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He caught my hand, threading his fingers through mine as he captured my mouth in another deep, scorching kiss. “Don’t apologize. It’s you. It’s sexy as hell.”

I had no idea how my heart kept beating as he then brought the hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss against the center of my palm. God, he had me in that moment, he truly had me.

Lifting his mouth to mine once again, his tongue delved against mine. Red-hot pleasure whipped through me as he slipped his hands under my arms and lifted me up, placing me so I lay down the center of the bed. Never once breaking contact between our mouths. The strength in him was mind blowing, actually electrifying.

His body settled over mine, and I could feel the hard length of him pressing against my hip. His kisses running deeper, more urgent, and as he lifted his head, he nipped at my lip. His voice was thick with need when he spoke. “Do you have a condom?”

“Yes.” I nodded as I ran my hands over his shoulders and upper arms. His skin was fantastic, smooth like satin stretched over steel. I imagined that was how the bronze statue of Andrew Jackson felt. Absolutely flawless. “There should be some in the top drawer of the nightstand.” The moment that came out of my mouth, I worried what he’d think since it was obvious that I had a stash of condoms. “I can get—”

“No. I’ll get it.” He kissed the tip of my nose and then my forehead, the sweetness of the act almost overshadowing the relief easing the tension in my neck. He didn’t care at all. Didn’t stop to even wonder why. The man was perfect.

Really perfect.

Because as he planted a hand into the bed next to my head and lifted up, his muscles did all kinds of amazing things. He stretched over me and to the side, and I was fascinated with how the muscles along his sides moved. I barely heard the drawer open over the pounding of my heart. Never before had I been so aroused.

“Thank God you’re prepared.” His rough voice sending a wave of light shivers over me as he reached into the drawer. “Because I’m not—oh fuck yeah.”

My brows pinched. “Are you that excited over a condom?”

“No. Hell no.” He stretched further and shifted, raising his hand. My gaze fell to what he held. “I’m excited about this.”

“Holy shit,” I muttered. In his hand was my trusty and often handy vibrator. How in the fuck did I forget my vibrator was in the same drawer? Face burning, I stared at what had been my boyfriend for a while. And it was one of those really nice ones. A Rabbit. And it was pink—hot pink. “I need a bridge to jump off of. Now. Right now.”

One side of his lips curved up. “No. I love this. I love the idea of you using this.” That grin turned into pure wickedness. “And we are so going to use this.”

My eyes widened as parts of my body got all kinds of excited about that. “Now?” I squeaked.

“You’d like that, huh?” He dipped his head, kissing me quickly. “Not tonight. I need to be in you, but we’re so going to use this. That’s a promise.”

“I like that promise,” I admitted, flushing to the roots of my hair. No guy I’d ever dated had shown any interest in using toys during sex. I didn’t even know that a guy would be down for that.

He chuckled deeply. “I bet you do.”

Reece returned the vibrator to where he’d found it and then rolled onto his side, condom in hand. He paused after ripping the foil off, his blue eyes finding mine. “Do you ever think of me when you use that?”

The truth burst out of me as I rose onto my elbows. “Yes.”

“Fuck,” he grunted.

My avid gaze watched him roll the condom on with a quickness that was rather impressive. Then he placed his hand along my jaw, tilting my head back. When he kissed me this time, it was slower, languid and sensual as he guided me back down. Part of me expected him to climb on and get to the point. I wouldn’t complain if he did either, but that wasn’t what he did in spite of his words.

Reece trailed the tips of his fingers down my throat, over the tip of my breast, and his lips chased those fingers. He blazed a path of hot kisses and nips that had my nails digging into his shoulders. When he reached my breast, he lingered and he sucked and nipped, licking to soothe the erotic mix of pleasure and a decadent bite of pain. And as he moved to the other breast, his hand drifted over my stomach and between my legs. I spread them, giving him access to what we both wanted. My breasts were heavy and aching as he eased a finger inside me, wringing out a keening whimper.

“Oh yeah, you’re already ready.” Reece rose up again, dipping his chin so he looked down the length of our bodies. Molten lava swept through my veins as he watched what he was doing to me.

The combination of the physical touch and the sight of him almost sent me over the edge. I couldn’t think as he teased me with his touch.

“God, I love the way you feel.” He slipped another finger inside, and my hips jerked in response, my toes curled. “I bet you could come just like this.”

I gripped his wrist, not stopping him, but to hold on. The feel of his tendons moving against my palm drove me crazy. He was so right. I could feel the tension coiling low in my stomach. I don’t know what it was about him that made it so easy for him to work my body. It was like he had a secret map that gave him every step necessary. It had never been like this before. A lot of times I’d never even get this aroused by the time everything was over and done with.

My gaze flicked up to him, and for a second I couldn’t breathe. He was still fixed on watching what he was doing, and yeah, that alone was hot, but I knew he didn’t see the moment where I think my heart might have imploded. I wanted him on a physical level. Heck, I’d wanted him for as long as I could remember. I was physically attracted to him, but it was more than that. It ran a hell of a lot stronger than that, and what Katie had said about how I felt about him might not have been too far from the truth. Pressure clamped down on my chest as I stared at him.

I’d be lying if I said this didn’t go beyond lust. I’d be lying if I said the history between us didn’t matter. It did—to me, at least.

Reece could break my heart.

Then he did something with his thumb that blew all thoughts out of my head. My back arched and my hips rose, pushing against his hand. He chuckled as he eased his hand away from me.

“I’ve got to get inside of you.” He rolled on top of me, the tips of my breasts sensitive as they brushed against his hard chest. Every part of me was heightened. Each brush of his fingers I felt throughout my entire body.