She shuddered and increased her grip on his head as more pleasure spiraled through her. Tightening her legs around him, she dug her heels into his ass. “I need more, Hayden.”

The second she said his name, it was like something in him snapped free. She could still feel him keeping a tight rein on his control, but he finally pushed deeper, giving her what she needed.

Both his tongue and expert fingers kept up their teasing as he pressed into her, then pulled out. He pushed in deeper the next time. In and out, not deep enough to give her exactly what her body craved, but enough to push her right to the edge.

She hadn’t thought it possible, but she was close to coming again. “I’m close,” she whispered, unable to get out more than that.

Her inner walls clenched tighter and tighter, trying to draw him into her as he tweaked her clit. When he lightly pressed his teeth down on her hard nipple, the sensuous action set off her release.

As her climax slammed through her, Hayden thrust fully inside her. All the breath whooshed from her lungs as he buried himself deep. The pain was fleeting, mixed with the surging orgasm punching to all her nerve endings.

“Sierra,” he groaned. Hayden buried his face against her neck, letting out a strangled moan as his thrusts grew harder and more unsteady.

Rubbing her breasts against his chest, she savored all the sensations overwhelming her as she tightened her grip on his head. She felt as if she was holding onto him for dear life as he continued pumping into her.

She felt his heat, his stomach muscles clenching and when he let out a strangled moan against her ear, a raw type of power filled her as he climaxed long and hard. Eventually his thrusting slowed, though his breathing was erratic as he pulled his head back to look down at her.

Staring into those blue eyes, she thought she could drown in them and not care. Before he could ask her if she was okay, she smiled, unable to stop herself. “That was amazing.” He was still half hard inside her so she tightened around him, dragging a shudder from his big body.

“Yes it was,” he murmured before kissing her lips. Even though the caress was light, it still felt as if he was claiming her in some way and she was more than happy to let him.

She just hoped that wasn’t wishful thinking on her part because she had completely fallen for Hayden.

Chapter 6

Hayden traced his finger down Sierra’s bare stomach and grinned against the top of her head when she covered his hand with hers to stop him.

“That tickles,” she murmured, still half asleep.

She was tucked up against him, her compact body snug and exactly where it should be. The feel of her ass right over his cock was driving him crazy, but it was worth it to have her in his arms. Now that he had her in his bed, he wasn’t letting go.

In response he nipped her shoulder with his teeth then followed up with a swipe of his tongue.

“Oh my god, are you a morning person?” she groaned and wiggled against his erection. “Let me sleep, you maniac.”

He chuckled, despite the ache between his legs. “It’s almost noon.”

She stiffened then turned in his arms. Her green eyes were bright with surprise. “Are you serious?”

“Yep.” Hayden tightened his arm around her, pulling her close.

Her breasts rubbed against his chest as she wrapped her arms around him, making him shudder. He’d never get tired of the feel of her in his arms like this. It wouldn’t take much to slide right into her, but he worried she’d be sore after last night. After their first time together he’d assumed she’d be too sore to do anything else but they’d made love again in the shower a few hours later. Thankfully he’d lasted a hell of a lot longer then. Getting inside her that first time had been electric. He’d felt like a fucking teenager barely able to control himself.

“I can’t believe I slept so long,” she murmured against his chest as she snuggled closer.

“A lot happened yesterday and we were up very late. You needed it.” He slowly rubbed his hand up and down the length of her spine, enjoying the way she felt against him.

When he went to cup her ass, she laughed and pushed at his chest. “No. I need to brush my teeth and I’m starving.” Almost on cue, her stomach rumbled, which made her cheeks flush that shade of pink that drove him crazy.

He could eat too, though he’d rather eat her. But after the day she’d had yesterday, he was taking care of her right now. The most primal part of him wouldn’t allow any less. “Jay dropped off some groceries a few hours ago so come downstairs when you’re ready.” He threw off the covers and slid out of bed because good intentions or not, if he stayed there, he knew what would happen between them.

A soft smile played across her lips as her gaze tracked his movements. It roved over his entire body in a way that made his cock even harder. Something he hadn’t thought possible.

“Keep looking at me like that and you’re not leaving that bed.”

Her eyes met his and he could tell she was contemplating just that. But…she needed sustenance. Groaning, he dragged on a pair of boxers and hurried from the room. The sight of her naked and willing in his bed was too much for his restraint.

Downstairs he started making turkey sandwiches. He was so thankful Jay had brought food over even if he was a little embarrassed by how bare his fridge had been. If he’d thought Sierra would be coming over he’d have made sure he was better prepared. At least his place was clean.

A few minutes later Sierra came downstairs looking refreshed and wearing one of his T-shirts. And nothing else. She was so petite it fell almost to her knees, covering more than some dresses he’d seen her wearing. Still, it would be so easy to push his shirt up and—

“No way.” Sierra stepped into the room with a half smile. Before he could ask what she meant she continued. “After last night I recognize that look very well and I’m hungry and…a little sore.”

Guilt instantly flooded him but she crossed the short distance to where he stood at the counter. She went to wrap her arms around his middle and he tugged her close, embracing her tightly. “Sorry, I wasn’t even thinking.”

“I didn’t even realize it until I got out of bed. I think I just need a few hours and I was thinking…”


“I called my doctor and she can fit me in today. Since I have the next few days off I’d like to get a prescription for the Pill as soon as possible.” She looked almost nervous as she said it. He couldn’t understand why.

The thought of getting to be inside her with no condom made him shudder. “I’ll take you.”

“Really?” She seemed surprised.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

Worry slid into her eyes as she looked up at him and he knew she was thinking of the attack. “Have you heard anything from the casino?”

Hayden shook his head as he cupped her cheek and gently turned her face. Anger surged through him at the sight of her bruise. It was a little darker today, a faint purple staining her temple. “They’re ripping apart the video feeds, trying to see if they can get another shot of the guy running away and Iris has brought in all new tech guys to comb over the system for glitches or signs of outside hacking.”

“It seems like a lifetime ago,” she murmured, laying her head against his chest.

“I hate that it happened to you.” He slid his fingers through her hair, cupping the back of her head and holding her close.

“I do too, but I’m not sorry about what happened between us.”

“Me neither.” He hated that it had taken her being attacked to wake him up, but now that he had, he wasn’t letting her go.

* * *

Sierra tossed a new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste into her hand-held basket. After going to her doctor, she’d dropped off her prescription for birth control at the pharmacist and had decided to wait the hour it would take for them to fill it instead of coming back. Hayden didn’t want to wait, but he was just being difficult and it was silly to go all the way back to his house, then come back here. Yes, someone had attacked her at work, but unless he was keeping something from her, she doubted someone was stalking her and she refused to stop living her life.

It was a little odd to have Hayden with her though. She was so used to doing things on her own. “You don’t have to hover,” she murmured, unable to ignore his giant presence behind her as she tried to decide which shampoo she wanted.

She lightly nudged him with her elbow only to come in contact with pure muscle. He let out a pained sound. Immediately she turned and looked up to find him grinning at her.

Then his expression turned serious. “I just don’t like having you out in public.”

“It’s not like there’s an assassin hiding in the candy aisle.” She nudged him again when his gaze immediately went in that direction.

He looked back and started to respond when his phone buzzed. “It’s Iris,” he murmured. “I need to take this.”

As he slid his phone out, she mouthed the word ‘restroom’ and handed him her basket. He started to follow her, but she glared at him. She certainly did not need any help in there.

He held up a hand in a defensive gesture as he answered, but stayed put. Probably because he could see the entrance to the short hallway where the restrooms were.

Sierra hurried, not wanting to take the chance he might actually follow her in. The sexy man had been her shadow all day—which she appreciated. But there were some things she didn’t need him for.

As she stepped inside the florally scented room with small square green tiles reminiscent of the seventies, she let out a sigh of relief. Being with Hayden all morning was wreaking havoc on her senses. The man was walking talking sex appeal and he was hers. At least for the moment. She was trying to wrap her head around her new relationship along with the craziness of yesterday. Before she’d taken another step, the closest bathroom door opened and her friend Marty stepped out. He worked in hotel security analyzing videos.