Then he would sink inside her and not stop until one of them passed out from pleasure. “Can you follow orders?”


“That’s not what I want to hear,” he murmured.

“Too bad.” Her lips quirked up as she slightly wiggled her hips against him and he realized she was teasing.

He pushed out a slow breath. Yeah, he definitely needed to relax. Right now he was wound too tight.

He didn’t bother fighting his smile. “No touching,” he growled softly before nipping her bottom lip and tugging it between his teeth.

In response, Sierra moaned and arched her back. She moved her hands but instead of trying to touch him, she laid them against the sheets and dug her fingernails into the bedding. She wanted to touch him so bad she ached for it, but damn his bossiness. She would follow his orders. This once.

Okay, the truth was, she’d probably follow any orders he gave her in the bedroom if it paid off enough. The ache between her legs bordered on painful. For reasons she didn’t even want to think about, she was still a freaking virgin at twenty-two. That was all about to change tonight. And something told her that Hayden would make this a night to remember. She should probably tell Hayden she’d never done this before, but she didn’t want him to stop.

She still couldn’t believe how open and almost dirty he was being with her. Sierra loved this side of him. Even though he was one of her best friends, he’d always been respectful of the fact that she was a woman and watched his language. Now he wasn’t holding anything back. And it was hot.

Hayden’s big hands skimmed down to the hem of her tank-top. For a moment he teased the bottom of it before slowly pushing it up. She swallowed hard when reality set in that he’d be seeing her naked soon. Unlike her gorgeous sister and mother, she hadn’t gotten any height or their amazing genes. And she definitely wasn’t like the tall, lithe women she’d seen hanging onto Hayden at the casino.

“Hey, where’d you just go?” Hayden asked.

Blinking, Sierra realized Hayden was staring up at her. One of his hands was lightly gripping her hip and the other had pushed her top up, baring her belly. “Nowhere.”

His eyes narrowed. “Don’t lie. Not now.”

Showing insecurity was so not sexy but he was right. Sierra didn’t want to lie. “I’m just worried you won’t like what you see.” Even admitting it out loud made her feel stupid, but luckily he didn’t.

Sitting up, Hayden wordlessly started unbuttoning his shirt. Sierra held her breath as he began baring so much skin to her. As he slid the shirt off, her gaze tracked over his chest, his rock hard eight-pack of muscles, down to the V… his fingers started working his belt, then the button of his slacks.

She tried to tear her gaze away to see his expression but she couldn’t move. It was as if she was frozen, watching him slowly strip for her. Pushing off the end of the bed, he stood at the foot of it. His long, calloused fingers slowly pushed his pants down and she realized she was biting her lower lip in anticipation. He had on black boxer briefs but the visible bulge was huge. It made her suck in a breath. When he finally shoved the briefs down his legs, Sierra’s inner walls clenched with unfulfilled need.

He wrapped a hand around his thick cock and stroked once. Her gaze shot to his. His blue eyes seemed almost brighter in the dim room as he watched her. She realized he was baring himself to her so she’d feel comfortable but she didn’t want him stroking himself, she wanted to be the one touching him.

Sitting up, she pushed off the bed and came to stand in front of him. She shoved aside her insecurities and slowly lifted her top off. Bare to him from the waist up, she still couldn’t shelve the nerves fluttering in her stomach. Until his hungry gaze landed on her breasts.

“Pale pink,” he whispered. She didn’t understand what he meant until his eyes met hers again. “I’ve been fantasizing about the color of your nipples for too damn long.”

Before she could formulate a response—and she wasn’t sure there was one—he dipped his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth. She slid her fingers through his dark brown hair, tightening her grip as he lightly used his teeth.

Too many sensations surged through her. Instinctively she arched into his mouth, wanting more. So much more.

She couldn’t believe she was in Hayden’s bedroom, doing things she’d fantasized about. And she knew they’d only gotten started.

Grabbing her hips, he moved them backward until she was flat on her back and he was stretched out over her. She didn’t have much time to appreciate all that male strength before his head dipped again toward her breast. He let out a strangled groan as he swiped his tongue over one nipple, then moved to the other. Teasing her nipples with his tongue, he licked and laved the hardening buds with erotic little strokes that had her grinding against him.

She might not have much experience but she knew exactly what she wanted. Her panties were damp, her inner walls clenching with a need she knew Hayden would fix.

Groaning, she grabbed his shoulder with one hand and ran her fingers through his dark hair with the other. She didn’t care what he said about no touching. That so wasn’t happening unless he actually restrained her.

That thought was insanely hot. But only if it was Hayden tying her down. She grew even damper at the thought.

As he continued teasing her, he started blazing a path of hot kisses down her chest, then stomach until he reached the top of her pajama pants. Oh god, he wasn’t going to…yeah, he was.

Hooking his fingers on her pants, he snagged her panties too as he tugged them down her legs and tossed them to the floor. Sierra felt a moment of insecurity at being completely naked in front of him, but it vanished when his big body shuddered.

Actually shuddered as he tracked her from her feet up to her face.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured before pressing his hands on the inside of her knees, urging her to spread her thighs wider.

Part of her wanted to cover herself, but with Hayden kneeling in between her legs looking hungry for her, she savored being on display for him.

She knew what he was going to do, could see the determined look in his eyes, but nothing prepared her for when he buried his face between her thighs. Her hips vaulted off the bed as he sucked on her clit. The action was sharp and unexpected and sent a punch of pleasure to all her nerve endings. She’d touched herself before but nothing compared to having Hayden’s mouth on her most intimate area.

Groaning against her, he pressed on her inner thigh when she tried to close her legs. As he gently teased and licked her clit, he drew one finger down the length of her wet slit. She was so wet she was a little embarrassed. But when he’d told her that he’d wanted her from the moment they’d met, it had turned her on like nothing else could.

When he pushed a finger inside her, her inner walls clenched convulsively around him.

“Fuck,” he muttered against her.

She tightened around him, loving the feel of him inside her. Slowly, he pulled out, then pushed back in, over and over, the action rhythmic and wonderful. The way he played her body was perfect and a little maddening. She knew she was close to orgasm but she needed more stimulation. It wouldn’t take much to push her over. Her body was primed with the need to come.

“Touch your breasts,” Hayden ordered, barely stopping to talk between his strokes.

Cupping herself, she was nervous to touch herself in front of him, but she didn’t even think to deny his demand. With her thumbs she began lightly rubbing her already aroused nipples. As he increased the pressure on her clit, her toes curled against the sheets.

“I’m going to come.” She wasn’t sure why she was announcing it. Lord, her entire body was going into sensory overload.

He made an incomprehensible growling sound that was almost triumphant. When he added another finger to her pussy, her hips bucked against his face as a sharp climax surged through her. Piercing all her nerve endings, the orgasm was way more intense than when she stroked herself.

Her stomach muscles tensed as she rode through wave after wave of pleasure. Grabbing the sheets beneath her, she moaned as he continued his delicious assault until finally it was too much.

She had to push his head away. The stimulation against her clit was becoming almost painful. She was worried he’d be offended, but he chuckled as he pulled back and sat up on his knees.

“That was amazing,” she whispered, glad she could actually find her voice. She felt so relaxed she was surprised she’d managed that.

He crawled up her body and brushed a light, almost chaste kiss on her lips. “We’re just getting started.” That knowledge made her nipples tingle in anticipation. But to her surprise, he pulled back and slid off the bed. Before she could ask what he was doing, he gave her one of his half-smiles. “Just need to grab something from the bathroom.”

Confusion settled in before she realized he meant condoms. Of course. Thankfully he was thinking straight because she had no intention of thinking for the rest of the night. All she wanted now was to feel and savor every single sensation of Hayden making her his.

Chapter 5

Hayden pulled out a box of condoms and breathed a sigh of relief when he realized they hadn’t expired. His hand actually shook as he took one out. With the sweet taste of Sierra still on his lips, he was barely keeping himself under control.

But after feeling her tight pussy, he knew they needed to talk first. He’d guessed just from knowing her, but he was pretty sure she was still a virgin after feeling how tight she was. Holding onto the packet, he strode back into his bedroom to find Sierra sitting up with the sheet pulled up to her chest, covering her breasts. He didn’t like that at all. But he did like the sight of her in the middle of his bed with rumpled hair and a clearly satisfied expression on her face.

Right where she belonged.

Her gaze tracked to his hard cock, then went to the condom in his hand. When she licked her lips in that adorably nervous way he was used to, he tossed the condom onto his nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed. It was a serious effort in control not to just jump her. He drew the sheet away from her because he wanted to see all of her. Even if the sight of her breasts was a huge distraction.