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Author: C.J. Roberts

“Is that good, Kitten?” My own breathing had picked up speed as my arousal shot through the roof. Livvie’s sounds, coupled with her writhing, had me in an acute state of lust.

“Yes, Caleb. More please.”

I hissed. I spanked her four times in rapid succession. Livvie’s ass was hot beneath my fingers. She picked up her feet and writhed against the table.

“Getting pretty red now, Pet.” I was panting. “Put those fucking feet on the ground. You know better.”

“Yes, Caleb,” Livvie whispered. She was close to tears. She wouldn’t be able to take much more. Hell, I couldn’t take much more.

I used my heated fingers to rub her pussy from behind. She moaned and opened her legs wider.

“You’re awfully wet inside, Kitten. You must really like getting a spanking.” I slid my index finger inside her and moved it back and forth slowly. She shook.

“I like this better. More please. Harder.” She started moving her hips as much as she could with me holding her. She was fucking herself with my finger.

“You’re not being a very good pet right now, Kitten. You don’t get to decide when you get fucked.” I slowed my finger and she groaned in frustration. I smiled. “Who decides, Kitten?”

“You do, Caleb.” She went still and relaxed her all her muscles. She was a vessel for my pleasure, a willing participant in my depravity.

“That’s right, Kitten. I do.” I spanked her three more times before I heard a little sob. She’d had enough. I’d had enough. I stood behind her, lifted her hips, and slid her wet pussy down my cock until I hit the bottom of her.

“Oh, god! Please, Caleb.” She took swift advantage of the table and used it as leverage to saw herself back and forth on my cock. It felt so good, I temporarily gave up control. It couldn’t last long. It wasn’t what either of us wanted. I wanted control. Livvie wanted to surrender it.

Gaining my wits, I laid down on top of her. I’m over six feet tall (I use feet for your benefit, but you should really learn metric, America) to Livvie’s five feet six. I covered her entire body. To avoid depleting her oxygen supply, I braced on one elbow and gripped the other end of the table with my free hand.

“You want it hard, Pet? I’ll give it to you.” I moved my hips in long strokes, almost pulling out when I moved back, making Livvie grunt when I gave her all of me at once on the way forward.

We did it that way until my elbow hurt and we were dripping with sweat, then I flipped us over and made Livvie ride me until we both came.

She fell asleep on top of me afterward. My dick was still inside her, getting soft. Semen ran out whenever either of us moved. I didn’t care. I was too damn happy.


The night before Thanksgiving, I had a dream Livvie said she’d decided she couldn’t love me. I woke up in a panic and made Livvie have sex with me. She didn’t seem to mind.

We had Thanksgiving dinner in Livvie’s apartment. Claudia and Rubio brought bottles of sangria, since it was apparently the favorite drink of their little group. I started drinking scotch before breakfast.

Livvie thought it was “cute” how nervous I was. True, I was a little nervous, but mostly I wasn’t looking forward to making conversation. I figured the smell of me might keep people away.

Claudia was a force of nature—a spritely-looking creature with short dark hair, green eyes, and a mischievously sinister grin. She was even smaller than Livvie, but you wouldn’t notice it given the way she had a tendency to get into one’s personal space. That one being me.

“Oh my god, you’re gorgeous.” She held my head in both hands and turned my face from side to side, then up toward the ceiling. I felt like I was being looked over for lice, or worse—being appraised. I pulled my face away and scowled at her. “Oh! Touchy. Sophia said you were.” She shrugged and hopped toward the kitchen.

Rubio was much more respectful. He was handsome in an awkward sort of way. He was tall, but lanky. His hair had a fastidiously cultivated look of dishevelment, as was the style with the youth in Europe. He shared the same color eyes as his girlfriend.

I had no doubt as to who ran the relationship between Claudia and Rubio. At the very least, Rubio had the decency to look embarrassed.

“Sorry, she does that to everybody. When I met her, she told me I was adorable and was her boyfriend.”

“And you became her boyfriend?” I gave him a look. He smiled.

“She was wearing a tight shirt and I could see her boobs.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

“You did the right thing.”

“I know.” He shrugged.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Livvie and I had to scour the grocery stores to find a turkey that was apparently suitable enough to feed an army, despite our only needing to feed four people. However, as I watched Livvie pull the turkey out of the oven and set it on top of the stove, I knew it had been time well spent. Livvie’s pride in her poultry was unmistakable.

“Look! It’s my first turkey.” Livvie showcased the bird between her outstretched hands with a curtsy.

“Is it supposed to be swimming?” I asked. It smelled delicious and I couldn’t wait to eat it, but I love to give Livvie shit. It’s my second favorite pastime.

“I hate dry turkey. I may have over-basted it. Who am I kidding, though? No such thing. You’ll eat my fucking turkey and lick your fingers when you’re done.” She pulled a strip of meat off the top of the turkey and put it to my lips. “Open up, lover.”

I put my arm around her and pulled. She smelled of perfume and food. I opened my mouth and let her feed me. It was the best turkey I’d ever had—moist inside with crispy skin. I licked Livvie’s fingers as she withdrew.

“Hmm, not bad. You almost didn’t get your finger back.”

Livvie beamed at me.

“Well, I’m a lucky girl then. There’s so much I like to do with my fingers.” She pulled my mouth toward hers and kissed me. Between us, my cock gave a twitch. Livvie pulled away slowly with one last peck against my lips. “Claudia and Rubi are here.”

I rubbed the front of my pants against her belly. Our height difference always confused my cock. It couldn’t decide between seeking the warmth between her breasts and the wet heat waiting just below.

“They can watch. The boy might learn something.”

Livvie laughed and pulled away.

“Not everyone is as obsessed with sex as you are. I don’t think they’d appreciate it very much.”

I shrugged.

“We could ask.”

Just then, the sprite walked into the crowded kitchen.

“Tell me the food is ready! I am starving. I didn’t eat all day because you said to come hungry.” She grabbed a roll from a nearby pan and started munching. “Mmm, this one is still hot.” She crammed the rest into her mouth.

“Claudia! That’s not for snacking, you bitch.” Livvie spanked the other girl on the ass and both of them giggled.

Girls are so strange. If another man called me a bitch and spanked me, it would not end in giggles. Although, women are far more inherently bisexual than men in my opinion. The thought gave me pause as I pictured Livvie doing very dirty things to the sprite. I turned toward the living room and made my escape before my dick got any harder. The kitchen was crowded enough.

Rubio was in the living room unraveling cords and setting up the PlayStation when I walked in. I was surprised he could do any amount of labor wearing the pants he had on. I don’t understand skinny jeans for men. Who wants to walk around with their balls in a vise? For a second I wondered what Rafiq would think of the fad. A strange sort of melancholy drifted through me and I set my scotch on the coffee table. The last thing I needed was drunken reflection.

“Do you need help with that?” I asked. I needed a distraction.

“No, I got it already. Do you play or sing?” He beamed at me and I suddenly felt very old and out of touch with the world I was invading.

“Neither,” I said. I stood there feeling awkward without a drink in my hand and with nothing to do. Rubio smiled and put a plastic guitar in my hand.

“You can start with the guitar. It’s easier if you’re just starting.” He didn’t wait for my reply before he turned on the TV and loud rock music filled the living room. I found it annoying but didn’t say anything about it.

“What do I do?” I asked.

“You have to choose a character first. Then we pick a song and you push the colored buttons on the guitar as they go by on the screen. I’m going to play the drums.” Rubio seemed excited and I didn’t understand it. I’d never considered myself socially retarded until that moment.

I chose a bearded rocker as my character and got a feel for the toy guitar in my hands. At the very least, I felt less awkward having something to do. Rubio selected his character and proceeded to the song list.

“What’s the name of our band?”

“Sophia picked it. We’re The Sex Rifles.” He laughed. “She thought it was more gangster than The Sex Pistols.” I didn’t know who The Sex Pistols were, but I could appreciate Livvie’s sense of humor.

“Ooh, yes! I want to play.” Claudia squealed as she joined us in the living room. I looked around for Livvie and didn’t see her. Please don’t leave me alone with both of them.

“Where’s L-Sophia?” I just stopped myself from saying Livvie and was glad the pair of them were too busy fitting Claudia with a bass guitar.

“Sophia! Come play!” Claudia yelled at an obnoxious level. I must have made a face because she responded to me. “Get used to it, gorgeous man. If you’re going to be part of our group, you’re going to have to handle our rude-ass behavior. There’s no room for politeness in a family.” She winked at me. I smiled.

“You startled me is all; I don’t think you’re rude.” Really, she was very rude. If she weren’t Livvie’s friend, I’d have shown her some manners. Alas, I had promised Livvie I was done torturing people who didn’t like it. And as for family, she was really talking to the wrong person.

Livvie walked in and the happiness I saw on her face melted me. I wasn’t sure I’d ever seen her so happy. It made me jealous of her friends. I’d given up my whole fucking life to be with her and she never looked that happy with me. She walked up to me and fiddled with the strap of the guitar.

“Well, look at you. You making nice, Sexy?” She rose up on her toes and puckered her lips. I bent down and accepted her kiss without thinking.

“I have a name, you know.”

She grinned.

“I remember, Sexy.” She turned and reached for the controller and the microphone. “Dinner is ready, so we can only do one or two songs and then we should eat.”

“The food is so good, Rubi. I’m glad you met me instead of Sophia first. I’ll never make you anything that good,” Claudia said.

“What you give me is better than food,” Rubio replied evenly. He kissed his girlfriend on the cheek and she blushed. I gained a little respect for them both. Their love was obvious and I hoped that one day Livvie and I could have what they did… without the skinny jeans… or the reminder we met under horrendous circumstances.

I felt a tap against my ass. Livvie was giving me some serious “come fuck me” eyes.

“You ready to play, Sexy? Make sure you set it to easy so you don’t hurt yourself.”

Some of my anxiety fell away.

“And you better remember who you’re talking to, or else I’ll have to remind you.”

“Oh, I look forward to it.” She squeezed my ass. I shook my head and laughed. “Okay, I’m gonna do ‘Eye of the Tiger’.”

“You always do that one,” Claudia whined.

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