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TheTomicBomb: Hey Nik the Dick, I’m good thanks. How r u?

I laugh. She’s been talking to Max.

Nik123: Have you been talking to Max? How do you know about Nik the Dick?

TheTomicBomb: Haha, he might’ve mentioned it when he brought the passes to Safira.

Nik123: Whatever he tells you, I’ll deny it all. How did you enjoy yourself at the club?

TheTomicBomb: Oh. My. Gawd!!! It was awesome! The girls have already decided we’ll be back this Saturday.

I’m really happy about this. I’m smiling like an idiot.

Nik123: That’s great. I’m so glad you girls enjoyed yourselves. Like I said, that booth is yours. I’ll reserve it under Safira again.

TheTomicBomb: Awesome! Thanks :) will u guys be joining us again?

Nik123: Definitely but we’ll have to take turns because we all work on club nights.

TheTomicBomb: Really?! I know u own it but what do the other guys do?

Nik123: Ghost runs security and mans the CCTV, Trick does a bit of everything, and Max is a VIP host.

TheTomicBomb: Wicked. How cool is it 2 work with ur best friends?! I love it.

Nik123: Yeah, it’s pretty great. How’s work?

TheTomicBomb: Well I was so busy I 4got 2 get lunch so I’m a little hungry :(

I don’t like that. She should’ve sent one of the girls to get something for her.

Nik123: That’s not good. You need to take better care of yourself.

TheTomicBomb: I know…but Nat hasn’t eaten either so we’ll get an early dinner. Sorry Nik, I’ve got 2 go. Talk 2 u later x

TheTomicBomb has logged off.

I like the little kiss she wrote. I stare at the little x a few seconds before I grab my wallet, then I’m out the door.


“Will this day never end?” Nat complains as puts her forehead on the counter with a thump.

It’s only the two of us at the store today and we’ve been pretty busy. There was a pupil free day at a few schools around the area so we’ve been off the hook, packed full of young girls.

We’ve sold a bucket load of jewellery, bags, and accessories. So, even though we’re exhausted and haven’t eaten, we’re happy.

Nat’s just seen to a small group of high school girls and the exhaustion is catching up to us.

Rawr Raaawr

We both look up and there’s Nik, looking handsome as ever, holding a brown paper bag.

He looks at the state of us both, shuts the door, and locks it.

“Eat…Now.” He says this in a voice I wouldn’t dare to question.

Nat walks over to him, puts a hand on his chest, and kisses his cheek. She beams, “You. Are. A. God!”

She takes the brown paper bag, clutches it to her chest as if it’s life saving medicine, and walks straight to the staff room.

I walk over to him with a small smile. Without saying a word, I kiss his cheek, lean my head on his chest, and hug him tightly around the waist.

He places one arm around my back, uses the other to stroke my hair and admits, “I don’t like thinking about you goin’ hungry.”

God, his arms are nice.

I look up at him and chuckle, “It was only a few hours but I’ll admit it, I am so hungry.” Still tight in his arms I ask, “So, what did ya bring me?”

Nik looks toward the staff room door and says, “Well actually, I got something for you, Nat, and for me. I missed lunch, too.”

I put on the best stern voice I can muster, “And you’re worried about me not taking care of myself? Tut tut.” I look to the staff room and sigh, “We better get in there or she’ll eat it all.”

Natalie eats like a horse and never gains a pound. I hate her for that. In a loving, best friend way.

Untangling myself from Nik, I take his hand and lead him to the staff room. There is a small table which seats four people. Nat has already organized the food and placed three wrapped parcels and three salads in front of three of the four seats. Nik and Nat take a seat while I go over to the fridge and get us some sodas.

I take a seat and we all unwrap our huge Reuben sandwiches.

Geez Louise, this guy is perfect.

With a mouthful of sandwich I moan, “You are a God, Mr Leokov.”

Chewing, he smiles at me.

I take the lids off all the salads and dress them. I start moving the olives in my salad to one side and notice Nik moving his cherry tomatoes to the side of his container.

“You don’t like tomatoes?” I ask.

He looks disgusted and states, “No, I don’t. I like them cooked but not raw. Mom tried to force ‘em on me when I was little but stopped when I threw up all over the dining table.” He chuckles to himself and says wistfully, “Good times”

Nat and I chuckle with him. He looks over to my container and questions, “You don’t like olives?”

I grimace, “Yuk. No.”

Nik leans over me to my salad container, takes it over to his, and dumps all the olives into his salad. Then he lifts his container and puts his cherry tomatoes into my salad.

Nat and I watch fascinated like. He puts down both containers, claps his hands together, and smiles a triumphant smile. “Problem solved”

I think I love you.

What the heck? Where did that come from?

Nat and Nik are chatting away about EPL Soccer and I listen in silently. I find out he barracks for Tottenham and has been known to watch the games on cable even if it means getting up at 3am.

He tells us Max and Ceecee live with him and have since Ceecee became paraplegic; he doesn’t tell us what happened to her but I’m sure he believes it’s Max’s story to tell. Nik is thirty four. Ghost (whose name is really Asher) has been a part of his family since he moved in with them senior year of high school. I want to know more about that but don’t want to interrupt him. He tells us he’s owned the club for seven years and has two silent partners. Trick is Nik’s cousin, their mothers are sisters. I ask where Ceecee goes when Max works at the club. Nik tell us his Mom and sisters all take turns watching her and that Ghost is Ceecee’s godfather. He tells us a bit about the club. Nat and I are both listening closely; we’re both curious about our new friends.

I straighten up having just remembered to ask him something. “I haven’t seen you taking your cigarette breaks anymore. You hiding from us?” I tease.

He looks a bit sheepish as he rubs his hand on the back of his neck and says, “Well, see, I met this little woman who told me smoking kills.” He scrunches his face and looks at me, “So I quit.”

Unbelievable. I actually don’t know what to say. I’m pretty sure I mentioned the ‘smoking kills’ thing the first time I ever spoke to him.

That’s all it took to make him quit?

Then I realize something, frown, and complain, “But now I won’t see you three times a day.” It’s only after I say it that I realize how pathetic I sound so I quickly add, “But it’s so good you’re quitting!” with a big smile and I quickly ask him more questions about the club.

Phew, quick save!

An hour of random conversation passes and Nik stands and excuses himself. “Sorry to leave you ladies but I really have to finish some work.” He looks at me and informs, “By the way, we’re officially sponsored by NT3 Advertising. I got the contract in the mail today.”

That. Is. Awesome!

I stand, hug him, and smile. “Congratulations. I know it was a big one.”

He hugs me back quickly then looks at Nat and questions, “You know she’s the reason I got a seven hundred thousand dollar sponsorship?”


Nat gasps and we both stand there open mouthed. He takes in our obvious expressions and chuckles. “Yeesh, too cute.”

He lifts his fingers to us as a goodbye, unlocks the door and leaves.

I know he said the sponsorship was a big one but I had no idea it was almost a million dollar contract. I suddenly don’t feel bad about taking the VIP passes anymore. He can afford it.

No one can resist the cupcakes.

Nat nudges my shoulder to get my attention and tells me, “I’ve changed my mind about him. I really, really, really like him.”

I smile up at her, “Yeah, me too.”

Like, a lot.

Maybe too much.


I decide to wake up early the next morning and make glazed donuts. I feed Bear then get my cook on.

I double the dose so I can take some to The White Rabbit for Nik (and the guys) as a Thank You for the late lunch he brought us yesterday.

These donuts are baked not fried so I have no problems eating two of these babies each time I make them. They are soft, fluffy, and a classic. You can never go wrong with donuts. I mean, who doesn’t like a good donut?

I’m still in my bathrobe and just about finished glazing them when Nat emerges from her bedroom.

I take her in as she stumbles into the kitchen. Her hair is a mess, she hasn’t opened her eyes, and she looks adorable.

I laugh at the state she’s in. “Hey, you didn’t have to get up for another half hour.”

She finally opens her eyes, sits at a stool next to the counter, and confesses, “I swear I don’t know how I got here, I just followed my nose.” She looks at the counter and groans, “No! Not the cinnamon glaze!” She whines, “You know I can’t resist the cinnamon glaze!”

Nat takes one of the cooler donuts in hand and takes a small bite. She lifts her eyes heavenward and moans, “Oh my God, my mouth just had a freaking orgasm.”

I chuckle and remind her, “Well, it’s been over a year since you had my donuts so you were due.”

“No wonder I lost weight when you left,” she says with a smile. “No one was making me delicious baked goods to maintain my booty.”

Smiling, I tell her to get ready for work. Forty five minutes later, we’re ready and good to go.

We take the donuts and head to my car.

After battling with my car to let me in, I unlock the passenger door and Nat climbs in placing the donuts on the floor.

I put the key in and turn. Of course, nothing happens. Because what kind of car would actually turn on willingly? My baby has attitude.

Pumping the gas with one foot, I lift my other foot onto Nat’s lap and kick the passenger door while turning the ignition. Nat laughs at me. I scowl at her while continuing my morning car routine. I yell out over the thumps of my kicking, “I don’t know why this works but it just does!”

After a few more seconds of beating the crap out of my car, the engine kicks over and we both whoop in delight.

When I brake at the exit of the parking lot, my temperamental sweetheart stalls. Nat bursts out laughing. I pull my hands up to my face pretending to sob. I peek up at her through my hands and we both burst into hysterical laughter.

“Time to get a new car me thinks,” she wheezes through her laughter. I know she’s right.


And then I go about beating the crap out of my car. Again.


Nat and Lola open up at Safira while I make my way across the street to give the guys my breakfast delights.

I walk into the ‘chill out’ room and there’s nobody there. I try Nik’s office but it’s also empty. There are three doors at the opposite end of the hallway and I’m not sure why, but I hold onto my container full of donuts and tiptoe down to the other end of the hall like I’m a spy.

Cue mission impossible theme.

I walk passed the first two doors and find that the third door is actually an elevator. This must be how Ceecee gets up here.

I think out loud, “That is so cool!”

“What are you doing?”

I gasp, turn quickly and Ghost and I are nose to chest.

I scream at the top of my lungs for a good five seconds right in his face. When I’m done I clutch my heaving chest and shriek, “What is with you guys and scaring the crap out of me?!”

Ghost, still looking down at me and frowns, “Skittish little thing, aren’t ya?” He lifts his head back at the door behind him. “In there.”

I follow him into what looks to be a conference room. It has a long, large table in the middle with six seats on either side. There is a white board on the wall and a projector hooked up to the ceiling. Max, Nik, and Trick are sitting at the table looking at me smiling hard.

I’m immediately embarrassed for screeching like a banshee. I feel my face flush.

Max speaks up, “I thought I recognized that squeal.”

I bite my lip, scrunch my brows, and look at them through squinted eyes. I quietly apologize, “I’m sorry. I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.”

Ghost sits down and states, “You were.”

Nik throws a pen at Ghost, shoots him a dirty look, and says, “She was not, bonehead.”

I walk over to Ghost, place the container in front of him, and open the lid just a little so the smell of sugar and cinnamon waft up to him. I speak in an overly bored tone, “Oh, that’s okay. I can take my cinnamon glazed donuts back to the Safira if you don’t want them.”

His eyes widen before he glares up at me and mutters, “You don’t fight fair.”

I smile brightly at him and stroke his hair, “Never said I would, honey.”

Trick is up and by my side in a jiffy and asks, “Wha- wha- what kind of donuts?”

Laughing, I open the container to show him the twelve cinnamon glazed donuts. He groans dramatically, hunches over and puts a hand on his knee as if to steady himself.

He straightens up and begs in a whisper, “I need one of those donuts.” He sounds like a junkie.

I hold out the container to him and he takes two straight away.

Greedy guts.

I know Ghost is dying for one; he keeps swallowing because he’s salivating. I walk over to the end of the table where there are clean plates, pick them up and place one in front of each of the guys. I put two donuts on each plate, apart from Trick’s. Then comes my favorite part; watching them enjoy.

They each take a bite and the room erupts in moans and groans.