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Tudor ran a hand over his stubbly chin. “I don’t mind. I’ll feel better doing it anyway, so I know she is alright. I kinda feel responsible for her.”

Really? Why?

“She’ll be fine with me,” roared Tink in full on diva-strop mode.

“I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. I’m simply saying that you and… ‘Pookie’ could have your date and I would be here to tend to all of Tash’s needs.”

All my needs – I feel faint again – I have needs, I have needs!

“I said n-”

“Tink!” I groaned, dizziness returning with all of the unnecessary squabbling. “You go out, chuck. I’ll be fine,” I implored, squeezing his fingers.

I then turned to Tudor. “You don’t owe me anything, Tudor. I’ll be fine on my own. What happened today was my fault, not yours. You don’t need to feel guilty, and you certainly do not need to be here to babysit from some misplaced need to make it up to me.”

“No,” Tink and Tudor asserted simultaneously.

I flinched and looked to Tate for back up, but he just smiled sympathetically and shook his head in agreement with the two arguing brutes next to me.

“Fine! You decide what’s happening. I’m going to lie down. Tink, can you help me to my bedroom?” I asked in a pissy manner, trying to get up from the low couch.

“It’s okay, Tink, I-”

“No you won’t,” the fairy snapped as Tudor started to pull me up by my hands. “For f**k’s sake, I can do this! You need to back the hell off.”

“Hey, sorry,” said Tudor, putting his hands up in a gesture of surrender, causing me to stumble into Tink’s waiting arms.

Tink looked appeased. “Well good, at least you can follow instructions. Come on, Wil.”

Tink walked me to my room, leaving Tudor watching us go and Tate still sitting on the couch, unmoving and clearly regretting his surprise date idea.

Once inside and settled on the bed, Tink began to pace. “Do you see what I mean?” he stopped and gesticulated wildly towards the closed and thankfully soundproof bedroom door.

“Tink, he was just trying to make your date happen. Which I still think you should go on by the way.”

He looked so torn, bless him.

“I do want to go but I won’t leave you alone. I fancy Tate… a lot… but I obviously care for you more. You're my priority; I’ve only just met the little lovely in a bow tie.”

“Well Tudor has offered to stay–”

“Oh no, Wil, we have discussed this! After all you went through with Nathan, how bad of a friend would I be to green-light you getting all hot and steamy with Mr. Fort Knox out there? I can see how you look at him, your sex-deprived Fu-Fu is gagging for him, don't bother denying it. He’ll break your heart if you let him, Wil.”

I sank into the pillows. “He would simply be watching out for me until you get back. I don’t think getting me glasses of water and bags of frozen peas constitutes ‘getting hot and steamy’, do you?” I laughed, but was slightly taken back by his words.

Was it blatantly obvious that I liked him? I didn’t think I’d even made that decision yet myself.

Tink began pacing once more, glancing my way every now and again. His defences were crumbling.

“Tink, go be wined and dined by your new boy. He looked absolutely devastated when you refused before, and quite frankly I think you’re a fool if you don’t take him up on his offer,” I tried to persuade him.

Tink sat on the edge of the bed and stared at me. “I think he planned to stay with you all along.”

I gave him my ‘as if’ face. “Tink, he came to check if I was okay, not to bully you into a date, which you want to go on, with his assistant, who just so happens to fancy the pants off you, in a grand plan to get me alone and have his nefarious way with me,” I wiggled my fingers in a witch-like manner and cackled to emphasise the point.

Tink cracked a cheeky smile and went silent for a few seconds, indecision written in his expression, tongue between his lips. “Fine, you win. I’ll go out and leave Mr. Dark-and-Brooding here with you,” he submitted. “But know that I’m on to him,” he added, pointing a perfectly manicured figure at my face and then my nether regions. “He wants a slice of your pastrami pie, Wilbur.”

“Go get ready, my favourite fay. Oh, and switch on my TV. I think it’s best if I stay in here. I keep getting dizzy on that sofa. We don’t want any more embarrassing episodes in front of Mr. Hollywood out there.”

He looked worried again so I pushed. “Go on, for frigg’s sake, I’ll be fine!”

With that Tink sighed, shook his head in exasperation, and blew a kiss as he opened the bedroom door, off to tell our guests the change in plan.

A night with Tudor alone, this should be interesting!

Chapter 11

… the word itself say’s I’m Possible!

Audrey Hepburn

I opened my blurry eyes, waking up to someone gently caressing my arm. “What the–?" I croaked.

“Tash, it’s me, you fell asleep. I need you to take these tablets and put this on your head.”

Tudor held out the bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel and a bottle of pills. I tried to sit up, and felt a sickening throb in the back of my skull.

“Steady, Tash. Here let me.” He moved towards the bed, and I noticed he had shed his jacket and beanie hat.

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