and I like the way it sounds in his voice. He asks, “Can I get you a drink, Tina?”

I explain, “Thanks but I’m a VIP so my drinks are on the house.” I give him a small shrug.

He chuckles and shakes his head, “You don’t make it easy for a guy to get an in, do you?”

Uh, What?

Confusion settles over me. I ask, “Um, sorry…what?”

He steps closer to me responds quietly, “I think you’re beautiful. I want to get to know you. And I definitely want you in my bed, mami.” I felt myself shrink away from him. The odd thing is what he just said appealed to me. He leans even closer and whispers, “The things I could do to you, baby.”

Wow…Maybe he’ll help you get over Nik?






I was about to excuse myself when I felt an arm around my waist.

Oh, thank god.

Nik found me.

I’m stunned to see Ghost when I look up and he is glaring at Omarr.

His voice is steely as he says, “You in the wrong hood, O.”

All the warmth I saw in Omarr’s eyes seconds ago fizzles. With hard eyes he says, “Ghost. Haven’t seen you in an age, man.” With a chin lift in my direction he continues, “This one yours?”

Ghost replies, “We don’t play that way anymore. Tina is hers. Not ours.”

I am so confused.

Omarr smiles a completely ugly smile so different from the one I saw just a minute ago that I wonder who this man really is. He utters, “Then she’s free rein and you know it.”

Ghost’s body stiffens and he moves to step closer to him. I quickly put a hand on Ghosts chest.

I say softly, “Ghost, honey, let’s go back upstairs now. I don’t want to dance anymore.” I end on a whisper.

Ghost’s eyes soften when he looks at me. “Yeah.”

Omarr stops me with a hand on my arm. He offers, “I meant what I said. Think about it.”

He hands me a business card and I take it more to placate him than anything. Ghost looks like he wants to pound this guy into the ground.

Ghost doesn’t let go of my waist til we’re upstairs. He drops his arm but takes my hand in his and walks quickly. When I dig my heels in to stop him from taking me wherever in the hell he’s trying to take me, he turns to face me and says urgently, “We need to talk. Now.” When I still hesitate, he goes on, “I can carry you across the goddamn club, Tina. Your choice.”

Okey Dokey!

I nod. Ghost drags me along to a hidden door in the corner of the club. He’s angry and I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong here.

He opens the door and we step inside the security room. My eyes widen in wonder.

I whisper an astonished, “Wow.”

Before I’m given a chance to press buttons and break things, Ghost ushers me into a chair.

He sits opposite me and drags my chair forward til I’m face to face with him.

Then he sits there leaning forward with his elbows on his legs and his hands pressed together on his lips for a long while.

I’m freaking out!

My neck is hot and itchy. Just as I’m about to confess to whatever crime he accuses me of just to get out of there, he speaks, “Ever met that man before?”

I quickly shake my head no.

He sighs, “Damn it, Tina. Out of all the guys in the club.”

He stops suddenly and I lean closer to him wide eyed hoping he’d continue. He does but it’s not what I was hoping to hear. “Omarr wants to claim you. He wants you to be one of his girls.”

When my brow furrows and I purse my lips is disgust, he keeps talking, “Oh yeah, one of his girls. One of many. He contacts you again, you need to call me. I don’t care what time of day, just fuckin’ call. You feel me?”

I can’t speak. I’m temporarily voiceless. So, I just nod.

He holds out his hand and I give him the business card Omarr gave me. He puts it in his pocket.

Ghost opens the door and guides me to it. As I’m about to exit, he says, “I’ll text you my numbers. Be smart, Tina, and be safe.”

I look at him like what the heck is that meant to mean?

He gives me a curt nod and closes the door behind him.

Jiminy Crickets!


I’m back at the booth and everyone is chatting away.

I look around for Nik.

My mood has changed dramatically and I’m sure everyone at the booth can feel it. There is a huge tension in me that I can’t shake and Nik has disappeared on me. I really need a hug. Not from just anyone. From Nik. I need a warm, comforting embrace.