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Me? I’ve just been hanging out in my flesh.

They’ve kept the fridge stocked with sandwich stuff, and they drop me off takeout when they bring home food. It’s probably the most thoughtful thing they’ve done for me.


I’m assuming at the rate I heal that I can’t starve to death, but it’s nice to not be hungry. Downside? Not one bag of popcorn has shown up in either kitchen.

Anyway, as long as I’m in flesh, I don’t ache for their presence. Another plus.

Everything evens out, I suppose.

I haven’t seen one bouquet of roses show up at my door, so I’m assuming they aren’t going to buy me any. And I have no money to go buy my own or decorate my room.

I’ve also learned to never drink that damn liquor they get from Harold. I choked half a jar of that shit down, and the next thing I knew, I woke up on the bathroom floor.

Not. Pleasant.

So far, I’m sucking my first week of being a real girl. But it’s the best week of my life.

A knock at my door tells me they’re delivering more food, which is odd, since they only dropped some off less than an hour ago.

I open the door not expecting to find the four of them loitering in the hallway. Ezekiel is the only one who looks directly at me.

“We’re going to the club. Thought you might want to come,” he says with a smirk.

The other three all give me a look of amusement I don’t particularly understand.

Their words finally resonate, and a smile flits across my face. “Are you inviting me?”

He shrugs.

“You’ve done good not to leave the house without us, so we figured it only right to reward you with something you want to do,” Kai tells me, a smug look on his face.

“How thoughtful,” I state, draining as much sarcasm into the two words as humanly possible.

Ha! Humanly possible. Fairly sure I’m not too human.

His lips twitch, and Jude turns away to smirk at the wall instead of in my face.

“We’ve been worked up this week, since you riled us up and left us hanging. It’s getting distracting, so we’ll be bringing you a show tonight, if you’re interested in watching, that is,” Gage drawls, his eyes cutting toward me.

I’ve experienced jealousy a multitude of times, but never so much of it that it left my stomach feeling lined with lead and dragging me down. I also have to swallow back a bit of bile, even as I force a smile.


I prepared for this. I knew this was coming. They’ve already gone much longer without a woman than I expected.

“Good. Then tonight I can hopefully do some shopping of my own and find out once and for all if I’m a virgin or not,” I chirp, trying to sound enthusiastic so they don’t see the unfounded way it hurts to know they’re choosing another.

They all give me an indescribably blank stare, almost eerie.

“Virgin?” Kai asks incredulously.

“Fairly certain I’m not, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m searching for or if my fingers are long enough—”

“I’ll see you guys at the club,” Jude grumbles, turning and siphoning away.

They all look freshly showered. I spent two hours in the incredible bathtub in my bathroom today, so I know I’m clean enough. Baths are my favorite thing about skin. The water feels amazing. And I don’t have to even bother drying off if I don’t feel like it.

One quick flick from real to ghostly and I’m dry and clothed.

Flicking out to my ghostly form, I opt for a sexy pair of leather pants, and a pink crop top that shows just a hint of my stomach.

My hair falls in loose curls around my shoulders, and I check the mirror, smiling at the fresh look.

A groan catches my attention as Kai vanishes, and Ezekiel runs a hand through his hair as he gives me a look of exhausted patience. His gaze flicks angrily to Gage before he’s gone as well, and I shrug.

“Can I hitch a ride with you?” I ask him.

He gives me a curt grin and flips me off before he also leaves.

Guess I’m going to them.

Rolling my eyes, I lose my skin. I can’t sense them in flesh—only in my untouchable state can I locate them anymore.

It takes me a minute, but I finally feel them, and I siphon myself inside the…men’s bathroom.

Yeah, I can only go where I’ve been before, so this is…awkward.

Five guys lined up at the urinal look at me as I poke my head out of the stall door. One looks away, then his gaze darts back to me as his eyebrows rise.

Clearing my throat, I push all the way through the door, and flash them a grin. “Oops,” I say, shrugging. “Wrong bathroom.”

I walk like a boss, other than that wobble in my high heels…that will have to go. Heels are way harder to walk in when gravity is involved.

Just as I pass one very tattooed guy, I back up, my eyes dropping to the dick in his hands, seeing four piercings down the shaft of it. Jude has those.

“Can I ask if those are painful when you have sex?” I ask him, peering up to his very blue eyes.

His lips twist in a grin. “Not at all. And it’d probably be the best thing you’ve ever felt.”

My cheeks get hot for no apparent reason, and I’m almost tempted to fan myself. No wonder the girls Jude takes over the edge always act like their dying and going to heaven.

Interesting analogy there.

It’s never struck me as ironic until now.

I glance down, wondering if any of these other guys have piercings like the other guys. I see none, but I do get a couple of incredulous gawks.

Shaking my head clear from my inner ramblings, I pat Mr. Tattoo’s arm. “Good to know. Gives me more alone-time material.”

His grin only grows, and I walk on out the door, and into the chaotic club scene. The music is pumping as loudly as ever, but like never before, I feel those heavy beats in my chest, vibrating through my body as though the music is alive.

My smile practically takes up my whole face.

Before I take another step, I let my feet go phantom, and change my shoes into some cute flats that aren’t going to send me face-planting.

Then I walk out into the madness, feeling the heat from all the writhing bodies as they brush against me with varying types of fabric that range from abrasive to divine.

My sensory stimulation has me closing my eyes, absorbing all the contact I didn’t realize I could enjoy so much.

Just physical contact is enough to soothe the ache in my chest.

It’s so much more empowering and addicting than I realized it could be. I’m dancing before I even reach the crowded dance floor, grinding with anyone and everyone who wants to dance like we’re overly familiar.

Moving through the throngs of people, I start to feel eyes on me. I whirl around, and my gaze collides with Jude.

He’s standing on an overhead balcony, his gaze burning through me, as Ezekiel and Gage seem to be having an argument of some kind.

Kai is nowhere to be seen, and I break my gaze away, until I finally spot Three on the dancefloor, a pretty blonde curled against him. I thought he preferred brunettes.

His eyes flick to me, and he smirks as the girl presses into him. My heart is pounding in my ears as the sting of betrayal slithers into me.

They prefer a stranger.

Because I’ll never be good enough.

Before I can look away, Jude moves in behind the woman, fitting his body against her as they press her between them. Her entire body flushes as she leans back on him, and Jude barely spares me a glance.

The only thing that keeps me from leaving and going home to find earplugs is the guy suddenly blocking my vision, and a drink being put in front of me.

“Hello again,” I say to Mr. Tattoo Dick Piercings as he grins down at me.

“Usually by the time a girl sees my dick, I’ve bought her at least a few of these,” he tells me, smirking. “And I can assure you it’s far more impressive when I’m turned on,” he adds.

“Are you saying this drink is drugged and you only get it up for incapacitated girls?” I deadpan, arching an eyebrow.

He bursts out laughing, shaking his head. He takes a generous sip of the drink, like he’s taking a test, then passes it to me as his eyes sparkle with humor.

He’s not as freakishly gorgeous as the four of them, but he’s still attractive. He’s also flirty and fun.

“Just how impressive are we talking?” I ask him, sipping my non-drugged drink.

His smile spreads. “Never had a complaint in the past,” he says, making his voice carry over the music.

“And what’s the usual standard. It’s only right for me to have all the facts before handing you my virginity,” I go on.

He laughs again, quieter this time. “Funny girl. I’m Neal, by the way.”

When he sticks his hand out, I slide mine into his, letting him shake it as I savor the feel of someone touching me with skin. It’s not as consuming or drugging as when the guys touch me, but it’s…nice.

Like him.

“I’m…Keyla,” I tell him, though it’s a little hollow, since that’s not my true name but the one given to me by Ezekiel.

Those tattoos on this guy are misleading, because he looks like a hardened criminal, when really he’s a fluffy teddy bear.

My hand moves to his chest, and I take back the fluffy part. His body is pretty damn hard.


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