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Author: Kylie Scott

“You win,” he murmured, watching her with a singular dedication. As if he were committing this to memory, the view of her huddled over his cock, savoring him. The picture she must make.

And she had almost lost him today, could lose him for good next time from one thing or another. The world was a dangerous place.

Ali took him in hand and rubbed the flat of her tongue against the underside of the head. Dedicated to pleasing him, she would stop worrying about shit that didn’t matter, future things she couldn’t effect. They were together now. That was all that mattered.

She studied him with her mouth, lips, tongue and teeth, gave herself over to his pleasure with enthusiasm.

He mumbled her name as she took him deep. Not as far as she would have wished, but then they always said the head of a man’s cock was the most sensitive part. Duly, she lavished it with attention. He groaned when she gently dragged her teeth up the underside of his cock and pride and heat filled her in equal measures. Maybe she wasn’t so bad at this. Maybe she could drive him as wild as he did her with a little practice. God, but she wanted to give to him. She clenched her thighs together, redoubled her efforts. Not stopping till he threaded his fingers through her hair, tugged her gently off him.

“Babe. Stop.”

She blinked at him, dazed and confused and more than a little caught up in the moment. Her lips felt swollen, mouth tingling from all her efforts. She had been waiting for the pay off, waiting to taste him on the back of her tongue. Further proof of just how far he had managed to sink beneath her skin. “But …”

The man shoved a condom at her and oh man, he could only have gotten it from Finn. She and Dan had lost their packs with all required supplies. Mortification swept through her.

But now was not the time to dwell. Really and truly not.

“Babe, I love you,” he said, and her rabbit heart twisted and turned. “Trust me. You can suck my dick whenever you want. You’re a goddess at it. I’l actively encourage it to happen often. But right now, I want to be inside you.”

When she hesitated, he took back the condom. Daniel ripped it open and set about rolling it down his cock, still wet from her mouth.

“Let me rephrase. I need to be inside you now. Right now. Up.”

“I thought I was in charge.”

“And you did great.” His big, strong hands gripped her arms, taking her weight and drawing her up his body. She knew was safe with him. He wouldn’t drop her. Drive her insane with his alpha bullshit, yes, that he would do. Hurt her though? Never.

Once in position, her slick pussy hovering above his sheathed cock, he set a hand to her hip to stil her. A finger trailed down her torso, through the valley between her breasts, down over her belly, stopping to circle her belly button, round and round until she ground her teeth in frustration. “I can’t begin to say how proud I am of you. You did brilliantly.”

“Well, thank you,” she panted. “But no teasing.”

Ali gripped his hand and pushed it down toward her center. A part of her in dire need of attention, as the noise she made when his finger drifted, feather light, up and down the seam of her pussy attested to. No one had ever affected her the way he did.

“No teasing,” he promised, while his fingers did exactly that.

Long before his fingers ceased to thril , he changed tactics. He took his cock in hand, teasing her with the thick, blunt head. Her eyes nearly rolled back into her skul . Heat coiled low in her belly till she ached with it. She was so turned on it hurt. Daniel stared up at her, studying her, gauging each and every reaction. His absorption in her was disarming, distracting.

She couldn’t come with him watching her. He saw too much.

“No.” He grabbed the hand she moved to cover his eyes with. “Let me see. You like this, don’t you.”

“Yes, but … Dan. Enough. Let me …”

He obligingly fell still beneath her. She let her body be her guide, his and hers both. Gave up on the worry and gave in to the feel of him. It was all so simple, concentrating on the prod of his cockhead against her opening. The slow, steady push of him into her stole her breath. But the lust and love in his eyes stole her heart. It washed away the bitterness and fear of a lifetime’s making. The raw feel of so much emotion stunned her. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Somewhere in between fit best.

“Okay?” he whispered hoarsely.


His hand stroked her cheek. “So pretty. Ready to come for me, babe?”

She nodded, beyond words. The fit and the fullness of him had her there, teetering on the edge. That and his teasing.

And this position, it was the perfect angle for grinding her clit against him. Her body wasn’t interested in slow and sweet. And her body was definitely in control. Or more accurately, her pussy. Her brain had been shelved, though her heart was wide open.

It had been a hell of a day. The rush of it, the sensation building as she took his cock inside her again and again thrilled her. She was burning up. All of the emotions, the love and fear and all the rest, were pressure packed inside her. She had to have release. Every cell screamed out for it. Her body was mindless in its pursuit of it.

It shocked her when it hit. Like freefalling. Her heart faltered. All the air left her body on a cry, dragged out from somewhere deep inside. Somewhere she hadn’t even realized existed.

Dan’s fingers dug into her waist, pushing her down onto his cock as he pressed up and came with a gasp.

They both lay still, slicked with sweat and silent, for a long time.

Her bones felt hollow, the whole world light and floaty. The noise had emptied her out. She pressed her forehead into his shoulder, letting the aftershocks have their way with her. Daniel’s ribs moved in and out between her knees, bringing her back to reality.

“Did I hurt your ribs?” she murmured.

Sweat slipped from his forehead, and he gave a small smile. “Forget my ribs. I can’t feel anything outside of good. My girl, I think you needed that.”

She could only nod her agreement. What she needed was him, but she wasn’t sure she could admit to it yet.

“I know I did,” he said. “And you were loud.”

She tensed. “I was?”

“Oh, yeah,” he laughed. She considered giving the strong column of his neck a nip but settled for a kiss instead. Partly to hide her face as it heated.

Dan trailed his fingers over the line of her spine, exerting pressure to hold her in place when she tried to rise. He brushed his lips against her ear, lulling her into a false sense of security as he mumbled, “Spectacularly loud. You’re a security risk. Finn had to have heard you.”

“I’ll have to be more careful. Finn’s listening to music.”

“Bullshit. He’s listening to you.”

“No. He’s not.” She frowned, carefully rolled off him and settled in against his side as he dealt with the condom. “You’re just trying to mess with me.”

Daniel smirked.

No way. Impossible. “Aren’t you?”

“Whatever you say.” He wriggled an arm beneath her neck and drew her in closer against the heat of his body. Summer nights be damned. “No teasing. That’s what I agreed to,” he said.

“Hmm.” A world of doubt filled the sound. He turned his head toward her, stared her down. “Dan. I don’t want him. I want you.

You know that, right?”

“He’s a pretty boy. Smart. Lethal as hel . And most importantly, in my humble opinion, very keen on keeping you safe.” His hand stroked over her, trailing down to the curve of her hip and back up again. “Important things, especial y these days. Well … pretty is overrated.”

Guilt bit her ample ass. Had she been flirting? Not with intent, most definitely, but still. His voice had not been accusing. It would be closer to say amused. Talk about confusing.

Ali wriggled out from her safe place against him, rose up on an elbow to better gauge the expression on his face. “Where is this coming from? Are you tired of me or something?”

“What? No. Of course not, babe.”

“Alright, so you don’t want to pass me on.” She paused, listening for movement behind the parked car. No sign of life. “That’s nice, and yet … God, Daniel. Do you think I’d cheat on you?”

“No. Ali, look at me,” he insisted, waiting her out till she did. No accusation, no judgment. So why was unease slicking over her skin?

This was dangerous territory, but his face was calm and close. “I trust you. I’m yours, babe. No matter what, okay?”


“You don’t need to worry about that.” His hand cupped an ass cheek, thumb stroking the curve of her hip. Not lighting her up, but placating. “I’m just saying that the world has changed. The rules have changed. It might pay to have an open mind where this situation with the three of us is involved.”

“What are you trying to push me into now?”

He cocked his head. “My love, I would never try to push you into anything. You wound me. Relax.”

“Right.” Ali nestled back down next to him. Hiding. Maybe. A little. She was just pulling it al together in her head, what to say and how to say it, when he pre-empted her again.

“He’s attracted to you. I don’t think you see how much.”

“I get that things have changed, but …”


She said nothing – for al of a minute. “But I'm probably the first female he's seen in a while and his alternatives aren’t great, Dan.

Sex-wise it's down to you, me or his fists. His being attracted to me doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot.”


What the hell did he mean? Hold up. What if it wasn’t about her? “Are you attracted to him?”

“I’m very attracted to you. I’m not letting you go.” He brushed his lips over hers, reassuring, teasing. “But what, hypothetical y speaking, would you think if I was attracted to him?”