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Author: Kylie Scott

“Breakfast of champions.”

She tried not to smile. It didn’t work out so wel . Her defenses were shredded. Part of her wondered how long it would take before she stopped fighting it altogether and let herself get carried along with his romantic craziness. “That was a sneak attack.”

“You’re welcome.”

Her feet rested on his back, his shoulders and arms holding her open. His two big hands spread across her stomach. There was more than a little “this is mine” in the positioning of his hands, and not an ounce of dignity in the pose, but who cared? There was no one but him to see her.

Stuff it. She couldn’t raise the energy to mind.

Ali gave in and slumped back against the mattress to catch her breath. One breath, two, and then curiosity got the better of her, and she was up on her elbows, watching him. Fascinated by him.

He nuzzled her thigh. The man looked spectacular spread out across the bottom of the mattress in the small hours of the dawn. Bare ass naked and really … yeah, a lot of burnished skin on show. Along with one very tight white ass.

He was gorgeous, with the lean angles of his face and his big body. Short dark hair spiking out every which way, care of her fingers the night before, dark stubble on his chin, and his smile …

A girl could let it all go straight to her head in a very nice way.

Time to admit she was drowning, her lungs working hard but getting nowhere. She was losing the war despite her best efforts. God, she always confused good sex with love. Great big mind blowing sex was certain to break her in two. The way he watched her, he didn’t play fair. As if he wanted to know every stupid thought wandering through her head. No one had ever looked at her like that.

The il usion of guarding her heart kept her going. Because, reality-wise, it would be one hell of a loss when this all went to pot.

Screw it. Why worry it to bits? The pounding of her rabbit heart made her queasy, but irritation prodded her to make a decision.

She’d grab happiness with both hands while she could. Life had become more precious now than it had ever been. She needed to make the most of it. Decision made.

Ali turned away from him, studying the gorgeous dawn. The beauty removed the scariness, gave her a chance to calm down and quiet the panic attack in the making.

Already sweat dripped between her breasts. It would be an absolutely sweltering summer’s day.

“So, given you’re a female and all,” Daniel began, fingers tapping either side of her belly button as if it were a tribal drum, “I’m guessing you want to talk about last night. More specifically, what I might have said last night in the throes of coital bliss.”

“The throes of coital bliss? Do you even listen to yourself? No, I don’t actually feel the need to discuss anything right now.”

The drumming ceased. “You sound pretty certain about that.”

Out by the highway there was a flash of light. A whole lot like the slowly rising sun had reflected off something. It was there and gone.

“Dan …”

“I meant it. If you’re wondering, at all.”

“No, I …”

“Don’t feel the same way. I know.”

“By your own rules, I now get to spank you.” She wrestled her legs back, not kicking him in the head when it might have been excusable. She sat up and searched their surroundings. “There’s someone out there.”

“Infected? It’s stil early. They might be stumbling on home after a big night chewing on the local wildlife or something.”

“No. There was a light. Like sunlight reflecting off something.”

“Well, that can happen.” Daniel shrugged, rolled over onto his back and stretched out, supremely unconcerned, totally at home in his own skin. Totally turned on, too. Long and hard, the thick head flushed a deep dark red.

Her body lit up in sheer instinct at the sight. She was liquid and alive, ready to go. Came close to forgetting what she saw out there, waiting.

“Babe,” he said, winking. The arrogance worked for him, unfortunately. “There’s a better topic of conversation for us right there.”

She faced him straight on. It was easier said than done. Maybe not the time to have been caught checking out his cock, despite knowing each other in the biblical sense. “Daniel, concentrate. The light wouldn’t be there and gone. Wouldn’t the metal or whatever have to be moving to do that? Otherwise it would stil be happening.”

Slowly he nodded, the heat in his eyes dimming. “Alright, alright. How about we pack up, move on. There are some back roads we can use, less cover on them for anyone following. If anyone is, which I doubt. My bet, it’s infected.”

“Thank you,” she replied drily.

He gave a pained sigh and one big hand reached down, wrapped around the meat of his cock. He stroked once, twice. “I call rain check on oral, though.”

Her mouth watered. How the hell did he take her from irritation to lust in two-point-oh seconds?

She had never had much of an opinion on the subject of oral. It was the polite thing to do. It was expected. It made a guy happy.

With Daniel, she wanted to know if she could reduce him to the same mindless whimpering state as she fell into whenever he put his hands on her. She wanted to know what he tasted like, what he felt like. Would he pant and plead?

She wanted to please him and show him without words what he was starting to mean to her.

She could imagine herself on her knees for him, sucking him off. It was no great stretch of the imagination. Her mind leapt at the idea and her pulse thumped hard down low. The strong, sure way he handled himself held her captivated. A muscle jumped in his jaw and his stomach tensed. With lips parted he watched her watching him. He really was beautiful. Her body heated further every time she met his gaze.

But the light she’d seen, it hadn’t been her imagination. She tensed as the old familiar stress slid through her. They weren’t alone. This wasn’t safe.

“Dan,” she whispered harshly, torn in two. She’d love to watch him make himself come. “This isn’t safe.”

“I love that expression on your face, all hungry and curious. And there it goes.” The man gave up stroking his still-hard cock with a truly agonized groan. Surprisingly, she was … disappointed. Disappointed that he had stopped, disappointed that she had shut down on him, her and her rabbit heart. “Oh, well. We are making progress, babe. I can feel it.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to deny or retract. But she held the old standard in. Ali reached for her clothes, liking the ache between her legs. She gave him a long look over her shoulder, a playful look. Impressed that she remembered how to flirt. He gazed back at her in rapture. Maybe her skills weren’t so rusty.

“I might be willing to honor that rain check,” he said. “Later.”

“That so?” Daniel came to his knees behind her, pressed his front to her back and took the weight of her breasts in his big hands. A shiver ran straight down her spine, a baby jolt of lightning.

“You’re gonna mess with me all day, aren’t you, mean woman?” he said.

“Probably.” She didn’t stutter too much as he rubbed himself against her ass. The hot length of him was melting her down. “We can discuss it once we’ve found somewhere safe tonight.”

“Oh, I guarantee we’ll be discussing it.”

He whispered the most terrible things in her ear, half of them unintelligible. Her surprisingly dirty mind filled in the gaps.

Still, the feeling lingered … they weren’t alone, someone was watching. “Daniel. The light. Remember?”

His breath sounded choppy against her ear, his groan loud. “We may need to up the ante from oral. Be warned.”


Daniel knew she would be the death of him. But he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Ali wedged her upper body beneath a line of supermarket shelving as she stretched and strained to reach wayward cans of caramel goo. The words pouring out of her sweet, sweet mouth were gutter talk by any standards. Daniel wouldn’t have gone anywhere near her had he been the subject of that particular discourse.

What a lie. He was a total sucker for her, fair weather or foul. Ideally he should help her reach the cans of goo. He really, honest to God, should get down and lend her some assistance, only her butt was wriggling in the most intriguing way. He couldn’t move to save himself. The sight held him transfixed. A few hours previous he had lined the length of his painfully hard cock up with the crack of her very sweet ass.

Awfully close to heaven on earth as he knew it.

It made a man wonder what he could talk her into, given a little time and plenty of patience. And he had both. The possibilities were endless.

But back to the present.

“Yes! Eureka!” Said butt wiggled back and several cans rolled forth. He really wanted to cup her ass, take it in hand and call it his.

Lick it, bite it, and own it completely. It would so make his day.

“Well done, brave young hunter.”

Ali climbed to her feet, with a victorious grin. “Thank you.”

“You’ve got, ahh …” He gestured to the smattering of dust bunnies that had attached themselves to her front. Who could blame them? He himself loved to be plastered against her, preferably without clothes.

“Hmm.” Her hands started brushing off her shirt, beating off the dust and dirt, setting her boobs to moving in a wondrous manner.

Hard to say whether watching or doing would have been more fun.

He grew very hard.

“I’d offer to help but you’d take it the wrong way, wouldn’t you?” One side of her luscious mouth kicked up, and he recalled with much joy, she still owed him a blow job. Life was sweet.

“Are your intentions pure?”

“No. Not in the least.”

Her smile widened. His heart jumped.

“You’re honest,” she said. “That counts for something.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Daniel held the shotgun out to her. When her slender fingers wrapped around it he towed her in, not stopping till their chests bumped. The sweet mounds of her breasts pressed up against him. “What say we call it a night. Find someplace safe to hole up and practice our repopulation methods. Do it for our country. What do you think?”