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And with those last words of instruction, he kisses his way down my back and squats behind me. It feels bizarre to watch my own face as I’m getting turned on.

“How do you feel?” he asks before he plants a kiss on my left ass cheek, as if he’s reading my mind.

“Shy,” I reply immediately.

“Good girl,” he says and drags his hand up the inside of my right thigh and skims his fingertips through my folds and against my clit, then retreats immediately. I gasp, my lips part, and I can see the pulse in my neck pick up speed.

“Look at the way you blush,” he whispers. The very tips of his fingers, his short fingernails, scrape up and down my ass slowly, softly, making me catch my breath. “I love it when your cheeks get red with arousal.”

I’ve never noticed it before. I didn’t know I did that. A blush spreads from my cheeks, down my neck to my chest, and my hands form into fists, still leaning against the mirror. I can see his shoulders on either side of my hips, and I bite my lip at the thought of his face being eye-level with my pussy.

“You blush down here, too, you know.” He plants another wet kiss on the opposite cheek, just as his hand takes another trip up the inside of my left thigh and into my dripping wet folds.

I moan and drop my head, my eyes closing, and he’s suddenly…gone.

“If you stop, so do I, cara.”

My head whips back up. He’s shifted to my left side, watching me in the mirror.

“I mean it.”

I bite my lip again and nod, and he moves behind me once again, grips my hips in his hands, and without further ado, leans in and swipes his tongue, from my clit to my anus, in one long, firm, wet motion.

I’m panting now, my pulse scattered, the blood rushing in my ears. He presses his thumb to my clit and pulls my lips into his mouth, gently pulsing, then his tongue sinks inside me. He rubs his nose against my puckered anus, but then he switches it up again, drags his lips down to my clit, flicking it softly, just before he sinks two fingers deep inside me and makes a come here motion, hitting my goddamn sweet spot.

“Dom!” I shout, my hips bucking. God, my eyes are glassy, the pupils dilated. My skin is glistening with a light sheen of sweat, and my lower lip is swollen from my own teeth.

He’s going to fucking kill me.

“That’s right, baby,” he says loudly, before gripping onto my clit with his lips once more, sucking firmly, turning me inside out. I watch in wonder as I tumble over the edge, crying out, pounding my fist against the mirror as I go blind, seeing only stars as I come hard.

I can’t fucking breathe.

Before I know what’s happening, Dom stands and turns me in his arms, boosts me onto the vanity and pushes inside me, smoothly burying himself in my dripping wetness. He covers my mouth with his, leans his own hands against the mirror and begins to drill in and out of me violently, as if he’s a man possessed.

I’m clinging to him, my legs wrapped around his waist and my hands gripping his upper arms as his mouth plunders mine. I can taste myself on him, and it only makes me want him more.

With one hand, I reach between us and press my fingertips on my clit, then sink them lower and press against the base of his cock as he moves in and out of me. He growls and tears his mouth from mine so he can watch my hand, then turns those feral blue eyes on mine.

“Che è così fottutamente sexy,” he groans. “God, you’re so fucking sexy.”

I can feel my body tightening as another orgasm gathers in the core of me, then explodes through me. I lean in and bite Dom’s shoulder as I buck and shudder against him.

“Fuck yes,” he growls, one hand planted on my ass as he pulls me even more firmly against him, grinding his pubis against my clit, and comes long and hard, emptying himself inside me.

We stay right here for long moments, me clinging onto him so I don’t fall back, Dom gripping my ass almost painfully, while leaning on the mirror with his other hand, chasing our breath. Finally, he tips his forehead against mine and shakes his head.

“Do you see how damn sexy you are?”

“I see—” I begin, but he stops me with one firm look.

“No smart ass responses.”

“Yes. I see it.”

“Thank Christ.”

He kisses my forehead tenderly and backs away, helping me off the vanity.

“I want to spend the day with you,” he says.

“Well, we’ll be out at the vineyard, so—”

“No, away from the vineyard.”

I turn to stare at him. “Dom, I spent the day away from the vineyard yesterday. I have work to do.”

“It’s Sunday, cara.” He throws me a cocky grin. “No one else is working today.”

I chew my lip as I think of all of the things I should be doing today, but he cocks a brow at me, and I cave. I want to spend the day with him.

“What do you have in mind?”

He flips the water on in the shower before tugging me against him and plants a kiss on my nose, then my lips. “I want to take you somewhere special.”


I toss crackers and grapes into the basket I’m putting together for our day out and shake my ass in time with Matt Nathanson, singing “Faster.” I add cheese, salami, and strawberries, then shimmy over to my wine rack and choose a bottle of Dom’s red, two glasses, and then bounce around the kitchen, singing along with Matt.

Suddenly, Dominic’s strong hand takes mine, and he gracefully spins me into his arms, dancing us both about the kitchen.

“I love watching you move,” he whispers against my temple as he holds me close.

I chuckle and move my hips suggestively, playfully, just as he pushes me away from him again, then pulls me back in, my back against his front, my ass pressed against his crotch.

I wrap my arm up around his neck and tilt my head back so he can kiss my nose, and then, Patrick Swayze-style, he twirls me one more time, then dips me low as the song comes to an end.

“Very nice, Mr. Salvatore.” His lips twitch, and that dimple winks at me as he pulls me back to my feet and lays a quick, hard kiss on my lips.

“Are you ready to go?” he asks. My eyes wander down his casual white button-up and sexy jeans, then back up to his face to find a half smile on those amazing lips and his eyes shining with…lust. “Keep looking at me like that, cara, and we won’t get far today.”

I simply bite my lip and keep looking, enjoying the way he looks back at me. Finally, he shakes his head and laughs.

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