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He tipped his chin forward, resting his forehead against mine. “I was pissed, but that hasn’t changed.” A heartbeat passed. “But has it changed for you?”

Part of me wished it had, because this with Reece was dangerous to my heart and common sense. I could really fall for him, but I . . . I wanted him and—and I wasn’t going to finish that train of thought. “I would like that.”


My heart flipped. “So damn cocky.”

“Just truthful,” he teased, plucking up the purple streak in my hair and twisting it around his finger.

I drew in a deep breath as his warm breath danced over my lips. My mind was literally blown. So was my heart, but in a way that was both good and concerning. This really was the last thing I’d expected. I suddenly had my present and future with him altered.

“Wait,” I said, drawing back. “If we’re starting over, does that mean, like, no sex until the third date or something?”


I narrowed my eyes at him. “It’s a valid question.”

“Come on, babe.” His hand slid up my leg and curved around my rear, and everything in me turned to liquid heat. “I think you know the answer to that.”

“I think I’m getting the picture, but maybe I need—”

His mouth silenced me. Kissing me softly, he sent my senses spinning. Just a kiss, and my breasts already felt heavy and an ache spasmed between my thighs. Well, the hand on my rear probably also had something to do with it, especially when a finger unerringly found the center seam in my shorts. He traced that seam, sending an illicit shiver through me.

“I bet you got the picture now, right?” he said, voice rough.

Running the tip of my tongue along my tingling lower lip, I wanted to wrap my legs around his hips, press against where I really wanted him when he groaned. “Are you sure this is smart?” I asked.

The hand left the seam of my shorts and slipped under the sweater and tank top, gliding over the bare skin of my back. “Why wouldn’t it be a good idea?”

I drew back, cupping his cheeks. I liked the way the bristle along his jaw tickled my palms. There was really only one good reason I could come up with. “I’m not going to fall in love with you.”

Reece’s grin spread into a full-fledged smile that wrapped around my heart. “Sure you’re not.”

Chapter 19

Colton showed up shortly after I showered and dried my hair. Dressed in jeans and a shirt that said THIS GIRL NEEDS A NAP, I dragged myself out to the living room. Seemed fitting as I plopped down on the comfy couch and watched Colton who watched his brother sit next to me.

Like sit waaay close to me.

Reece’s leg was touching mine and his arm was draped along the back of my couch. If we were any closer, we’d be joined at the hip.

Colton’s shrewd stare missed nothing as he sat in the chair opposite the couch, near the French doors. “What’s going on, little brother?”

“What’s it look like?” Reece replied.

Truth be told, I had no idea how to answer what was going on between us. Even though we’d cleared the air and we were “starting over” or something like that, I wasn’t sure if we were at the stage where we were willing to announce whatever it was we were doing.

“Looks like my hand is about to do a meet and greet with the back of your head,” Colton retorted.

Reece chuckled deeply, and I couldn’t repress the shiver in response to the deep, rolling sound.

“Is he doing good by you?” Colton directed that question at me.

I glanced around, like someone would pop out from behind the couch and answer the question for me. “Yeah?”

“He better.” His voice dropped low as he shot a warning look at Reece, who in return simply smirked. “Or I’m sure your father and either one of your brothers will kick his ass.”

My lips twitched as I tried to picture my younger brother fighting anything that didn’t involve a hand controller and an Xbox.

Colton reached inside his suit jacket and pulled out a small notebook and pen. He flipped the notebook open, and just like his brother, Cop Face appeared. Time to get serious. “I need you to tell me everything that has happened, skipping no details. Okay? Even if it’s small, it could be something huge.”

I clasped my hands together, drew in a deep breath, and I told him everything, starting with the remote in the fridge and ending with the picture of me on my phone. Through it all, Colton scribbled it all down and Reece remained silent by my side and when I got to the undies in the dishwasher part, he moved his hand from the back of the couch to my shoulder, where his fingers sought out the tense muscles there and worked them over.

“Anything else?” Colton asked, pen hovering over the notebook.

I couldn’t help but feel like I’d forgotten something. I racked my brain, but couldn’t quite put a finger on what was prompting that feeling. “No,” I said finally.

“Has anyone been causing you problems?” he asked.

I almost said no. “I went on a date with this guy. His name is Dean Zook. I mean, I don’t think he’s a psycho, but he’s kind of persistent.” I dared a quick peek at Reece when he stiffened. “And there’s Henry Williams. He came to the bar Friday night, but Nick ran him off.”

Colton scribbled down those names. “I’ve got Henry’s info. Is Dean’s on your phone?”

I nodded. “If it’s not them, do you think this is related to what’s been happening?”

He glanced at Reece before he answered. “Right now, there’s no way to be sure. I’ve got to do some interviews with the vics, but as far as I know, they haven’t reported anything like this.”

“I’m not sure if I should be relieved by that or not,” I admitted.

“No matter what, you’re safe.” Reece slid his hand through my hair, curving his fingers along the nape of my neck. My gaze met his. “I’ll make sure of that.”

“Even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the serial rapist, what’s happening can’t be taken lightly.” Colton slipped the notebook into his jacket as I sucked in a harsh breath. He’d said it. A serial rapist was here, targeting women. My stomach twisted. “Someone is obviously stalking you, Roxy. They’ve been doing it for a while, and taking that picture . . .”

“Means the fucker behind this is escalating.” Reece withdrew his hand and rocked forward. His eyes were like chips of ice. “Before, he was doing things that didn’t really alert you to his presence. Now he is.”