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Author: Kylie Scott

“The table?”

“That’s right.” She took far too long to bend forward and place her palms flat, but finally they were there. “Good.” Finn pushed his boot between her sandals and pushed her left foot to the side, widening her stance. It was a simple enough matter to pul her denim skirt up to her waist and push her panties down to her knees. “Al, I wish you wouldn’t wear underwear.”

“That why you’re arresting me, officer?”

The spicy scent of her arousal fil ed the air, and he groaned aloud. He hadn’t actually thought he could get any harder. “I’l cuff you later when I can find some. Damn, you smell good.”

Finn dropped to his knees behind her and swiped his tongue through the folds of her wet cunt. She tasted exactly as she should, familiar, hot and female. Never would he get enough of her. Al squirmed and he took the opportunity to use the flat of his hand on the curve of her ass. The slap of his palm on her soft, warm flesh was shockingly loud in the quiet of the station house.

Yes, just like that.

Al jumped beneath his hands and pale skin turned a nice shade of pink. “Finn! Shit. Warn me next time.”

“No.” The next smack hit her other cheek, and there was a nice sense of balance to it. Pink handprints all in proportion. She made to move, trying to cover her rear with her hands. Protecting her rosy ass. Not. Happening. “Put them back on the table, Al.”

She growled and stomped a foot. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face, not that she could have seen it. Finn indulged it.

Her muscles tensing, she slowly returned her hands to the table. “Damn it, Finn.”

Actions speaking louder than words, he put his mouth on her, tonguing her sweet flesh. Her pussy was hot and wet and right there. It was perfect. A dying man’s last meal. He hadn’t been certain they would be like this again. The future had been bleak, empty. Gratitude swamped him.

And … and the moment she started moaning and her legs trembled he pulled back. Al was less than impressed. “You bastard, don’t you dare—”

The crack of his hand on her ass drew her litany to an abrupt halt. “You going to throw me out again?”

“I didn’t throw you out,” Al snapped, giving as good as she got. He fucking loved that about her. “You left, remember? Are you going to fall down the front of other women’s shirts again? Huh?”

“No,” he promised, and placed tender, sucking kisses on her labia, one on either side. “No, it won’t happen again. I’m sorry about that.” Took him a minute to realize the shudders racking her body weren’t tears or excitement but laughter. He didn’t even bother spanking her, it was so out of place. “What is your problem?”

“You’re apologizing to me with your face in my pussy.”

“It seemed prudent.” He bit the curve of her ass, pressing in with his teeth just enough to mark her. Because he needed to. Visual evidence was required. She was still with him. She was his. The noise she made brought forth al sorts of needs in him. All kinds of demands. “Do you accept my apology?”


“Good.” He scattered kisses over her hot ass cheeks, held those perfect curves in the palm of his hands. There came another sound from the back of her throat when his thumb stroked over her asshole. Soft and gentle, teasing and testing. “I’m going to want this.”

She looked back over her shoulder at him, eyes dark with passion and something else. A little wary maybe. Cautious. “Are you now?”

Finn rubbed his mouth over the fading pink marks on her flesh. “Talk to me, Al.”

“I tried it.” She shrugged with one shoulder, bit her lips. “It didn’t really work for me. But if you want …”

“You’ll give me that?”

She nodded.

“Thank you.” Finn took a minute, savoring her trust. A warm flush of feeling rose in his chest when she surrendered to him. He brushed his thumb over the tight, puckered hole again, and she shivered.

Probably not from pleasure.

Some idiot hadn’t respected this gift. He wouldn’t be making the same mistake. “Easy. We’ll just experiment a little. Okay?”

She nodded, but didn’t visibly relax until he got back to kissing and licking her gorgeous pussy. Hot, open-mouthed kisses that got them both steamed up. The taste of her infused him, filled his every sense and pore. He didn’t leave a cell unclaimed.

The need he had for her was bigger than he had imagined. He had known giving her up wouldn’t be easy. But it wasn’t until now he could truly admit that it wasn’t something he could see himself ever doing. Not a chance. He’d fight for her till his dying breath.

When he slipped his other hand between her legs, his fingers finding the hard nub of her clit she moaned. A loud, wake-the-neighbors sort of noise. His balls curled up against his body.

With her suitably distracted, he moved his attention back to her ass. She didn’t seem to notice what he was up to with his tongue, she was too busy pushing her pussy into his hand. The noise of her panting breath and another one of those moans fil ed his ears. He lavished her with attention, front and back.

“Come for me, Al.”

“Yeah …”

And she did. Spectacularly. Her spine seized up and her whole body shook in his grip. The way she said his name licked over him like heat. His need to be inside her was paramount.

Finn gave her sex a parting kiss and lick. He rose to his feet and undid his belt buckle, got his jeans open and freed the hard length of his cock. Donning the condom tucked in his back pocket, he told her with al due sincerity, “You’re lucky I’m an optimist.”

“Maybe I’m just easy.” He could hear the smile in her voice, slow and sweet as honey as she struggled back to reality. “Oh, Finn …”

Her back arched and her hair slid forward, covering her face, as his cock pushed into her pussy. “That’s so good.”

He could only agree.

“Be easy for me, Al. That’s al I want.” The air went out of him as he pushed home, filling her with his cock. The play of her muscles over him, her heat and humidity. He had to take a moment, get his bearings. Get his head in gear before he blew.

“That’s al ?” she moaned as he pulled out, thrust back in. Nothing had ever felt this good. Nothing.

He grunted and she didn’t speak again as he got busy fucking her in earnest. Talk could happen later.

Finn bent over her, one hand beside hers on the desk, his other arm wrapping around her, holding her tight against him as she came on his cock with a surprised shout.

Saying his name.

No way could he hold out.


There were two people waiting for her back at the apartment. Daniel appeared pained and Erin looked perky. Perky but subdued.

Her boyfriend sat at a battered table opposite their visitor. He slouched down in a camping chair, a cup of coffee in hand. The slow smile he gave her lured her in, held her tight. Letting her know without words everything was alright. “Erin just arrived. She wants to talk to you, baby.”

There were dark circles beneath his blue eyes, still bloodshot from the previous night. His hair was damp from the shower and dark strands clung to his gorgeous thick neck. Everything about him called to her.

He pushed himself out of the chair and came to her, as big and beautiful as ever. Without thought, she slipped her arms around his waist, cuddled in close enough to catch the scent of him.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah.” She looked up at him and smiled, pulled him down for a kiss because she wanted to and she could. If there was some territorial display attached then so be it. Erin could go screw herself, and Daniel didn’t seem to mind. He kissed a path down her neck, stopping at a fresh bite from Finn. “I’m glad you got things sorted out with him. I’m gonna go find Sam and investigate these plans of his for keeping us busy. Stay close to home, okay? I shouldn’t be long.”

“Hmm.” She watched as Daniel clomped down the stairs, her heart beating double time from love and lust. Everything about him cal ed to her, from the breadth of his shoulders to the strong lines of his chest. The movement of his ass in particular was enthralling. He looked up and caught her hanging over the railing, ogling him. The side of his mouth kicked up, and he gave her a wink before he slipped from view.

Which meant it was time for the unpleasant part of the day.

“Why are you here, Erin?”

The girl winced and got to her feet, abandoning her cup of coffee. “I owe you an apology.”


“I didn’t realize when Dad introduced them as being with you that he meant they were with you. The both of them.” Erin tucked her dark hair behind her ears, studied her shoes for a moment. “I’m sorry. I know I caused trouble between you guys.”

“Yes, you did.” Ali leant back against the wal . “And Finn was giving off conflicting signals, which didn’t help. But that’s between me and him.”

“Look, you don’t know me, but I would never come on to someone else’s boyfriend. I don’t do that,” Erin said. “I real y didn’t realize that’s what was going on here.”

“The situation’s unconventional, but it’s our choice and no one else’s business really.”

“Don’t get me wrong.” Erin put out her hands. “The three of you, it’s great. Two men, you’re my hero.”

“Why don’t we let this go?”

Erin’s smile was megawatt. “I would appreciate it.”

“Please sit, finish your coffee.”

“Oh, thanks, but I’m due next door at Riley’s to help with sorting.” Erin paused, considered. “Why don’t you come? Good chance to start meeting some people. I could show you around town a bit later if you like.”

When Ali hovered, undecided, Erin took a step toward her with a tentative smile. “Come on, let me be useful here. I feel terrible about the way we got off on the wrong foot. Plus, if you don’t go out, they’ll start popping in, and trust me, that’s bad.”