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Author: Kylie Scott

What did that smile mean? Guilt slid over her like a second skin. Lust kicked hard in her bel y, and it slipped straight off.

Finn laid her out on the bed, loomed tall above her. A lantern she had found beneath the kitchen sink sat glowing on the bedside table. It was good not to be in the dark, very good to be able to see him. The shadows on his beautiful face made him appear al the more menacing as he scowled down at her.

“No going back,” Finn warned in a voice she hadn’t heard before. It sounded low, rough and thrilling. He took hold of one of her boots, dealt with it swiftly before starting in on the other. “Undo your jeans.”

Her fingers fumbled on the button and zipper. “What about you?”

“Soon.” Finn put a knee on the mattress, leant over and sped up the process, peeling her jeans off her legs. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulled. The feral grin he gave as he stripped her underwear down had her heart tripping in her chest.

“These are wet.”

“You have that effect.”

“Good to know.”

Ali leant back on her elbows. Finn folded her underwear and tucked them in his back jeans pocket.

“Those are the only pair I have, Finn.”

“I’ll get you more.” He sunk down onto his knees on the carpet at the foot of the bed, pried her legs open with gentle hands. The reverence of his gaze as he stared at her sex caused her mouth to go dry. If he hadn’t been holding her legs open she’d have snapped them shut in a fit of nerves.

“Closer,” he urged, wrapping his hands around her hips to drag her toward him. “A bit more.”

Firm hands slid down, the rough tips of his fingers smoothed over her inner thighs, tracing lightly over her skin, getting goose pimples raging. His warm breath fevered her skin. She just about jumped when a fingertip traveled the seam between her pussy and thigh. Her shoulders shook and there was a noise in her throat, fighting for release.

It all grew out of control the longer he studied her. The more he touched her.

This was going to kill her.

When Finn’s mouth touched her sex, she sagged with relief. Her back hit the mattress and her whole body shook. She would have liked to watch him, but maybe next time. There had to be a next time, because the tongue swiping through her was heaven-sent and blessed from on high. It felt of sweet deliverance making everything right.

His firm lips rubbed and his tongue tickled and teased. Swift swipes followed by a long, lazy wander from the flat of his tongue through slick flesh. She didn’t know what she was going to get. What he would give. He drove her steadily toward the edge. He suckled her lips, fingers pressing hard into her thighs, keeping her legs spread wide.

Her back arched and her body hummed.

“God. Finn.” Nothing else existed outside of the way he was making her feel. The pleasure he inflicted.

When he restricted his oral worship to her clit she was done for.

“Oh … GoddammitFinnyes.” White lightning struck behind her eyelids and her back bowed. The muscles in her legs pulled taught and her heart punched at her rib cage. Bones were surely broken. She pushed her pussy into his face, all sense of shame long gone.

Ali came and came, body shaking and shivering as he eased her down. His mouth stayed on her till the last, hands holding her tight.

She drifted till the strong hands gripped her hips and thumbs stroked over her skin.

His low, rough voice called her back.

“Roll over, Al. I want you on all fours. I want to fuck you from behind,” he said. She was wel and truly back in her happy place with the erotic image planted in her mind. “Can you do that for me?”

“Yes.” She nodded and rolled her lax body, pulled herself up onto hands and knees. Muscles turned to liquid trembled, but determination won through. She felt exposed, putting herself in his hands. Anxiety spread through her at not being able to see him. But wasn’t it always this way with sex? The trust involved. The desire to please. To be pleased in turn.

Considering he had so recently been up close and personal with her privates, it was foolish to worry, but it lingered nonetheless. A tiny mirror above the bed provided few clues as he stared at her with intent.

His hands positioned her just so, toes hanging off the end of the bed. The clink of his belt buckle. The smal sounds of him undressing.

A condom wrapper ripped open. Then his hands were back on her, fingers kneading her ass just hard enough to leave a mark. Which was exactly what she wanted.

“I think you can get louder.” His cockhead brushed against the swollen lips of her pussy and a shiver shot through her.

This was it. He parted her and pushed, entering her slow but sure, not stopping till he was seated ful y inside. Until she was full of him.

Finn groaned, long and low. She could have sworn it carried straight through him and on into her. “Al?”

Took her a while to recall a question had been asked. And how was she supposed to converse, with his cock buried deep inside?

Her mind was mud, every thought focused on the feel of him. “Ahh, maybe.”

“Hmm.” His hands soothed down her sides as he ground himself against her. The light scratch of his pubic hair and the heat of him against her thighs and ass, so primal. “Al. Are you with me?”

“Yes.” She tensed around him, testing the feel of his cock inside her. Deliciously good. Her whole body felt alive with him. “Please, Finn. Fuck me.”

“Yesss.” His voice was victorious as he pul ed out slowly, his cock dragging over places inside, bringing her back to life. Then he pushed in. Then he pulled out.

Over and over, fucking her slow and sure. Working her. The pace coldly calculated. Every move controlled. Something was wrong.

“Finn, wait …”

Beads of sweat struck her back and he continued his game.

The tension built but it was wrong. Wasn’t what she wanted. Mindless passion, losing themselves in each other … yes. Which would have been honest. But no, he had shut her out.

And it felt a lot like he was proving a point in here with her much like he had out there with Dan.

If it wasn’t so good she would have throttled him.

There was nothing wrong with his sexual technique. Over and over he fucked himself into her, saccharine sweet and mechanical y slow. His thrusts timed like a metronome kept pace. He had closed himself off completely.

She could hear his belabored breathing. Feel the tension in his hands, shaking and gripping her hips. This was taking its toll. “Finn.

Please. Stop.”

“You don’t like this?” he asked. A hand settled onto the mattress beside her. He leant over, reached beneath to slip his fingers over her mound, in pursuit of her clit, of course. “I think you like this. You’re going to come again for me. Then we’ll get to work on number three.”

The strength left her arms as he found the tight bundle of nerves and stroked. Her body shook as the orgasm stole over her. Stars.

Sunbursts. The whole setting sun. “Oh God. Finn.”

The bed cushioned her cheek, as her lungs fought for air. Her eyes were ful to brimming with scalding hot tears. Seizures still racked her when she gave in and asked, “Are you finished?”

The man behind her stilled, his cock still buried in her.


“You heard me,” she said.

He pulled out of her and the loss was devastating. Everything was cold and empty.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Finn’s voice was quiet and cold with anger.

Ali turned over, legs locked. Finn’s cock was hard, his hair disheveled. He was so beautiful it hurt, and she hadn’t even gotten to touch him.

She sat up straight, tucked her feet beneath her. Faked the dignity sorely lacking. What was even happening here?

“Good question,” she muttered.

“I just made you come. Twice.” He waved two fingers in her face in case she needed the visual aid. “Twice, Al.”

“Because it’s a competition. Right? We really need a scoreboard in here, don’t we?”

Finn shoved a hand through his blonde hair, his mouth a strict line. “Al …”

“Are you finished proving whatever you felt you needed to?” The first tear spilled onto her cheek, and she hated herself for it. She wanted to yel with frustration, batter at him with her fists like he was a locked door. “That’s what I meant, Finn.”

He stood at the foot of the bed, his eyes stunned, horrified. He looked at her like they were strangers. Of course they were, really, weren’t they?

She had been stupid. Breathtakingly dumb to have thought this meant something. It was almost funny, to be making this mistake. She was too old for this shit. Crying was for pussies. Making a mess of herself served no purpose at all. Now was the time to toughen up.

“Remove the condom. I’ll finish you off,” she said, just wanting it done.

He flinched like she had hit him, green eyes locked on the latest dumbass tear trailing down her cheek.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” Ali flicked off the offending tear with her fingers, forced herself to face him. Still beautiful. The whole situation still wrong. “Well, are you —”

He grabbed her without warning, hauling her up onto her knees. Shock held her rigid. His mouth slammed down on hers, and his tongue forced its way inside. Forced a reaction from her.

She thought briefly about biting the bastard. There was no doubt he deserved it. But she couldn’t. Because she was stupid. Clearly.

Instead she found herself kissing him back, holding onto him as hard and tight as he did to her.

Both of them desperate.

“I’m sorry, Al.” Her name was an agonized groan as he dragged his mouth over her cheek. His arms around her so tight her ribs creaked. “So sorry.”

“Okay. It’s okay, Finn.”

“No.” He wrapped an arm beneath her butt, one around her back, and lifted, taking her back down into the middle of the mattress with him above her. The weight of him pressed her down, and her legs wrapped around him, her hips cradling him. “No, it’s not. I want you so much.”