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His eyes flicker down to my lips, then back to my eyes. Instead of answering, he offers me that heart-stopping smile, and moves in to kiss me all over again.

I grip onto his strong back and go along for the ride, enjoying his lips on mine, his body covering me, his manly scent flowing around me.

I’m in way over my head. And I don’t want to be saved.

Chapter Twelve

This week has flown by. The second Dominic and I returned to the vineyard, it was full speed ahead with Montgomery wedding plans.

“We’re heading out, Alecia, unless there’s something else you need,” Mark says, as he waves goodbye to his crew.

“I don’t need anything,” I assure him with a grin. My heels click on the hardwood dance floor as I approach him. “This is beautiful.”

His blue eyes take in the massive tent, floor, and stage and he gives me a satisfied nod. “We did good.”

“You did excellent,” I agree.

“We’ll hang the lights and set out tables tomorrow, and that’s about it.”

I can already picture the white twinkling lights strung throughout the tent in my head, the tables set up and decorated with beautiful flowers, smiling people dancing and laughing.

I can’t wait.

“Rehearsal dinner tomorrow night,” I remind him, as he turns to leave.

“Like I could forget that.” He shakes his head and laughs. “I hope you’re ready for the party about to ensue tomorrow night.”

I cock my brow and tilt my head in question.

“The girls will drink and celebrate, let loose. Our family won’t feel comfortable letting loose at the reception, but given that tomorrow night is private, well…” He shrugs and offers me a roguish grin. “Game on.”

“Thanks for the warning.” I wave him off and walk toward the house, let myself in through the side door and run right into Dominic as he comes out of his office. “Hey there, handsome.”

A soft smile spreads over his face, and before he can respond, I rise up on my tip-toes, wrap my arms around his neck and press my lips to his in a quick, chaste kiss, then pull away and drag my hands firmly down his arms to his hands and clench them tightly in mine.

“Hi yourself,” he responds.

“How’s your day?”

“It’s gone well. I’m assuming yours has as well?”

I nod and kiss his palm, just before he cups my cheek and rubs his thumb over the apple of my cheek. “I have a few more things to see to.”

“I’ll see you soon, then.”

I smile and squeeze his hands once more before walking away toward the kitchen. Unable to resist, I toss a glance over my shoulder to find him watching me walk away, one hand resting on his chest over his heart, his deep blue eyes smiling at me.

Dear sweet Jesus, my man is hot. And the way my heart skips at the look on his face is just almost disgusting.

And I don’t even care.

I wiggle my fingers in a wave and saunter happily into the kitchen where Blake is whistling while he works, looking handsome in his chef jacket, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, showing off his flexing forearms.

“Something smells good,” I comment lightly, and lean over the stove, reaching for the lid of a pot.

“Hands off, sister.”

“I’m hungry.”

“I’ll feed you, but get your nose out of my pots.”

I stick my tongue out at him and cross to the fridge. “Did the food come in for tomorrow’s dinner?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Are the artichokes fresh?” I poke at the large, beautiful vegetables.

“Get your hands off my shit.”

I close the fridge and turn to find Blake glaring at me while he chops something briskly.

“You’re going to cut your fingers off if you don’t watch what you’re doing.”

“Why are you in here pestering the fuck out of me?”

“Because I love you?” I bat my eyelashes at him and then laugh when he cocks a brow and smirks. “Because I’m checking to see if you have things under control.”

“When have I not had things under control?”

“It’s my job to check.”

“So, you checked. Are you done micro-managing the rest of the crew for the day?”

“Yep.” I reach around him and pluck a piece of red pepper off his cutting board and pop it in my mouth. “You were my last stop.”

“Good,” Dom says, as he saunters into the kitchen with two bottles of wine in his hands. “Is dinner almost ready?” he asks Blake.


“Wait. Are we having a party?” I ask.

“We’re having dinner,” Blake replies with a grin. “I know how you get when you work. You forget to eat, and then you get hungry and you annoy the piss out of everyone around you.”

“That’s not true,” I insist.

“Which part?” Dominic asks, as he pulls three wine glasses out of a cupboard.

“If you guys are going to gang up on me, I’ll go home.”

“No you won’t,” Blake replies, as Dom just narrows his eyes at me and shakes his head slowly from side to side. “I made your favorite. And if you leave, you can’t have any.”

“Homemade mac n’ cheese?” I ask hopefully, making Dom smile widely.

“And…” Blake says in a sing-song voice.

“And turkey breast?” I clap my hands in excitement.


“If you say collard greens, I’ll kiss you.”

“No,” Dom interjects lazily, as he pulls the cork out of the first bottle, “you won’t.”

“I’ll give them to you for free,” Blake says with a laugh. “And it’s just about ready.”

“Woot!” I offer Blake a fist bump and help the guys carry everything outside to the table near the fire pit. We all settle in, Dom right next to me and Blake across from us, loading our plates, sipping our wine, and I can’t help but wonder if this is going to be…weird. I’ve slept with both of these men, and they’re both very special to me.

“So it looks like it’s pretty much done back there,” Blake says, as he takes a bite of the mac n’ cheese, gesturing to the tent.

“Yep, just a few odds and ends to finish tomorrow,” I reply, and load a bite of turkey, greens, and mac n’ cheese all on my fork, then groan loudly when they all hit my tongue. “So good,” I say, my mouth full of food.

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